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Corpse Bride Genderbent x Reader by Pinkmask03
Corpse Bride Genderbent x Readerby Pinkmask03
This will be my first time posting here. It's not my first time making a fanfic though. This fanfic will revolve around the reader and a genderbent version of Emily. Som...
Male Emily x Reader [A Corpse Bride Fanfiction] by CamsterHale
Male Emily x Reader [A Corpse Brid...by ❦cαм❦
[OLD STORY OF MINE] [MALE EMILY/BRIDE PICTURE/S ON THE COVER ARE NOT MINE, I DO NOT TAKE ANY CREDIT FOR THEM] The (L/n) family bloodline was a very well known family w...
A Thin Line Between Gum and Chocolate by penguin_patronus
A Thin Line Between Gum and Chocol...by AB
Willy Wonka hates gum and a lifelong rival who makes it. Suddenly, Charlie Bucket has developed a liking to the confection of their competition. After disaster strikes...
Pumpkin Queen - Jack Skellington x Reader by daughterofdreaming
Pumpkin Queen - Jack Skellington x...by ~𝙰𝙻𝙻𝙸𝙴~
Y/N was an orphan, losing her parents to a car wreck at a young age, who bounced from one foster home to another. She never stayed in one place, never feeling like she b...
Sweet Endings (Willy Wonka | Johnny Depp) by TiahnaChristine
Sweet Endings (Willy Wonka | Johnn...by Tiahna Christine
The Bucket family was just getting by. Charlie Bucket wanted nothing more than to meet his idol in life, Willy Wonka. When said idol holds a contest for five kids and an...
My Children (Lock, Shock, and Barrel X Motherly! Reader) [DISCONTINUED] by PlaidCherries06
My Children (Lock, Shock, and Barr...by 𝘾𝙝𝙭𝙧𝙧𝙮𝘽ø𝙢𝙗🍒
Started: June 29, 2018 Ended:_______ ____ I still working on the Bio!!
Sweeney's Willow (Sweeney Todd) by hannahxx98
Sweeney's Willow (Sweeney Todd)by Hannahmariexx
"I cannot love anyone else the way I love you... it's simply just impossible." 🖤
Corpse Groom 🦋 (Corpse Bride) (Complete) by LyndaDover
Corpse Groom 🦋 (Corpse Bride) (Co...by Lynda Dover
(Male Emily) Charlotte Van Dort is getting married to Son of Everglot (Victor) but when she messed up the wedding vows during the rehearsal she goes out for a walk to ge...
CORPSE BRIDE ¶ E. MIKAELSON √by mischief baby
"And I know her heart is beating, and I know that I am dead; yet the pain here that I feel, try and tell me it's not real, but It seems that I still have a tear to...
Miss Peregrine's daughter by MahimaGagnani
Miss Peregrine's daughterby Mahima Gagnani
what happens when Miss Peregrine's daughter meet the rest of the group I I only own vanity and Ethan Peregrine everything else belongs to Ransom Riggs
Hold On (Alma Peregrine x Reader) by sarah0pqulson
Hold On (Alma Peregrine x Reader)by Nev
Y/N is taken within a loop with a caretaker by the name of Alma Peregrine. What will happen when you mix love with melancholy? It's up to them to help.
Johnny Depp Character Imagines  by zoomingatzoom
Johnny Depp Character Imagines by Simp for Johnny Depp
Imagines revolving around Johnny Depp's characters! Requests are currently closed :) A Nightmare on Elm Street Edward Scissorhands What's Eating Gilbert Grape Sleepy Ho...
Rising Dawn (Willy Wonka X OC) by thalliana-aka-tilly
Rising Dawn (Willy Wonka X OC)by thalliana-aka-tilly
A young woman gets the chance of a lifetime to see the occult, wondrous chocolate factory and the elusive Mr. Willy Wonka. After a spin of luck by her kid brother, both...
Your Royal Highness by hbc_s1mp
Your Royal Highnessby hbc_s1mp
y/n is only 26. despite being the daughter of a rich aristocrat, she only worked a simple job as a barmaid in a local pub, however this meant she always knew how to ente...
ρυяε sωεεт ιмαgιηαтιση by CreativityMary
ρυяε sωεεт ιмαgιηαтισηby [ON HIATUS] Mary & Creativity
NOT AN X READER Mary Buckets, adopted by the Bucket family, gets to share a memorable adventure with Charlie as he brings her along on his Golden Ticket Tour, meeting th...
Lovefools by mollyleeeeeeee
Lovefoolsby miss molly Lee
****In this book, Johnny Depp is shown as Glen Zachary Lantz in terms of pictures and some scenes. Aka when he was in Nightmare on elm street. This book is also based in...
Willy Wonka X Reader ((REWRITING)) by TrashGremlin46
Willy Wonka X Reader ((REWRITING))by TrashGremlin
A Willy Wonka X Reader. This version of Willy Wonka is when Johnny Depp plays as him. I will update so often. You can suggest ideas. I do not own Willy Wonka or you.
We meet once again...Male Emily x reader (A Corpse Bride Fanfiction) by Kyliecharm
We meet once again...Male Emily x...by Kyliecharm
You made a promise with a childhood friend you never thought you'll ever break until now. Being forced into an arranged marriage that you had no say in. Until you finall...
Johnny Depp Imagines by Marilynn_Annabelle
Johnny Depp Imaginesby Marilynn
Just as the title states. I've written images of Johnny. Some may be long though. I may do some characters and some not.
Two Dearest Friends by rainbowthefox
Two Dearest Friendsby rainbowthefox
Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King of Halloween Town, meets Sally, a ragdoll created by Dr. Finklestein. A friendship blossoms between them as he introduces her to the w...