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The Demon Of Fleet Street (Sweeney Todd X Reader) by Horroryas
The Demon Of Fleet Street ( Candy
Waking up from memory loss in the unfamiliar world, is not easy. Especially when there's a demon barber in that world trying to kill you. Would you survive or give up? _...
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Chocolate For Her by Souffez4Life
Chocolate For Herby Souffez4Life
It's been four years since Charlie Bucket won the famous contest by the popular candy maker, Willy Wonka. When Charlie's Grandpa Joe dies however, he feels the need for...
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  • charlieandthechocolatefactory
  • willywonka
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Love Cuts Deeper Than Razors by CreativityMary
Love Cuts Deeper Than Razorsby ♡Mary & Creativity♡
"Mr. Todd," I ask quietly. He glances down at me, then back to the window. "What?" he murmurs. I search his face, trying to find out his emotions. &q...
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  • sweeneytodd
  • murder
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Male Emily x Reader [A Corpse Bride Fanfiction] by CamsterHale
Male Emily x Reader [A Corpse ❦cαм❦
The (L/n) family bloodline was a very well known family with wealth and importance, but unfortunately the family fortune trickled down into financial issues and bankrupt...
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alive - e. o'connor by -jinxing
alive - e. o'connorby 🐝
❝ Just 'cause you're breathing, doesn't mean you're living, ❞ In where a girl who lives life to the fullest makes a boy who prefers death and isolation reconsider his id...
  • missperegrineshomeforpeculiarchildren
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My Best Friend's Dad || Johnny Depp Fanfiction by MrsAtticusFinch
My Best Friend's Dad || Johnny megann(:
Megan models alongside her long time best friend Lily-Rose Depp. However when Megan finally meets Johnny, things get heated.
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  • johnnydepp
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Fix You | Enoch O'Connor | Finlay Macmillan by nctzen-honey
Fix You | Enoch O'Connor | NCTbabies
"You know, I tried to do it. I tried to fix you, but I can't." "It's okay, you tried. I didn't think you'd do that." "You don't get it do you? Y...
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A new child (Enoch X Reader) by jade55587
A new child (Enoch X Reader)by Red55587
What happened when a new child comes into the loop. Her name is Carmen and she can control ice and snow. What happens when she develops feelings for another child in Ms...
  • timburton
  • missperegrinshouseforpiculiarchildren
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In Time ▷ ENOCH O'CONNOR by thekylokenobi
In Time ▷ ENOCH O'CONNORby House Greyjoy
❝ it's only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything ❞ #362 in Fantasy [MPHFPC - Enoch O'Connor] [©2016-;] - cover by @mangamushroom
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Our Little Pumpkin by nastyspaghetti
Our Little Pumpkinby ~ leah ~
{Sequel to A Nightmare to Remember} In the life of the undead, two dearest friends, Jack and Sally, are soon to be married. After the recent defeat of Oogie Boogie, the...
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Not just a colleague but a mother by bespokepsychopathh
Not just a colleague but a motherby Psychopathbespoke
Now an imagines book, >> TAKING REQUESTS << Morgan Anderson is a teenage British sensation in acting. She began acting in short TV adverts but once she was s...
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  • acting
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A Skelly's Love by CipherGirl001
A Skelly's Loveby Luna Cromwell
A knight in shinning armour is nothing compared to a skeleton in a pinstripe suit. Well sort of. (Y/N) has lived with her family in peace for her whole life... tha...
  • halloweentown
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  • nightmarebeforechristmas
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Sweeney Todd - The other version of the story by Sweenett_loveS2
Sweeney Todd - The other version Sweenett_loveS2
Shortly after Mr Todd takes revenge on the Judge who imprisoned him for fifteen years he and Mrs Lovett are full of trouble as the London police discover the crimes they...
  • love
  • drama
  • hot
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?CoralineXWybie? (DISCONTINUED) by smartass_here
?CoralineXWybie? (DISCONTINUED)by Harper
4 years after the beldam had died Wybie and Coraline have grown closer to each other. Maybe even feelings for each other you'll have to read to find out
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Life Is For The Alive || Sweeney Todd  by NoMoreSilentTears
Life Is For The Alive || Sweeney May (Aquaria’s babe)
"Don't I know you?" She whimpered. He knew that voice, he could recognise it anywhere. "Lucy Barker?!" He exhaled, struggling to acknowledge it all...
  • fleetstreet
  • johnnydepp
  • lucybarker
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Violet - Book Two in MPHFPC Series by Graciewilliams1234
Violet - Book Two in MPHFPC Seriesby gurl
~SEQUEL TO HEALING - BOOK ONE~ September 1945 - the country is in quiet celebration at Britain's victory. The house regains a member and all is well. However, the bliss...
  • emma
  • fan
  • olive
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TOUGH LOVE ➸ ENOCH O'CONNOR by nctzen-honey
"I know it's not easy, that's why it's tough love." ➸ The story of a dead riser and a witch.
  • asabutterfield
  • finlaymacmillan
  • olive
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Healing - Book One in MPHFPC Series by Graciewilliams1234
Healing - Book One in MPHFPC Seriesby gurl
~BOOK 1 in MPHFPC SERIES~ Violet le Doré is peculiar, her healing hands have saved many a bird or rabbit's life. She'd had dreams of becoming a nurse and travelling with...
  • enochoconnor
  • missperegrineshomeforpeculiarchildren
  • fiction
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A Nightmare to Remember by nastyspaghetti
A Nightmare to Rememberby ~ leah ~
"We're Simply Meant to Be..." What Now? A tale of nightmares, monsters, screams, love and tragedy tied into one magnificent tale of new ideas, adventure, and a...
  • thenightmarebeforechristmas
  • holidays
  • dannyelfman
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My Art Book  by Lokimakerofmischief
My Art Book by Asgardian_Slytherin
A collection of Loki drawings, Joker drawings, and other random drawings (bases are used and I sometimes copied other works from the Internet, credit to all original art...
  • marvel
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  • madhatter
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