Oh, Darling by beatleman1a
Oh, Darlingby spicy lennon
Beth, a 22 year old girl from Liverpool, is just trying to make it through life. But after finally breaking free from her relationship, she ends up walking the streets a...
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  • mccartney
  • beatle
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The Outsiders: And the girl from the future by Pony_babe
The Outsiders: And the girl from t...by The Outsiders
Amber Peterson is a fifteen year old girl living in probably the most boring life ever. When one day, after wishing for a better life, she is transported back to the mid...
  • ponyboycurtis
  • fanfiction
  • johnny
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60s Imagines by SweetlyVintage
60s Imaginesby Livi
The 80s and the 90s were great, but let's turn back a few decades to meet some real gentlemen. Here are many stories of the classic 60s studs. As usual, I'll happily tak...
  • elvis
  • johnlennon
  • paulmccartney
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The Story Of Another Us | The Outsiders | s.c  by rosesonmyshirt
The Story Of Another Us | The Outs...by sodapop ☁️
She was the sweetest girl to set foot on Tulsa, with the baddest brother. What happens when she falls in love with one of his gang members? «They grew up on the outside...
  • 80s
  • 1960s
  • 60s
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The Life We Once Knew by writing-desk-raven
The Life We Once Knewby Mr. Tongue Twister
Amelia McCartney found the cure for loneliness. She found love in a place where love couldn't be found. She is surrounded by friends, family, and the love of her life. T...
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The Beatles Preferences by trippybeatles
The Beatles Preferencesby 💗🌷☁️ Steph
My one goal for this preferences book is for you guys to be able to imagine yourself with the four lads in different scenarios. I try my best to make it seem as realisti...
  • ringo
  • john
  • 60s
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Beyond the Basics by miss-germanina
Beyond the Basicsby nina
[slow updates, sorry :/ ] Love isn't about finding the right person, but creating a right relationship. It's not about how much love you have in the beginning, but about...
  • musician
  • brianmay
  • classic
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The Beatles || GIF Imagines|| by _lacerationclarity
The Beatles || GIF Imagines||by _lacerationclarity
Short little GIF imagines with you favorite Beatle. Requests are open. Highest Ranking: 18 in #Bands
  • beatles
  • 80s
  • 90s
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It Was Love by ledbeatlesqueen
It Was Loveby ledbeatlesqueen
Diana McCartney. One year younger than her older brother Paul. After being left with her father and two brothers after her mother died, interesting things start to happ...
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  • johnlennon
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Not A Second Time by Anna-Go-To-Him
Not A Second Timeby Anna-Go-To-Him
*Sequel to When I Get Home* Two years after Lucy Roberts' sister Sadie retreats to the 60s with the love of her life, Lucy finds herself whisked to the past as well. Now...
  • starr
  • beatlesfanfiction
  • harrison
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[ ✓ ] hold on | johnny cade                                  by lovelillis
[ ✓ ] hold on | johnny cade...by 🦋𝓵𝓲𝓵𝓵𝓲🦋
❛ sometimes all a person needs is a hand to hold and a heart to understand. ❜ - in which a boy is a girl's very reason to hold onto dear life.
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Beatles one shots ♡ by beatleism
Beatles one shots ♡by hannah
[No longer updating] Due to this story no longer being updated or edited, you're sure to run into mistakes I wrote in and forgot to check or fix for whatever reason. Thi...
  • love
  • johnlennon
  • 60s
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KIK ( mcharrison. ) by right-eye
KIK ( mcharrison. )by dead inside!
a practically dumb story that's unprepared and probably will leave you in possible tears, being plain confused or you're laughing your ass off. btw the ending will be a...
  • inspired
  • boyxboy
  • mcstarr
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The Beatles Book: 101 by ohmyluck
The Beatles Book: 101by « kath »
This book contains funny gifs,text posts and images of the Fab Four, - John, Paul, George & Ringo! - • previously called 'the Beatles:Tumblr text posts' •
  • paul
  • 60s
  • textposts
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Blossom My Soul by DinaGabr
Blossom My Soulby ☙
Back in 60' (1960) where a rich white boy named Zachary Davis in St Louis, falls in love with a strong African American woman, Aaliyah Lewis. She doesn't approve of Zach...
  • humor
  • romance
  • wattys2017
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Transformation by Jamie_Swift
Transformationby Jamie Swift
Veronica Morris is a typical girl growing up in the 50's. She doesn't have any close friends until flattened by the school bully in second grade.The new girl, Annette Ri...
  • hero
  • romance
  • pastelawards2k18
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Classic Rock n Roll pictures by MJhistory17
Classic Rock n Roll picturesby Blackie Lawless 💋
Pictures of hot 80s rockstars 🤘🏼💋
  • motleycrue
  • rock
  • 70s
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❥MONKEE MANIA◦ˎʹ- - (THE MONKEES) by lovelyritas
❥MONKEE MANIA◦ˎʹ- - (THE MONKEES)by -`ˏₛₜₐᵣₛₕᵢₙₑˎʹ-
❝HEY, HEY WE'RE THE MONKEES.❞ ⤵ In this book I will write and create and post Monkees Imagines, preferences, memes, photos, videos, and more just for you. I do not own y...
  • monkees
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Don't Pass Me By // {Mclennon} by jp_mclennon
Don't Pass Me By // {Mclennon}by 𝙖𝙖𝙧𝙤𝙣 .
TRIGGER WARNING: contains homophobic slurs, NSFW content and alcohol abuse. ====================================== "Don't pass me by, don't make me cry, don't make...
  • fanfic
  • music
  • fluff
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Above Us Only Sky (Paul McCartney/Beatles Fan Fiction) by kiwi747
Above Us Only Sky (Paul McCartney...by KristyintheSky
*sequel to In Your Atmosphere* 1966 was a year of seismic changes for the Beatles. By the end of the year, the last single Beatle, Paul McCartney, was on the verge of sa...
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  • 1960s
  • georgeharrison
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