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Achlys : Arcane fanfiction {Finished} by BehindtheArcane
Achlys : Arcane fanfiction {Finish...by JinxedAuthor
As Powder has now become jinx, she has lost everything who mattered to her. Her sister's betrayal and Silco's death have only Made her go even madder but as she reins in...
Are You Lost? by Sweetcici123
Are You Lost?by CiCi
The likelihood of an enforcer making it out alright in the undercity is very low without someone finding out. So when Caitlyn's partner gets lost because she has a short...
I dont want to hate you now ~Vi x Reader~ by iminlovewithhyunsu
I dont want to hate you now ~Vi x...by Hyun-su’s wifey😍
"No, just listen to me Y/n. I love you so, so much so please just listen." ⚠️I do not own any property of Arcane this is just a fanfic⚠️
A Hunter In the Rift by idnxydhvxu
A Hunter In the Riftby idnxydhvxu
Good Hunter could you give me a name? Does...Rosemary sound nice? That...would be a nice name... Finally free from the Dreams and Nightmares you set of on a new advent...
ARCANE IMAGINES by Mhasimp4life
Imagines for Arcane characters!
Jinxed Hero (malereader x Kyoka Jiro) by TediousBison
Jinxed Hero (malereader x Kyoka Ji...by Tedi
Hero, a word associated with people who overcame not just life's problems, but their own aswell. Will Y/n be able to do the same, or will his mind break causing him to...
Arcane: Zaun Police Stories (Male Reader) by Homeboi123
Arcane: Zaun Police Stories (Male...by Daboyski123
Y/N L/N moves into Zaun, the undercity of Piltover. One of the worst cities to live in america, with sky-high rates of violence and more people living below the poverty...
The Enforcer's Wives (Vi x Caitlyn x Fem!Y/N) by Maxiie83
The Enforcer's Wives (Vi x Caitlyn...by Max
First time writing a poly relationship, if there are errors please correct me ✨ Caitlyn is an enforcer Vi is a boxer You just got abandoned by your group and have no on...
Crazy Eyes (Arcane x Male reader) (Jinx x Male reader) by VoltzyVoltz
Crazy Eyes (Arcane x Male reader)...by VoltzyVoltz
Y/N, a boy beaten almost half to death by his parents because of his shark teeth. But after being rescued by Vander, Y/N starts his new life in the underground where he...
revenge is sweet-jinx x reader by milksoju
revenge is sweet-jinx x readerby paris
The childhood memories left holes in everyone. The fights between jinx and violet, they were for y/n.
Gizmo's Redemption by Spooky_Universe
Gizmo's Redemptionby Spooky_Universe
Not to many of these out there, Gizmo X Jinx. Like, there's only one. Cover is not mine. 1st story. Hopefully. (Updates will continue whenever I feel like working on t...
Teen titans (truth or dare) by DC_lover
Teen titans (truth or dare)by DC_lover
The teen titans are playing truth or dare with me. Please read and comment any dares or truths. If you want any member to come also comment. I hope you like it!!!!
The Blue Cloud Of DXD by Shirou_Hakeyama
The Blue Cloud Of DXDby Shirou_Hakeyama
Issei decided to turn his life around, drop the perv behaviour, for one reason and one reason only. His roommate. Of course with a life like his and just the person his...
The newest titan  by Vexon1
The newest titan by Vexon Andreas
You were a normal 15 year old. You never wanted to become a hero or anything. But that all changed when you woke up in a dark room chained to a table with these tubes go...
Jinx x Reader (Arcane: League of Legends) by Sedsue
Jinx x Reader (Arcane: League of L...by
Since you were found by Violet, Powder had always been fond of you. After the disturbing events of the explosion, how will she treat you now?
The Fallen Son by Morcelferrrrr
The Fallen Sonby Morcelferrrrr
Two sisters, Vi and Powder, are in the aftermath of a brutal massacre. Yet, there was one left. A young boy falling from the sky into the water below. Throughout the yea...
The one she can trust (Jinx x fem. reader)  by estivu
The one she can trust (Jinx x fem...by Fai
After the day Jinx messed up she only had 1 person she could turn too... you This is based off the show Arcane on Netflix
Mafia School. A K/DA Story (Male Reader) by notafishbowl
Mafia School. A K/DA Story (Male R...by Mysterio
Riot Academy. The most prestigious school in all of Valoran, only the most privileged and talented go here. But not everything is what it seems, a new student Y/n L/n wi...
Her salvation → Jinx x Fem reader - discontinued by CARAMXLIZED
Her salvation → Jinx x Fem reader...by Jaylaa
when everyone already thinks the worst of you, the best thing you can do is prove em right. that's how it is for us in the undercity, The topsiders always thought they w...
teen titans male Oc carnage x harem  by CallanAdamDobbieFras
teen titans male Oc carnage x hare...by Callan-Adam Dobbie-Fraser
Callanadam and his dog patch we're once part of the justice league but then they got putted in jail for a crime they didn't commit and the woman he loved cheated on him...