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King and Queen of Zaun (Jinx x male reader/Oc) by Geekout_Club
King and Queen of Zaun (Jinx x mal...by GeekOut Club
"Every king needs a queen ~" Wyatt is the last of his kind, a electro fox, who lives in the harsh environment of Zaun. He used to live in Piltover, but he neve...
vi x female reader x caitlyn  by deftoneslova
vi x female reader x caitlyn by deftoneslova
This is rlly gay I've never seen a caitlyn x vi x reader fic so ig I'll be the first? Prolly not lmao but slay? 😻 Start - 6/12/22
Jinx x reader one shots by mono_tear
Jinx x reader one shotsby nana
One shots about the one and only, the blue haired hottie, Jinx. female × female for obvious reasons. thanks for reading<3
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The one she can trust (Jinx x fem. reader) by estivu
The one she can trust (Jinx x fem...by D£N&O°☆
After the day Jinx messed up she only had 1 person she could turn too... you This is based off the show Arcane on Netflix
I Won't Abandon You (Jinx X Fem Reader) by Koden569
I Won't Abandon You (Jinx X Fem Re...by YTl.3ditsx
I'm shit at descriptions so read if you wanna
The Bad Joke of Zaun: Jinx X Joker Reader by myeh298
The Bad Joke of Zaun: Jinx X Joker...by eh
Piltover and Zaun are cities that are worlds apart; however, hate couldn't begin to describe what the cities felt for each other. Although, there was one individual who...
Arcane Preferences (League of Legends series)(finished) by Cutegoose0
Arcane Preferences (League of Lege...by Gyro Giovanna
I didn't see many Arcane preferences soo... characters: -Viktor -Jinx -Vi -Caitlyn -Mel -Jayce -Ekko -Mylo (with a catch up) I can take some requests also with other c...
Arcane x reader oneshots by Al_6666
Arcane x reader oneshotsby Vin
Arcane Oneshots Characters: Ekko Jinx Vi Catlyin Mel Viktor Jayce Silco Mylo Vander Calggor If want to request something for another character them just ask *This is...
Arcane Characters X Reader  by httpzbliss_05
Arcane Characters X Reader by httpzbliss_05
[COVER ART DONE BY ME] WARNING:slow updates/this is my first time writing a story lol so just request whatever arcane character you want, and I'll do smut/fluff/angst...
Achlys : Arcane fanfiction {Finished} by BehindtheArcane
Achlys : Arcane fanfiction {Finish...by JinxedAuthor
As Powder has now become jinx, she has lost everything who mattered to her. Her sister's betrayal and Silco's death have only Made her go even madder but as she reins in...
Deku x Jinx by Horseshoes2078
Deku x Jinxby Horseshoes2078
Jinx & vi will be born into the MHA world they'll have a Quirk so no teleport or multiverse stuff anyways what happens when a boy meets an outcast like himself when pow...
Get Jinxed (Jinx x female reader) by happyhippo2345
Get Jinxed (Jinx x female reader)by happyhippo2345
○THE COVER IS NOT MINE● Y/n was abandoned in a freezing cold warehouse when she was just an infant by her single mother. The seemingly empty building happened to have th...
The Red Skinned Boy (Arcane Fanfiction) by Conqueror_Blight
The Red Skinned Boy (Arcane Fanfic...by Conqueror_TheBlight_Pestilence
Rakken is a strange boy with a mysterious past. The only thing he knows is that he was not born in the Lanes or Piltover but outside of them. Being left in the Undergrou...
Please Don't Leave (Arcane//CaitVi) by Pug_Moneyz55
Please Don't Leave (Arcane//CaitVi)by London
~Please Don't Leave~ An Arcane: League of Legends fanfiction featuring Vi x Caitlyn ---- Piltover is under attack. Caitlyn begs in vain for Vi, the Zaunite she had falle...
Arcane Characters x Reader by fxrryns_ferxl
Arcane Characters x Readerby Farryn
Arcane Characters x Reader!! Characters I'll write: - Vander - Silco - Vi - Jinx - Caitlyn - Viktor - Jayce - Ekko I'll write: Platonic, romance, angst, fluff, etc. I'll...
Nothing is once what it seems (Yandere Arcane x Reader) by Darks3r3n1ty
Nothing is once what it seems (Yan...by Darks
Y/n is a girl who has traveled many worlds and has always helped people along the way but you see since she is a being that is not truly bounded to reality's rules she t...
The Lonely Traveller (An OC X LOL Story) by Xx_BlueEcho_xX
The Lonely Traveller (An OC X LOL...by Blue
This is a story about a boy named Blue Light, who has some secrecy about him. His mission is to explore Runeterra for reasons that he won't share with anyone, follow him...
𝐃𝐄𝐋𝐓𝐀, 𝘢𝘳𝘤𝘢𝘯𝘦 by foxdoesart
𝐃𝐄𝐋𝐓𝐀, 𝘢𝘳𝘤𝘢𝘯𝘦by 𝐟𝐨𝐱
ᴅᴇʟᴛᴀ [ COVER MADE BY @preallens ] ❝ Promise me, Violet. ❞ ❝ It's Vi to you, you never call me Violet. ❞ ❝ Listen, please just promise me that you'll be careful...that...
ARCANE IMAGINES by Mhasimp4life
Imagines for Arcane characters!
Jinx x male reader ( A different Arcane) [Being Rewritten] by MagnusWrites
Jinx x male reader ( A different A...by MagnusWrites
This book will be different, the events of Arcane will exist like the show however I will focus on the reader who will not be part of the first 3 acts. I will write abou...