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Fairy tail the matchmaker by Tyger420
Fairy tail the matchmakerby Tiger_Kiwi
It's the perfect time...for my plan It's dragon mating season It's right after the grand magic games What happens when all the guilds go on vacation? what happens whe...
Sparks of love (Edited) by cfitz43
Sparks of love (Edited)by cfitz43
When Lisanna first rejoined Fairy Tail after she was thought dead most people ignored Lucy but that was okay because she still had team Natsu and her other friends but a...
RIPPLES [A Fairy Tail Fanfiction] by therealnarnia
RIPPLES [A Fairy Tail Fanfiction]by Becky
After dying in her original world, a girl goes to the Fairy Tail universe, hoping to change things for the better. But does her appearance there make it better, or worse...
space | fairy tail by Dark_Flowers16
space | fairy tailby neptune
In which the fifth Dragon Slayer of Fairy Tail tackles new friends, new relationship, and faces from the past. Ones she herself kept locked and hidden away, the key dest...
To Any Cost by r_umbrella9
To Any Costby Rachel Elizabeth
When the Fairy Tail Guild Hall is destroyed a second time, Master Makarov needs money for repairs, and quick!!! However, when none other than Mira-Jane Strauss begins pl...
Fairy Tail: Next Generation by le_bis_mochi
Fairy Tail: Next Generationby 🐱 ~Mays~ 💜
Years have passed since the end of the war between the kingdom of Alvarez and the guilds of Fiore. Now, a new generation of fairies have been born!! Join Nashi Dragneel...
Fairy Tail Reacts To Ships by suntea0791
Fairy Tail Reacts To Shipsby Liz
Bro I made this when I was like 12 please don't roast me for my old opinions I hate most of them too. My updated opinions is the very last chapter 👌
Fairy Tail High: Nalu by Willowing_Whisp
Fairy Tail High: Naluby I just want sleep
What happens when Lucy and her stepsister Wendy go to Fairy Tail High (FTH) to join their brother and stepbrother Sting and Gray. Lucy ends up meeting Natsu, but Natsu i...
Dolls (Damian Wayne x oc)  by LunarRebelQueen
Dolls (Damian Wayne x oc) by The Feisty One!
Hey everyone! My name is Kyoto Ren, born in Japan and officially a fresh runaway. Life couldn't get any weirder when I was adopted by the rich and brooding Bruce Wayne...
Forced To Marry My Enemy[Completed] by lowkeydep
Forced To Marry My Enemy[Completed]by 3
Lucy Heartfilia and Natsu Dragneel are popular on the school namely Fairy Tail High Academy or FTHA for short. The two of them are the ones the boys and girls want for b...
The love between Ice and Stars by SunshineCj9
The love between Ice and Starsby SunshineCj9
Fairy tail disbanded after Tartaros. The only ones left were gray, Lucy, Wendy, Charla and happy. Gray was sad because he lost his dad for a second time. Lucy has to sac...
My Mafia Love by LucyDragneel5552471
My Mafia Loveby LucyDragneel5552471
Natsu and Lucy are both mafia royalties. They love each other and they hate each other. They go to the same high school and they have different gangs. When they are at s...
yesterday (book 2 In Laxlu Series) by Lucy_Dreyar2904
yesterday (book 2 In Laxlu Series)by naru uzumaki namikaze uchiha
you cant have a better tommorow If all you are thinking about is yesterday
Jerza - Titania and the prince -love story!♡ [On Hold] by _Daydreaming_Devil_
Jerza - Titania and the prince -lo...by Lucy🦋
jerza is cutest and the hottest ship in fairytale... ♡ they are totally in love with each other..but too shy to confess! ❤️ on the trip when they two were alone together...
Their unknown Children  by SunshineCj9
Their unknown Children by SunshineCj9
Just like the title says
NALU lemons  by nycgyals
NALU lemons by Pink Fairy
Contains lemons (not really good at these ) but I wanted to change the book sooo
Lucy Scarlet by RJWinterLily
Lucy Scarletby Luna Winters
Lucy has a secret, that she and her first spirt know. Well they and the three siblings that she ran in when she was six. Elizabeth, also known as Liz, had explained to t...
A Family Crisis (Book 2 to My Scarlet Rose) by DistantSpark
A Family Crisis (Book 2 to My Scar...by ⚡ S P A R K ⚡
THIS IS A SEQUEL TO 'MY SCARLET ROSE.' YOU MAY WANT TO READ IT BEFORE READING THIS! After Erza comes back from the dead, Jellal decided that it was finally time to tie t...
Pretty Girls by _SnowCat_
Pretty Girlsby Cat Cat
Eight gorgeous fairies decided one day that they should leave the guild because of something very important. Erza Scarlet, Juvia Lockser, Lucy Heartfilia, Levy McGarden...
Goodbye our nakama (COMPLETED) by 7fairy_tail
Goodbye our nakama (COMPLETED)by Freya
9 girls get pregnant. 6 leave and 3 stay. Who leaves and who stays? StingYu, RogUra, GajEvy, GrayZa, NaLu, RoWen, MirAxus, ElfGreen And BixAnna. COMPLETE I'm sorry I wr...