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RIPPLES [A Fairy Tail Fanfiction] by therealnarnia
RIPPLES [A Fairy Tail Fanfiction]by Becky
After dying in her original world, a girl goes to the Fairy Tail universe, hoping to change things for the better. But does her appearance there make it better, or worse...
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Saved by freed the dark (Freed X Reader) by Hannah_that1fangirl
Saved by freed the dark (Freed X R...by ♡𝓗𝓪𝓷𝓷𝓪𝓱♡
[completed] A bittersweet Freed X Reader You have always isolated yourself since what happened when you were a child. Being so cold it's hard for you to make a living...
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Fairy Tail: Next Generation by le_bis_mochi
Fairy Tail: Next Generationby 🐱 ~Mays~ 💜
Years have passed since the end of the war between the kingdom of Alvarez and the guilds of Fiore. Now, a new generation of fairies have been born!! Join Nashi Dragneel...
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Fairy Tail Reacts To Ships by LizbeyChan
Fairy Tail Reacts To Shipsby ♡ Lizbeth ♡
The title says it all! Also when it says Lizbey that's me! Fairy Tail belongs to Hiro Mashima and the art I use belongs to its rightful owners!
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Lucy Strauss | The Eldest Strauss by LillietHeartfilia
Lucy Strauss | The Eldest Straussby Mika Vermillion
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Mirajane's Shipping Book by FridayNight27
Mirajane's Shipping Bookby • Fia •
Mirajanes Shipping book. She is spying on EVERYONE. She Also has her own club: SHIPPING CLUB! She is the president and Lisanna is visepresident.
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Fairy Tail One-Shots by kurosaki_ichigo_
Fairy Tail One-Shotsby kurosaki_ichigo_
A book one fairy tail one shots
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Lucy and Lisanna, sisters of magic by smarti2109
Lucy and Lisanna, sisters of magicby smarti2109
Lisanna comes back to the guild and everyone ignores Lucy, except the Thunder Legion, Mira, Levy, gajeel, and the exeeds. This story will make team natsu (Minus Wendy...
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The Flat Friends (ROOM MATES BOOK 2) by SleepingWithKirito
The Flat Friends (ROOM MATES BOOK...by SleepingWithKirito
Imagine a world with no mistakes...or rather, a world that doesnt allow them. Lucy Heartfilia wakes up two years in the past, having to relive the whole experience of un...
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Pretty Girls by _SnowCat_
Pretty Girlsby Snow Cat
Eight gorgeous fairies decided one day that they should leave the guild because of something very important. Erza Scarlet, Juvia Lockser, Lucy Heartfilia, Levy McGarden...
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Dreams of Dragons by therealnarnia
Dreams of Dragonsby Becky
Papalogia AU. Acnologia joins Fairy Tail and ends up raising five young dragon slayers (and helping with two more). Acnologia x Anna Heartfilia. Eventual Nalu, Gale, Gru...
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It Was Just A Accident (A Nalu,Gruvia,Miraxus,Jerza,Elfgreen And Gale Fanfic) by YourHappyDwarf
It Was Just A Accident (A Nalu,Gru...by Kyeopta<3
This is my first fanfic so please dont judge these..TT_TT Anyway please read and vote and dont forget to leave comments okay ------------------------------------ It all...
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Fairy Tail: The Change by nicki254
Fairy Tail: The Changeby nicki254
5 years have past since the Grand Magic Games. Many things changed since then. Jellal and Cobra, now known as Eric, were wet free and joined Fairy Tail. And many more. E...
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Fairy Tail Adventure Resort (Nalu, Gruvia, Jerza, Gajevy) by makasxru
Fairy Tail Adventure Resort (Nalu...by •makasxru•
The Fairy Tail guild has been whisked away to a hotel. Plans awaited them, unexpected arrivals from other guilds awaited them and unexpected moments awaited them. Moment...
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Fairy Tail Fairy Tales by chello_8893
Fairy Tail Fairy Talesby Chello
Just a bunch of Fairy Tail related one-shots and short stories. ^_^
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The sexual games (fairy tail lemon story) by animeislife13
The sexual games (fairy tail lemon...by Rowen_13
WARNING: This is a lemon fanfic A dark guild named "Possessed Hearts" kidnapped Fairy Tail's master. The Possessed hearts wanted the fairy tail members to play...
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Fairy tail mating season by Fairytail4eves4711
Fairy tail mating seasonby Fairytail4eves4711
It's dragon mating season for the Fairy tail guild's dragon slayers but.... This season will be different Ships: •Nalu •Gale •Rowen •Stingyu •Rogura •Kinabra •Gruvia •Ly...
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Hogwarts, Meet Fairy Tail by saintdiscette
Hogwarts, Meet Fairy Tailby 𝔖𝔞𝔦𝔫𝔱 𝔇𝔦𝔰𝔠𝔢𝔱𝔱𝔢
Wizards and mages. Different yet alike. They both share magic, but each uses different ways to use them. What will happen if they happened to meet? ~♤♡◇♧~ Dumbledore is...
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Fairy Tail Next Generation Characters by Life_is_a_Fairy_Tale
Fairy Tail Next Generation Charact...by Welcome to my Life
There are a lot of Fairy Tail Next Generation stuff out there; I'm not that talented at writing, but for some reason, I love creating characters. Within this book, I hav...
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Fairy Tail High by AlterPerception
Fairy Tail Highby Logic
Where there are towns, there are schools. Where there are schools, there are students and people. Where there are students and schools, there is a lot of excitement. Thi...
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