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Three Lifetimes *completed* by Alzzeid
Three Lifetimes *completed*by Kerbasi
Juju fell in love with Jin Lei, the God of War, at first glance. Determined to sweep him off his feet, she accompanies him down to the mortal realm as he takes on his th...
  • chinese
  • romance
  • princess
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The Knight's Rose by honeyasher
The Knight's Roseby Honey
She was his sweet Rose. ⇹ "What is your name, fair maiden?" he asked me, looking down at me from where I stood. I breathed in a shuddering breath before lookin...
  • death
  • adventure
  • saving
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Knight of Remnant by Shadow_trooper
Knight of Remnantby Shadow_trooper
Warhammer x RWBY The Imperial Knight has landed on Remnant, by accident.
  • blakebelladonna
  • adventure
  • mecha
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Arranged Marriage 3 "My Innocent Wife" by vijis_2706
Arranged Marriage 3 "My Innocent Viji Arshi
The most wonderful thing I decided to do is to share my life and heart with you!!! Story about an eighteen year old innocent Khushi and thirty year old Arnav, and their...
  • knightinshiningarmor
  • love
  • khushi
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Merlyn's Only Hope by abbiethacker
Merlyn's Only Hopeby Abbie
Based on Series 1 of Merlin. Blue hues dance unforgiving circles, fiercer than the deepest seas, turning golden in the wake of unforgivable brilliance. The world waited...
  • griffin
  • hope
  • sorcery
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Castle Of Tears by Tower0fTears
Castle Of Tearsby Tower0fTears
Angelique Amantine Bellerose is a vampire, one that still desperately clings to her humanity. Her first love is none other than Leon Belmont. He is the barrier that keep...
  • paranormal
  • gothic
  • historical-romance
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Reincarnated- Start Of My Happy Lesbian Life! by HopelessYuriWriter
Reincarnated- Start Of My Happy Messy Switch
I was killed and reincarnated into another world due to a faulty god. As recompense I was given everything I could wish for and cheat like skills, and like a typical rei...
  • fairy
  • harem
  • mystery
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The Knight's of Academia (Completed) by stefdel93
The Knight's of Academia (
Deku is just an ordinary boy from a small village with the dream of becoming a knight. His time to shine comes when the Trials of the Knights picks him to join them. He...
  • anime
  • fantasyfiction
  • smuttyfanfic
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Guardian of the Medaillion by ieatalotofbooks
Guardian of the Medaillionby Bookaddicted
Alexandra or Alex, is a guardian. She and her female ancestors are protecting the medaillion of dreams. The entrance to dreamworld. Join Alex in her adventure to save th...
  • england
  • fantasy
  • prince
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Falling For The Jerk by bubbletheory
Falling For The Jerkby bubble theory
"Ahem ahem?" I heard some throats being cleared and I slowly fluttered my eyes open. There was a blurred vision until everything came into focus. Penny was sm...
  • ego
  • cuteness
  • jerk
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The New Beginning (Based on BBC Merlin) by Sydney3027
The New Beginning (Based on BBC Sydney
it's been nearly 30 years since King Arthur has been dead, when suddenly Merlin gets a vision that there will be a return of Arthur, by the help of a young sorceress.
  • royalty
  • knightinshiningarmor
  • gwaine
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Cinderella and her prince✓ by ArShi_Angel
Cinderella and her prince✓by What the-
A fairytale!
  • marriage
  • khushi
  • knightinshiningarmor
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The Stone by IslandNinja
The Stoneby Islandninja
Darkness rises in the realms as Brianna Nobile, a skilled warrior and farmhand is forced into mage craft and war by a book bearing the stone of a dragons heart. She must...
  • romance
  • demigods
  • darkfantasy
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Web Of Twisted Truths... #wattys2016 by background21
Web Of Twisted Truths... Neetha Sai
A man walking into the forest like he owns it with his face covered with all the anger in the whole world if possible and with blood oozing from his knuckles. However, w...
  • knightinshiningarmor
  • wattys2016
  • mystery
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For the Love of Patra by Jaspira
For the Love of Patraby Jaspira
Patra was no ordinary princess - tall as a man and tough as one. What the looking glass reflected she hated to see. The man that had stolen her heart, only saw her as a...
  • wattys2018
  • ewa18
  • epic
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The Huntmaster's Daughter by ViciCarmen
The Huntmaster's Daughterby ViciCarmen
~*~ Cover Pending~*~ Lady Serena Beryl has spent her childhood between the tiny village of Pago and the Oblivion Gorge. After the death of her father, Duke Jeovani Bery...
  • secrets
  • knightinshiningarmor
  • love
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The Hunt For money by Aduwaaaa
The Hunt For moneyby aduwa ajogwu
Will she ever move on? Does she have the ability to be strong? To be emotionless and fearless. Cracked from the inside all her life, her mentally of the world and it's i...
  • sad
  • streetgirl
  • billonaire
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My Maid My Future by glimmer_dusts
My Maid My Futureby glimmer_dusts
Ako si Leanne mayaman noon inutil na ngayon. Ganun talaga kapagnasira yung buhay mo pati pag katao mo. Pano kaya siya nagtagumpay sa tukong ng isang misteryosong lalaki...
  • loveagain
  • maxinejiji
  • jonaxx
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Spero of Iter by LauraWreath
Spero of Iterby LauraWreath
When Jaqueline nearly drowned after running from a bear, she awoke in a foreign land called Iter. Although it seemed quite like all the fairytales and famous stories she...
  • tale
  • quest
  • forest
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Chefs, Chandeliers & Chaperones by olafelle
Chefs, Chandeliers & Chaperonesby 🦋
❝What do you like to do in your spare time?❞ ❝I like to kiss boys and make them cry...❞ ∞ Emma von Dyke was minding her own business - reading a text message and driving...
  • youngadult
  • summer
  • hot
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