Foxtails and Fairytales: Facades and Fables of the Phantom Prince

Foxtails and Fairytales: Facades and Fables of the Phantom Prince

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NathanielWilhelm By NathanielWilhelm Updated 6 days ago

After the mysterious events at Marsanth, Sebas Asmos Ti'en, the unwilling fox prince engaged to a Human princess, disappears without a trace. As a runaway noble he earns the nickname 'the Phantom Prince'. Evading three kingdoms and bounty hunters for six years, many have allowed the Phantom Prince to disappear into legend. 

However, four unlikely friends look forward to his appearance at the Hearthroam University of Magic. His childhood friends Jules and Nerinin await him to keep his promise and return to them. His rival Flint knows their  fates are tied together and awaits their rematch. His sister Tiera follows her dream but admires the free spirited nature of her hero and brother.  

The winds of change set their course for Hearthroam and many new faces are caught up in the adventure. But the Phantom Prince isn't the only one with a secret, and more than one agenda wrecks havoc on the campus. 

Fairytales, fantasy, facades, and foxtails collide in this story about the larger role a reincarnated teenager has to play in a world that may have a deeper meaning than a simple adventure in another world.

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