Music Shifter by zodiacaries
Music Shifterby Aries Star
You are a secret killer for a few years, nobody can ever track you. You gain powers are from music Example: you hear the song unravel from Tokyo Ghoul, you became a gho...
  • readerinsert
  • crossovers
  • music
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Jack In The Box by KittyKash92
Jack In The Boxby 👑K a s h👑
Jackson Wolfe is WoodVille Asylum's most notorious patient with a history of atrocious violence. The doctors and the nurses are aware of Jacks previous history. Jack is...
  • murders
  • psycho
  • antihero
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Trip To Hell by Morietur05
Trip To Hellby V's
Impyerno... Ito ang naranasan ni Alexa simula noong pumasok siya sa Redwood High, dahil sa isang pagkakamali na naging resulta ng pambubully sakanya. Pambubully na tumul...
  • traitors
  • thriller
  • mystery
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The Mafia Crazy Boss Girl by ai_yana
The Mafia Crazy Boss Girlby 아이 야나 로빈슨
I was walking home one night from being a bartender. I loved the job I got to fuck with people's drinks. But when this guy pulls me into the allie way. Saying that he's...
  • mafia
  • crazy
  • murders
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(M/N) (L/N) had a gang called 'Golden Risk'. He was the hacker of the group. He barely talks. Always listening to music. Playing gadgets. But what if another group wan...
  • murders
  • jin
  • xmalereader
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Heartlessly Mine | ✔ (Completed) by itz_nim
Heartlessly Mine | ✔ (Completed)by Rebel
Who knew you'd bump into somebody who turned your Nightmares into Dreams!
  • romance
  • stranger
  • unknown
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Bi-curious [Audrey Jensen] by maze_runner20011
Bi-curious [Audrey Jensen]by maze_runner20011
Daniella Fitzgerald, twin sister to Jake Fitzgerald. Oh boy, oh boy how sexy are these twins? Everyone would want to date, sleep or kiss with these twins. Mysterious te...
  • screamtv
  • scream
  • lgtb
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A Life With My Friends(Fnaf Sister Location x Reader) by Nicho-chan13
A Life With My Friends(Fnaf ⓝⓘⓒⓗⓞ-ⓒⓗⓐⓝ
(Y/n), a 16 year old high schooler. She has (H/l) (H/c) hair and (E/c) eyes. She is always been a loner because of her classmates who think of her as a freak. She is alw...
  • sisterlocation
  • ballora
  • fnafsisterlocation
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Yandere Dolls x Reader by Dark_Gamer_Lord
Yandere Dolls x Readerby God
(Y/N), you move into a new house on the day before your 6th birthday. Your parents give you a cute little doll with long (F/C) hair and (F/C) eyes. You take an instant l...
  • yandere
  • yandere-person
  • horror
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Pierce  by WitcheryWay
Pierce by Tanu🌻
Something is lurking in the house, carefully watching the family with murderous intentions. Allison James could almost feel the cold stares of someone dangerous on her s...
  • terror
  • wattys2018
  • scary
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My Serial Killer by Zerohands
My Serial Killerby Zerohands
Action. Murders. Mind games. A bloodthirsty killer lurks in the shadows. With the police still not knowing who stole the lives of the innocents, the city of NewYork is f...
  • demons
  • rants
  • murders
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Savior {Third book of EL series} by lei_il_diavolo
Savior {Third book of EL series}by Scar
Read first two EL books before this one. Earlier called 'Saving the Savior'. ~~ Boom. The bullet pierced through the head of the man who now laid dead next to Iris' feet...
  • beast
  • dark
  • love
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The Gangleaders Not so little Sister  by ghetto_nerd
The Gangleaders Not so little Mya K. Dailey
  • badboys
  • goodgirls
  • kiddnappings
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-Yangire➳kth by -hosucc
-Yangire➳kthby Mary
❝you thought it was over? ❞
  • sequel
  • bts
  • kimtaehyung
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Blood in the Water by NEEonPink
Blood in the Waterby Ainee Raizel
Highest Rank: #5 in Horror category ________ "I don't care what happens to me, as long as you're safe. You're our precious daughter after all." *********** The...
  • thriller
  • horror
  • murders
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Bleeding Blue Heart by cackerlovesu
Bleeding Blue Heartby Caitlin Abigail Acker
Detective Delilah O'Connor- She's 25 years old, She has brown hair and blue eyes, And she's 5'4. She joined the force when she was 19. She was a police officer for 3 yea...
  • love
  • lindareagan
  • makingenemys
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Artificial by Toxic_parasite
Artificialby Jade
"Connor, what do you say to a walk with your old man?" Hank rested his hand on my shoulder before pulling me into a meaningful hug. We stayed like that for awh...
  • becomehuman
  • cole
  • postcivilwar
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Assassins red (draft) by MatrixGreen
Assassins red (draft)by Matrix
Is in progress of rewrite, please hold on reading in till rewrite is finished. I own a dark red cloak, two long blade swords, and eight daggers. That's all I need to be...
  • guns
  • murders
  • weekly
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101 Murder Riddles REVIVED! by kzrishazea
101 Murder Riddles REVIVED!by j i l l / s l o w u d s
101 Murder Riddles: REVIVE! Credits to all repespective owners. :) Some of the riddles are mine. DUOLOGY SERIES: -101 Murder Riddles: REVIVED! (COMPLETED) -101MR: Season...
  • mysteryriddles
  • completed
  • murderriddles
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A New Life In Detroit by Toxic_parasite
A New Life In Detroitby Jade
An rk800 model by the name connor is assigned to work along side the all to famous lieutenant Anderson. investigating a deivant case is one thing but what if there was m...
  • murders
  • cuteness
  • androids
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