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Falling for Sakura: A Seductive Kiss (The Princetons, #1) by AlexiaPraks
Falling for Sakura: A Seductive Alexia Praks
When orphan Sakura once again meets the gorgeous billionaire brothers, Sebastian and Darcy Princeton, forbidden feelings are awakened and old flame ignites. Orphan Sakur...
  • newadult
  • contemporary
  • multicultural
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Let Me Cater To You ✅ by VICMAD
Let Me Cater To You ✅by VICMAD
Copyright © 2016 by VICMAD -All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written perm...
  • interracial
  • urban
  • interracialromance
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Moonrise ✔ [Complete] by P-Oenothera
Moonrise ✔ [Complete]by Zelenia Pen
𝐖𝐚𝐭𝐭𝐲𝐬 𝟐𝟎𝟏𝟖 𝐒𝐡𝐨𝐫𝐭𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫 || Fire isn't all that brings light in the darkness. || When an advanced alien race appeared and stormed the skies, the worl...
  • featured
  • magic
  • wattys2018
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The Class Reject: A Pariah in Purgatory (Book II) by XxUCOxX
The Class Reject: A Pariah in U.C. Kalu
Just when it seemed like life couldn't possibly get any worse, Miren Eze dies - literally and figuratively. Caught in a limbo of deception and destruction, she realises...
  • blackgirl
  • girlinallboysschool
  • multicultural
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Falling for Sakura: A Seductive Proposal (The Princetons, #2) by AlexiaPraks
Falling for Sakura: A Seductive Alexia Praks
When Sakura once again meets her gorgeous adoptive brothers, Sebastian and Darcy Princeton, forbidden feelings are awakened and an old flame ignites. When orphan Sakura...
  • multicultural
  • reverseharem
  • newadult
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The Matchmaker by halfacat
The Matchmakerby JEY
Tara Lee is DC's most successful matchmaker. Her newest client is the handsome but bitter Dylan Hiraj. He's her hardest client yet, because she just might be falling for...
  • multicultural
  • growth
  • popular
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Teaching Mia by MCRomances
Teaching Miaby M.C. Roman
Fed up with her disheartening life in NYC, Mia takes a gamble and embarks on an invigorating journey abroad to business school in Spain. When Mia Fuentes moves to...
  • wattys2014
  • romance
  • drama
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Chasing Sofia by MCRomances
Chasing Sofiaby M.C. Roman
It's not easy being the only girl in the Durant household. It's tough when everybody views you as the baby of the family, despite having a twin brother who is only two m...
  • spanish
  • soccer
  • drama
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The Sky's the Limit |Wattpad Multicultural Reading List| by DawnMDrake
The Sky's the Limit |Wattpad Dawn-Marie Drake
A Novella He pretended to be the boyfriend of a total stranger as she crashed a Wedding, One year ago. Would he ever be her real life boyfriend, after finding her again...
  • ceo
  • wedding
  • davidgandy
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The Probabilities of Maybe by wheadee
The Probabilities of Maybeby W H I T N E Y
Unlike most of his peers, starting his senior year of high school is dreadful for seventeen-year-old Nico Brown. It's only been a few short months since the tragic unsol...
  • brother
  • downtown
  • revenge
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Dreams of Scale and Bone by EchoeOtto
Dreams of Scale and Boneby Echoe Otto
[Wattpad Pick] Against her professor's orders, Drika van Meer investigates a child's supernatural coma. With help from a treasonous young doctor, she uncovers a conspir...
  • scififantasy
  • romance
  • femaleprotagonist
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Loving Olivia by MCRomances
Loving Oliviaby M.C. Roman
Nico Durant is living a lonely life as the remaining member of his household. Not only did his twin sister and best friend move away, but he's also recovering from the w...
  • hispanic
  • multicultural
  • spanish
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Like Calls To Like (Book 2) by OlgaPinsky
Like Calls To Like (Book 2)by Olga Pinsky
This is my second poetry book. Book 1 is published on and is called "Out of the Abyss". This collection of poems shows my life at a time when every...
  • growing
  • relationships
  • healing
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White lines by Pfunzo18
White linesby Comicallymade
Ignorance is bliss...Ignorance is lack of empathy...ignorance is doing nothing...Ignorance is hateful. Janine lives a sheltered life where nothing else matters outside...
  • segregation
  • hunter
  • mychemicalromance
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A Grace of Crowns | Wattys 2016 Winner by Amanda-Mae
A Grace of Crowns | Wattys 2016 Amanda Mae
❖ TWISTED KINGDOMS Book 1 ❖ Traitor. Spy. Assassin. This is Isla's quest for the truth, and her slow spiral into becoming her very own worst nightmare. When the gods asc...
  • ownvoices
  • spy
  • featured
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Dating Dares by _akichoi
Dating Daresby Aki Choi
How to date a tomboy: Rule zero: don't mess with them. A transfer student at most talked about behind her back about her striking looks and striking comebacks to avoid...
  • dating
  • crush
  • korean
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Bossy: A Billionaire Boss Office Romance (BWWM) - Excerpt only by author_rowena
Bossy: A Billionaire Boss Office Rowena
Candace Brown has hit rock bottom. After a failed marriage leaves her in mountains of debt, she's desperately trying to find a job and ends up face to face with the man...
  • wmbw
  • lovestory
  • workplace
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Bҽɳҽαƚԋ Hҽɾ Sɱιʅҽ by Livkuile
Bҽɳҽαƚԋ Hҽɾ Sɱιʅҽby ♥𝕺ₖᵤₜₗₒ ⋆𝓐ₙɕₑₗ⋆𝕷ₑₑₚᵢₗₑ ♥
❝Hҽɾ ʂɱιʅҽ ɳҽʋҽɾ αƈƚυαʅʅყ ɾҽαƈԋҽԃ ԋҽɾ ҽყҽʂ.Hҽɾ ҽყҽʂ ɳҽʋҽɾ ʂραɾƙʅҽԃ,ƚԋҽყ ɯҽɾҽ ʝυʂƚ ԃҽαԃ αɳԃ ԋҽɾ ʂɱιʅҽ ɯαʂ ʅιƙҽ α ɱαʂƙ ƚσ ԋιԃҽ ƚԋҽ ραιɳ ʂԋҽ ɯαʂ ϝҽҽʅιɳɠ υɳԃҽɾɳҽαƚԋ.❞ -Lιʋƙυ...
  • newstory
  • friendship
  • love
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Sun Kissed (The Encante: Book 1) 🐬🍊 by CocoNichole
Sun Kissed (The Encante: Book 1) � Coco Nichole
Sixteen year old Sofia Aguilar believed she was doing the right thing when she relocated three thousand miles to be with her dying mother (mãe). Now her home is a remote...
  • magicalrealism
  • magic
  • folklore
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The Billionaire's Baby (On Hold)  by holdmoonlight
The Billionaire's Baby (On Hold) by holdmoonlight
Theo Jackson. To simplify things, he's a filthy rich billionaire. A tough, unsociable, very attractive, billionaire. Those piercing green eyes were enough to make anyone...
  • confusion
  • romance
  • love
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