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Borderline Personality Disorder by SheriDawson
Borderline Personality Disorderby Sheri
A short story about living with Borderline Personality Disorder.
  • god
  • unhappy
  • evil
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Mind Controlled (KatsuDeku) #wattys2018 by ToriAndHolly
Mind Controlled (KatsuDeku) #watty...by T & H
In a world of Quirks, where Izuku Midoroya has Multiple Personality Disorder, what do you think would happen? The Personalities would have their own Quirks and bodies to...
  • midoriya
  • todoroki
  • multiple
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Personality Types Stuff  by humanistbitch
Personality Types Stuff by humanistbitch
Which MBTI personality type are you? What are your traits? What do you need to know about yourself? Read to find out!
  • estj
  • esfp
  • intp
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Zodiac Signs by WritingDuhh
Zodiac Signsby WritingDuh
This is the second part to my first book "Zodiac Signs" Hope you all like it! *Credit to original authors*
  • aries
  • funny
  • zodiac
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Hogwarts Houses As... by WritingDuhh
Hogwarts Houses As...by WritingDuh
2nd book of my 'Hogwarts Houses As..'! Descriptions, stereotypes, scenarios, and more! Feel free to request! Hope you enjoy! *Not all are written by me* *credit to...
  • weasley
  • hogwarts
  • harrypotter
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What not to do when!- by GuidedRanger043
What not to do when!-by Guided~Ice Cold
Don't do the things I say in this book!! It's not gonna be good if you do!!
  • love
  • facts
  • ốc
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Strange by LiloMadrid
Strangeby LiloMadrid
Poems with some of my drawings...that I usually edit.
  • lost
  • words
  • fly
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The Angel within Him by BellaLux
The Angel within Himby BellaLux
"I can't believe I went under white sheets with an Angel. Well, I thought he was my bestfriend, Cyan. " I said to myself I felt my body shiver when the beauti...
  • content
  • personality
  • angel
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A deeper Feeling by lostinafairytale
A deeper Feelingby lostinafairytale
  • personality
  • true
  • anger
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Stuck Inside by Risandano
Stuck Insideby Risandano
A man wakes up dreading each morning more and more as the days go by. Every day is so stale and one dimensional. Every day. Repetition. Then one day, something changes...
  • soul
  • split
  • repetition
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The ME App by Reeree05
The ME Appby Raven
Whenever a child is born, a tablet is made. As soon as the child is home, the tablet is delivered to them. Each tablet is government issued, and unique. Each tablet is e...
  • personality
  • dystopian
  • app
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Slice of live with NaLuChan and the personalities by NaLuChan200
Slice of live with NaLuChan and th...by CyberArtist_BTS
"Hi~ I'm NaLuChan! And welcome to the NaLu Manor!" The brunette cheered motioning to the mansion, she covered her mouth with her finger "ssshh....no one k...
  • familysecrets
  • genderbend
  • personality
Zodiac Signs by mynamescharlotte14
Zodiac Signsby Mynamescharlotte14
What does each zodiac sign mean? Find out in Zodiac Signs
  • personality
  • meanings
  • signs
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Split Sides by leaznpandapoo
Split Sidesby Panda,Misaki,& Naomi
Barely hanging onto her life from the accident that killed Kyoko's parents.Dr.Sato,an old friend of her late parents,managed to save her after countless surgeries.Unfort...
  • murderous
  • personality
  • cold
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Story of E by Fallen_Empress
Story of Eby Fallen_Empress
(Summary is WIP)
  • personality
  • demon
  • gods
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Decomposing by awesomfunturtle
Decomposingby Deirdre Crick
  • people
  • post-apocalypse
  • disease
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Everybody Has A Secret by AuthorAdvice101
Everybody Has A Secretby AuthorAdvice101
You have your own secret. Deny it or Admit it. You have your deepest secret that you tend to cover up with your other side.
  • randomthoughts
  • personality
  • faith
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Personality development training by personaloity4
Personality development trainingby personaloity4
Everybody has its own specific properties and attributes which make them emerge character. A comparable time, everybody attempt to change the appalling personality for t...
  • personality
Cold by uri_esposito
Coldby uri_esposito
When the world seemed against me i wrote this about an alter ego's reaction.
  • psychological
  • personality
  • honor
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