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Nightfire | The Whispering Wall #1 by giveitameaning
Nightfire | The Whispering Wall #1by Elinor Harrison
Fear the dark. Bar the doors. Don't breathe a word. Wait for the Hooded Men to save you. The people of Nictaven live in fear of the night; governed by magic no one save...
  • mystery
  • murder
  • lgbt
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Book 2; Magical Mythix Academy: New Generation  by Lily_Yuuki
Book 2; Magical Mythix Academy: Ne...by Moonlight Lily
MMA: New Generation Rose Paulyn Alisha Myrellin Taylor-Lee The Lost Princess of Zandard New Kingdom in Magic World The Daughter Of King Sky and Queen Stella And Elder...
  • house
  • mermaid
  • home
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The Stars Lie {Myrnin, Morganville Vampires} by EmelineRousselotFF
The Stars Lie {Myrnin, Morganville...by EmelineRousselotFF
"Most intriguing. You obviously know who - and what - I am, but you don't run." He leaned toward her and felt her body react. "Quite the opposite in fac...
  • paranormalromance
  • newadult
  • humor
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Percy Jackson: Time Travel by razzleberryy
Percy Jackson: Time Travelby anna
Percy and Annabeth get sucked into a black hole, sending them back in time into their 12 year old selves.
  • redo
  • percabeth
  • timetravel
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Strength Of Steel. by saoigreen
Strength Of Steel.by S.M.K
Book One of the Forged Series. Aviana Birchwood's world crumbles when the Keep of the Dratlan Elves where she has lived since she was a girl is attacked and torn apart...
  • racism
  • side-kick
  • revenge
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The Blade by Reffster
The Bladeby Alex Midwinter
Exams, no girlfriend, a cantankerous grandfather - George had it tough. And that's even before the assassins came for him, he discovered he's descended from a god, and...
  • grownupreads
  • sword
  • complete
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"Love" (Portal 2: Wheatly X Reader) [Currently Editing And Updating] by lillykn11
"Love" (Portal 2: Wheatly X Reader...by TheTypicalPrep
You've been a subject of Aperture Science for a long time; maybe even when you were first born. You've never experienced what it was like to feel love, neither did you g...
  • wheatleyxreader
  • sci-fi
  • portal2
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The Bathers' Society by mbweiss
The Bathers' Societyby M. B. Weiss
***WATTYS SHORTLIST 2018*** On first glance, Bright Star seems like the typical nursing home. On second glance...perhaps not. Things are starting to become rather spooky...
  • probablecause
  • wattys2018
  • lifeanddeath
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The Crossing (Complete Book One) by Arzoelyn
The Crossing (Complete Book One)by Arzoelyn
Crossings between the realms have become rare. Aurora's mysterious powers were unleashed the day she witnessed her mother's death. Years later, they have manifested agai...
  • knight
  • highfantasy
  • elves
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Insanity by SnowFlame12
Insanityby Cooke
A group of kids discover they have powers that could only be described as other worldly. As things start entwining together, they find themselves in a battle to save the...
  • dog
  • loveatfirstsight
  • villain
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The Heir by SarahBarnard
The Heirby Sarah Barnard
When Lilith's unborn child, the heir, is threatened, Lilith runs. Fearing for her own life, there's only one place she can go. She flees her home and changes the fate o...
  • sam
  • portal
  • mother
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Depraved Dimension by rubylj_princess
Depraved Dimensionby rubylj_princess
A story about people who accidentally go through a portal to an evil land called "Depraved Dimension". What will they do when they are faced a choice - Attempt...
  • dimension
  • portal
  • fantasy
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A Story for Natalie by LatukaReal
A Story for Natalieby Lat Neko
Hi. Glad to know you're reading this. The plot belongs completely to my friend. I'm only writing it out to give her a better opinion on the story. That's all.
  • friendship
  • plan
  • portal
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The Adventure of the X-bow Warriors by teamrangerz44
The Adventure of the X-bow Warriorsby TR44
So you and your friends are living life, buying whatever you get to spend your money with: expensive phones, shirts, designer clothes, etc. Is that what you call livin...
  • romance
  • students
  • maze
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