Free Book by OmySmart
Free Bookby Omayra Vélez
I am doing a giveaway of my first book The Assembly of Thirteen; The First Two Companions, The second book will be published within the next 6 months and I will like to...
  • fantasy
  • magic
  • magical
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Welcome to Aperture by derec519
Welcome to Apertureby DereC
Twelve Test Subjects find themselves taking an experiment in a laboratory which they have supposedly "volunteered" for . Things get darker as the trial progres...
  • experiment
  • corruptuniverse
  • test
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Typewriter by kelsey10wenker
Typewriterby Kelsey Wenker
Andy Hawkins finds a magic type writer and everything that is typed comes true.
  • jasper
  • mystery
  • portal
Portal 2 (CHELLS POV)  by 0PapaPenguin0
Portal 2 (CHELLS POV) by 0PapaPenguin0
Chells pov of portal 2.
  • book
  • chell
  • story
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FutureTech by Ak0096
FutureTechby Ansh Singh
Have you wondered how the future is or if there are time travellers among us ? You won't know and a time traveller would be sitting right beside you. But what if these t...
  • technology
  • tech
  • yellow
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Morganville Chronicles by MPAlesan
Morganville Chroniclesby M. P. Alesán
Desde fuera, Morganville es una ciudad como otra cualquiera, pero una vez que te adentras en sus calles comienzas a darte cuenta de que algo se esconde tras cada esquina...
  • fundador
  • morganville
  • vampiros
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Todd's Story by GeuldReollur
Todd's Storyby GoldRoller
A WIP story about a man who lost his parents long ago gets kidnapped and ends up finding a very interesting tool through such and goes on adventures in different dimensi...
  • calonarie
  • kidnapping
  • portal
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The Contract by solidarity_
The Contractby K I F A H
❝something wicked is coming❞ • • • • • • • • • • When Katie Mohamed made a deal with the king of the Naajima, she didn't know what she was getting into. Const...
  • muslim
  • portal
  • horror
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Guilty Crown by JustAnonymous8
Guilty Crownby JustAnonymous8
The world is something beyond that we could ever think. Yeah, well- mine was something beyond that I expected though. It's weird. My name is Katana Arquiza and I'm an El...
  • portal
  • haunting
  • honor
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🌙⭐ A Mirror That Reflect The Starry Sky ⭐🌙 by 666Killua
🌙⭐ A Mirror That Reflect The Star...by 666Killua
Have you ever wondered what it's like on the other side of our world? A reflection of the universe never before discovered and the vast emptiness of space was enough to...
  • discovery
  • portal
  • adventure
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Do Humans Desire Absolute Freedom? by SquareLolipop
Do Humans Desire Absolute Freedom?by Bemo
An essay on why I think most humans desire absolute freedom and how different stories can connect to the topic. I use info from Mississippi Trial 1955, Portal 2, The Sta...
  • mississipppitrial
  • portal
  • thestanleyparable
Battle for Dwar: Gateway of the Gods by Sam_elric_ink
Battle for Dwar: Gateway of the Go...by Sam Elric
The Gateway of the Gods has stood since the dawn of time. But now Darkness arise to devour it and end all life. In all these chaos a mortal man stood between finding his...
  • space
  • fiction
  • elf
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DIMENSIONS PART 2 by TheKids9Stories
The second in the DIMENSIONS series! Fallout inspired READ FIRST ONE! About: Teddy, Lenny, and Ryan soon go to the Unknown Dimension to collect power crystals, and steal...
  • fallout
  • fiction
  • adventure
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Today Was A Fairytale (On Going)  by Rorily_Styles
Today Was A Fairytale (On Going) by Ms. Squarepants
  • fantasy
  • princess
  • random
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Lost In Wonderland by ImDarkerThanBlack
Lost In Wonderlandby SHIROGLYPHICS
Minsan ba sumagi na rin sa isip mo na SANA MAGING TOTOO ANG MGA CHARACTERS sa binabasa mong libro? Sana ikaw ang bida? At Sana maging maganda din ang takbo ng iyong isto...
  • misfortune
  • teenfiction
  • wish
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Our Land of Imagination by K-Rivian
Our Land of Imaginationby K-Raz and Oblivian
"When will we get out??? I don't think we can survive on cake, broccoli, juice, and water!" We've been stuck here for a few months now, and Charis is starving...
  • evil
  • imagination
  • shadows
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Portal Oddities by AlasheJones
Portal Odditiesby Odd the Dork
Well, random stuff is here, so yay. Feel free to check it out, but it's mainly just me being really bored and Oc's. A lot of them, I guess. Hope you all enjoy anyways!
  • ocs
  • portals
  • random
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The Theory of the Multiverse  by Tony_Mariono
The Theory of the Multiverse by Tony_Mariono
A scientist testing portal technology makes two different types of portals one transmitting and receiving end. But what happens when there are two receiving ends.
  • portal
  • science
  • scifi
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The Call of The Other World by caleighzz
The Call of The Other Worldby crazyzlunicornpoptart
Kate and Mark saw something in the dangerous woods. They escaped their village to check it out, falling in a portal to a mystical world. They see lots of cool things...
  • fantasy
  • fairytail
  • fanfiction
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