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↠ NARUTO GROUP CHAT ↞ by sh. (:
Sakura: I just got the perfect idea! And you're gonna help me. Sasuke: What is it? Sakura: To get all my ships together! And I know just how. Sasuke: Sakura, you can't g...
Konoha Academy  by _shikatema4ever
Konoha Academy by Shikatema
Sakura Haruno is going to the one of the most prestigious academy in the world. There she meets many new friends and make enemies. She might even meet the love of her li...
Konoha High School (A Naruto Fanfic) by shuasmornings
Konoha High School (A Naruto sushi
[discontinued] Sasuke Uchiha and Ino Yamanka are easily the most popular male and female in Konoha High. It would make sense for them to date right? However, things get...
Naruhina : Modern AU by TealNinja232
Naruhina : Modern AUby Jaideep Galgali
What would happen if danzo had adopted Shin,Sai and Naruto. What will happen when the 3 guys meet the beauties of Konoha High. And will love come of out of this. Warning...
Peppermint Mocha《A NaruHina Fanfiction》 by TaigaClaw
Peppermint Mocha《A NaruHina Taiga Claw
A small café two blocks from the university. A jock/bad boy who everybody knows and love. A quiet, shy pre-med nerd who nobody knows. Except for the bad boy... who alway...
One Of A Kind |SasuSaku| (EDITING) by BabyKelsi
One Of A Kind |SasuSaku| (EDITING)by Joanne☄
~Certain things catch your eye, but pursue only those that capture the heart~ Ancient Indian Proverb #19 in Narutoau -11/05/18 #66 in SaiIno -11/05/18 #455 in Narhina -1...
Konoha High's Bad Boy {A NaruHina Modern Tale} by TaigaClaw
Konoha High's Bad Boy {A Taiga Claw
Hinata Hyuga, a shy, nerd, athletic junior in high school who likes to keep everything on the down low. Her four best girl-friends, however, are Konoha High School's mos...
Intertwined {A NaruHina Story} by TaigaClaw
Intertwined {A NaruHina Story}by Taiga Claw
An accident leaves her pregnant with the college's top f-boy. He is suddenly faced with responsibilities he never thought he had to at his age. They must raise this chil...
Naruto & Friends: Let's See The Future! by Lucky_C
Naruto & Friends: Let's See The (♡˙︶˙♡)
Naruto has a orb. This orb will let them seem into the future, a person's future can last a few seconds to hours. Watch(Read?) as these young ninjas discover their futur...
Into the future  by amanda1132456
Into the future by Amber Goldwing
The Naruto characters have been sent 22 years into the future when Naruto accidentally messes with a scroll he was told not to touch. Read as Naruto and the gang as the...
Zaman by ashitheviolinist
Zamanby Ashi
Sakura has been thrown back to the day of her genin team assignments in order to avoid a terrible, war-torn future. Unfortunately for her, changing the future and dealin...
The Five Deadly Kunoichi by Mxnique_-
The Five Deadly Kunoichiby 🔪мοиιգυє🔪
The one and only Five Deadly Kunoichi encounter a very "Difficult" mission, it was rated an S rank mission, however to their surprise , they were shocked when...
Naruto: the future is the past(completed) by Anime_fan77
Naruto: the future is the past( Anime_fan77
This story is about Boruto and his friends finding an orb and seeing how there parents met, how they fell in love and all their problems. I hope you enjoy this story. St...
Love Is Patient [SasuSaku] by NerdyTsundere
Love Is Patient [SasuSaku]by Nicc
Sasuke finally announced his love for Sakura again. He's been an iceberg ever since he came back from the States. "I wish he wouldn't leave me again!" Sakura...
My Love Story (Hiatus) by ifaaulia89
My Love Story (Hiatus)by Ifa-chan
"Saat kulihat sikap pemalasnya entah kenapa itu menarik perhatianku kepadanya" Temari "Saat kulihat sikap tegasnya itu aku seperti tertarik padanya"...
Tangled Serendipity by LotusPens
Tangled Serendipityby Katie Vee
He was in need of dire help, so did she. She was in a slimy sticky situation, so was he. Sucking up each other's flaws and tolerating each other's madness, there's not a...
Naruto's One Shots by _lR_V_Rl_
Naruto's One Shotsby ~R.V.R~
Naruto One Shot/ Lemons These are little story's I have been writing for my tumbler blog so hope you like it I do not own the Naruto characters
The Difference Between Us •NaruHina• by potatoejung_
The Difference Between Us • maria!!
Never did Naruto think that a run would change his life so much. -
Konoha High School (NaruHina, SasuSaku) by PinkyBlondy
Konoha High School (NaruHina, リツ Ritsu
Konoha High School is where Naruto and friends go. It is a series that instead of holding kunai knives mastering ninjutsu and other shurikens they study and just like th...