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J A D E by BonnieBBlue
J A D Eby A_Girl_With_A_Tale
The war is over. Yet, only one left alive is her. A girl, they never paid enough attention to. A girl, who is to be sent in time and change the whole history. ~~~~~~~~~...
Gaasaku: Hush (DISCONT.) by cinqii
Gaasaku: Hush (DISCONT.)by MoonshadeCat
Gaasaku AU during chunin exams in the Forest of Death, where Gaara comes to the rescue instead of Lee. Oh, and absolutely does NOT get a crush on a certain pinkette. The...
Not Alone by roseand478
This is an itanaru fanfiction. Don't like Don't read:) Naruto was banished from Konohagakure. Why? When Sasuke went with Orochimaru the councils decided it was time to u...
I'm in Sakura's body? ( A naruto fanfiction ) by Ai-Takiko
I'm in Sakura's body? ( A naruto Pudgy me!
This book is legitness.-Obama . Sensational.-Bill gates. It's the worst boo-*slap* -BEST book I have ever read! .-Willy wonka.
Konoha's Cherry Blossom {REWRITTEN} by KairosElysian
Konoha's Cherry Blossom {REWRITTEN}by Kairos Elysian
One of the most cruel thing you could ever do is leave someone without telling them why. There's nothing more painful than not knowing you weren't worth an explanation...
[Đồng nhân Naruto] Trở về by HaBang1812
[Đồng nhân Naruto] Trở vềby HaBang1812
Thể loại: trọng sinh, đồng nhân Ngày viết: 16/08/2020 Ngày hoàn: 16/4/2021 Couple: Haruno Sakura x Sabaku no Gaara ----- Thế giới này đã mất đi đoá hoa anh đào đẹp nhất ...
The Story of Namikaze-Uzumaki Naruto ( HIATUS ) by ColdHeart1501
The Story of Namikaze-Uzumaki ColdHeart1501
After coming from another failed mission of retrieving Sasuke Uchiha, and yet recieving another earful from Sakura Haruno, his one sided crush, Naruto thinks that it is...
Sakura's Instagram by may46117
Sakura's Instagramby May🌺
sakuraharuno_328: Come check out my account, feel free to hit the like button and drop a comment down below! = DISCLAIMER: I, the author of this story, do not own any of...
Sakura's Facebook by rotten_duchess
Sakura's Facebookby rotten_duchess
"Welcome to my facebook account! I am Haruno Sakura and a student in Konoha Academy. I am friends with a lot people and -" "- she had a lot admirers actu...
Home for Unwanted Children by may46117
Home for Unwanted Childrenby May🌺
A home for orphans who never got adopted, not actually family but they are as close as one. But perhaps the boys want to be more then that to the only girl of the house...
requiem [gaara x sakura] by byeolling
requiem [gaara x sakura]by sanbi
Blind, mute and scrambling through the forest desperately holding on to life, Terumi Mei takes an abandoned in out of pity. Imagine Mei's surprise when the pink-haired...
The Art Of The Tessen {A sakura haruno fanfiction} by MyDarlingEvenlyn
The Art Of The Tessen {A sakura Evenlyn
*SLOW UPDATES* Sakura Didnt like sasuke she almost hated him he was snobby and didnt know what the meaning of hard work was he didnt want to work hard to avenge his clan...
KHS. New Friends, New Relationship And Jealousy by NessaaD
KHS. New Friends, New NessaaD
Sasuke dumps sakura for Ino and Sakuras friends replaces her for Ino except for Shikamauru and Hinata. Sakura sings her heart out and meets new friends which is the Saba...
La gente cambia by Asdfasdf69
La gente cambiaby AsdfAsdf
Todo lo que creían, todo lo que idealizaban ya no existe. Las personas cambian, la vida avanza y no se detiene por nada ni nadie. Los hechos vividos o que se esperan viv...
naruino story ideas by BlaneVarnes
naruino story ideasby Blane Varnes
I just need ideas but I'll give a few myself
Second Chance: Rebirth by pinkieliciouslee
Second Chance: Rebirthby Sakura Blair
Away from a mission, Uchiha Sasuke found himself losing everything and is thrown back in the past back into his four-year-old body, and this time, he will fix all of his...
hoodie talent || sakura fanfic UNDER CONSTRUCTION  by teenyweenee
hoodie talent || sakura fanfic >.<
"Everyone is born with the same talent; people just choose to show it differently." ~Kia Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN NARUTO!!! KISHIMOTO DOES!!!
Uchiha Shisui's half-sister, Uzumaki Naruko  by FaiqahFarouk
Uchiha Shisui's half-sister, Puteri Raisya
Uchiha Shisui have find out a truth about his biological father from his mother before she passed away. He had learn that Namikaze Minato who a fourth hokage was his bio...