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The Burned Arc by Mothman_connoisseur
The Burned Arcby
A month before his younger sister Jeane goes to Beacon Joshua Graham or Jaune Arc is approached by Ozpin to join as a Councilor as he knows how to deal with trauma and a...
Swords on Fire And Shields Made Of Gold by tuckerivory
Swords on Fire And Shields Made tuckerivory
This is a jaune x yang shipping Jaune is having trouble with training one day and pyrrah has given up on jaune so they're Not exactly close anymore plus they get into a...
Overprotective Glynda Goodwitch  x Male  abandoned child reader by ChrisReiniger
Overprotective Glynda Goodwitch Shadow Nexus
Glynda Goodwitch x Male child reader I said I was going to wright this in a comment and I meant it as a joke, but now I thought why not so I'm gonna wright it. When Gl...
Equivalent Exchange (Fem!reader x Yang Xiao Long) by Fallen_Artemis
Equivalent Exchange (Fem!reader Artemis
This will be a female alchemist reader x Yang Started: 9/4/20
mother glynda goodwitch x fallen angel bullied child oc/male reader X raven by YanniFlake
mother glynda goodwitch x fallen Yanni M. Flake
Dove goodwitch was hated by Everyone except team strq,and the professors.why? because he wasn't a human or a faunus,he was a fallen angel.
The Life of a Wizard by Side-Man
The Life of a Wizardby Side-Man
I drank too much and woke up in the body of a headmaster to a fictional school in a fictional world. Filled with kids with weapons bigger than themselves and people who...
The King Of Ice(R,B&Y x Schnee!malereader) by ShadowSans_69
The King Of Ice(R,B&Y x Schnee! ShadowSans
Born to the wealthy Schnee family Y/n was subjected to a life of perfection,but when his powers reflected how different he truly was from the rest he was shunned and for...
Big daddy x Neo by Bestbuddybw
Big daddy x Neoby Bestbuddybw
A big daddy bonds to a little ice cream themed girl. I do not own Bioshock or RWBY or the cover art.
need for speed jaune by Edaj1908
need for speed jauneby Edaj1908
jaune was aspiring to be a huntsman but one day when he reveals his darkest secret to his own partner. and she didn't take it very well. on the next day pyrrha talk to...
Professionals! (Glynda X MaleReader) by GiexesAdris
Professionals! (Glynda X Christopher Umbra
A lot of the students of Beacon has been wondering "Does Ms. Glynda Goodwitch have a boyfriend?" "How's her love life?" "Is she interested in so...
Bury The Light (Male Faunus!Vergil!Reader x Pyrrha Nikos) by Elyion22
Bury The Light (Male Faunus! GUN PARK
(title says it all!) Disclaimer:I don't own anything here!
- A Grimm Slayer - by ren_nobu
- A Grimm Slayer -by everyonehatesme
Y/n L/n, one of the many talented people that learned the way of breath. his only objective is to beat the sh*t out of Ironwood. don't ask me. Idk why he wants to do tha...
Fragile Little Flower (RWBY X Male Reader) by __Ruby-Rose__
Fragile Little Flower (RWBY X __Ruby-Rose__
(Y/N) Is a kid that had been invited to Beacon Academy by Ozpin himself, due to his Multi-Semblance. His Multi-Semblance was passed down through multiple generations. Bu...
The Golden King (Adopted!Gilgamesh Male Reader x Yang Xiao Long) by Elyion22
The Golden King (Adopted! GUN PARK
The title says it all. (Disclaimer:I don't own Fate or RWBY!)
Remnant's Black Dragon (AcnologiaxRWBY) by Spector45
Remnant's Black Dragon ( Spector45
The Black Dragon of the Apocalypse finds himself stuck on the Grimm invested world of Remnant. Does he continue his path of destruction, or does he heed the lesson be to...
Hellblazer and Primak (Rewrited) by Zeromicz
Hellblazer and Primak (Rewrited)by Zeromicz
Jaune Arc is Beacon's worst student and weakest Huntsmen in training. It's not all bad for our favorite huntsmen he has friends, people he can count on right? What happ...
The Dark Warrior of Remnant.  by MysteryDude301
The Dark Warrior of Remnant. by MysteryDude301
This will be a male reader insert. Our story will begin with a young man who sacrificed his own life for a random stranger, but didn't survive. But when he's given a 2nd...
Fallen Warrior of Cybertron, Welcome to Remnant (Megatron TFP x RWBY) by CoolManCo
Fallen Warrior of Cybertron, CoolManCo
What happens after Megatron disbands the Decepticons, and exiles himself into Space. Though he's through with oppression and war, The Universal Being, Monty Oum, has oth...
A Rose With Sharpened Thorns(RWBY x OC) by Baryan_KuramaSeal
A Rose With Sharpened Thorns( The Hooded Knight
Since the beginning of Remnant, there has always been two sides. Good and evil. The huntsman and huntress wanting to save and secure it, while the Grimm wanted to purge...
RWBY Meet, Fight, And React To Different Jaune Arc by PeaceEGaming
RWBY Meet, Fight, And React To Peace E. Writing
|Story| Everyone from Team RWBY, JNPR, Coco, Velvel, Tai, Qrow, Raven, Winter, Ironwood, Sun, Neptune and some other characters from the series has been kidnap by...