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Yandere RWBY x Child Reader by unidentified562
Yandere RWBY x Child Readerby Unidentified
This book idea originally come from my one of a kind one-shot book and if you haven't seen it, please hop on my profile and go check it out and read the rules before mak...
A MisFit in Beacon [MisFit Male Reader X RWBY Harem] by stevethealbino
A MisFit in Beacon [MisFit Male stevethealbino
(Y/n) always never gave a crap about what others thought about him, maybe that was one of the reasons why he was such a trouble maker? But now he's in Beacon where his m...
A Minus Among Remnant by Anime0CC0Manga
A Minus Among Remnantby Anime0CC0Manga
Kumagawa Misogi gets reborn to another world, how original~
Bury The Light (Male Faunus!Vergil!Reader x Pyrrha Nikos) by Etyion37
Bury The Light (Male Faunus! The Alpha and Omega
(title says it all!) Disclaimer:I don't own anything here!
The Forgotten Witch (Neglected Son of Gynda Goodwitch reader x Yang Xiao Long) by ShaNEON_757
The Forgotten Witch (Neglected ShaNEON_757
This story is a request by Noideafor and in this you are the son of Glynda Goodwitch and you have been Neglected by her and it was the last straw and you run away and yo...
The Guardian of Remnant  by austin333lee
The Guardian of Remnant by austin333lee
After order 66 a lone temple guard went to the planet of remnant to hide away after meeting a certain blonde haired teacher she offers him a new beginning what will happ...
Glynda X male reader by NewDeath01
Glynda X male readerby Death
You're also Ruby's uncle
A Hero's Agenda(Cheater Yang x RWBY Harem)  by stevethealbino
A Hero's Agenda(Cheater Yang x stevethealbino
You were a normal person at beacon,top student,had a loving girlfriend and some great friends. But one day when you came back from a mission you found your"loving&q...
Breath of thunder male reader  x rwby  by Author-San_
Breath of thunder male reader x Author-San_
Title self explanatory I dunno where I wanna go with this story but I'm board so I'm making it . . . . . . I do not own demon slayer or Rwby they are owned and created...
RWBY! Beacon's Baby Dragon (RWBY x Child Male!Dragon Reader) by ShadeAkami
RWBY! Beacon's Baby Dragon (RWBY ShadeAkami
The story's back, I guess. A new year begins at Beacon. The first years have just gone through Initiation and were currently in the middle of the after ceremony when Ozp...
The Arrow Of Death [Archer Male Reader X Rwby Harem] by stevethealbino
The Arrow Of Death [Archer Male stevethealbino
People always made fun of this guy whose only weapon was a bow and arrow, but once he enters Beacon Academy he truly shows everyone how bad ass an Archer really can be. ...
Big Book of One-Shots (Male Reader x Various Females) by FanFicAdan
Big Book of One-Shots (Male FanFicAdan
Just look at the title. No other explanation needed.
My Time Has Passed (RWBY X Legendary Huntsman Male Reader) (OLD) by DekuMidoriyaXT_V2
My Time Has Passed (RWBY X Deku_Midoriya_XT
(Y/N), The Greatest Huntsman of All Time, have been a hero to everyone in Remnant for quite some time now. Your militaristic training and ideals has shaped the 4 kingdom...
Hellblazer and Primak by Zeromicz
Hellblazer and Primakby Zeromicz
Jaune Arc Beacon's worst student and weakest huntsmen in training. It's not all bad for our favorite huntsmen he has friends, people he can count on right? What happens...
The Golden King (Adopted!Gilgamesh Male Reader x Yang Xiao Long) by Etyion37
The Golden King (Adopted! The Alpha and Omega
The title says it all. (Disclaimer:I don't own Fate or RWBY!)
Remnant's Black Dragon (AcnologiaxRWBY) by Spector45
Remnant's Black Dragon ( Spector45
The Black Dragon of the Apocalypse finds himself stuck on the Grimm invested world of Remnant. Does he continue his path of destruction, or does he heed the lesson be to...
RWBY:"Joker" (Male Joker Reader X RWBY) by stevethealbino
RWBY:"Joker" (Male Joker Reader stevethealbino
You've all heard the tale of the joker many times. But in this story it tells his tragic past of being abused as a kid,having a terrible career as a comidian. The last t...
(RWBY) Glynda Goodwitch X M! Reader (On Haitus) by MonMonRad
(RWBY) Glynda Goodwitch X M! Radzelous
First time doing a RWBY fanfic, hope you enjoy. (Y/N) (L/N), a successful and strong huntsman, living a happy life with his mother and younger sister. Although, not ev...
Double-Sided Dagger by Space-Surgeon
Double-Sided Daggerby Space-Surgeon
As they're walking home from school, Y/n and Cinder step into a portal which transports them to both sides of Remnant. Will Cinder fall to the darkness or will Y/n trium...