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The Green Fairy by Dino_Glitter
The Green Fairyby Dino_Glitter
Noel is not a difficult person, however he can't help being drawn toward the most temperamental brat in the underground. From their first meeting Noel knew that his li...
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  • khr
  • alternateuniverse
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Quick Love by violettafanforever
Quick Loveby violettafanforever
Violetta has always been protected by her father who, after her mother died, didn't want her to be around men except him and the other men she already knew, he taught h...
  • broadmilla
  • leonetta
  • ludmilla
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The School Project - A Leonetta Story by floortje_floor17
The School Project - A Leonetta floor
Violetta is back in Buenos Aires with with her parents. Her brother Diego want there 2 years ago to study. Her best friend too. She has learned Fran in group 1. Her brot...
  • dieletta
  • fran
  • leondiego
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A Love Story of The Cloudy Carnivore (hibari x oc story) by greisly81
A Love Story of The Cloudy Greisly
i don't preety sure how it turns out but, i will try my best to make hibari seems not too ooc this is my second story so, hope you enjoy~ kunojo wataru, a normal girl...
  • fran
  • vongola
  • varia
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mi gatito ? ( danncat x tu ) by ValeriaMontones
mi gatito ? ( danncat x tu )by hola krnal v:3
yolo froyolo
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Solo tu... (Fran & Tu) by IFDTnwn
Solo tu... (Fran & Tu)by IFDTnwn
En esta historia tendrás que descubrir nuevos sentimientos, algunos nuevos amigos... pero sobre todo a vivir una historia de amor con IFDT & tu;3
  • fanfiction
  • itsfandubtime
  • fran
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Sans x Frisk On the surface by Smarshmallo
Sans x Frisk On the surfaceby Silly Smarsh
Frisk has released the monsters , but the humans don't seem to like the their new city mates. As human ambassador, Frisk needs to stop this, but her love for Sans is get...
  • sans
  • fran
  • smarshmallo
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Long Lost Love|Carson Lueders Fanfiction by FranLueders
Long Lost Love|Carson Lueders FranLueders
Two teens, Carson, 16 and Fran 15. They were best friends and a little more than that. They were the cutest couple, loves each other with all their hearts and were the...
  • fran
  • carson
  • suspense
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enamorandome de mi mejor amigo Amor o Admiracion [Frakkun] by Usagi_lacie
enamorandome de mi mejor amigo Ana-chan
rakkun es una joven de 22 años, que ha participado en una serie llamada FIVE NIGHT AT FREDDY'S HIGH SCHOOL (mejor conocido como Fnafhs :v) en un dia de junta entre los a...
  • fnafhs
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random pics by AdidaDoesRandomlol
random picsby Nightscatter and Razorbeak
from markiplier to gamegrumps from undertale to transformers i persent RANDOM PICTURES!!
  • fnaf
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  • jacksepticeye
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Itward x Fran (lemon) by Itwardtheskeleton
Itward x Fran (lemon)by Itwardtheskeleton
this is my first story ever, yes its going to have sexual things in it alright? so please don't read unless your over the age of 18 or your 18. and if i spell things wro...
  • fran
  • franbow
  • itward
The Colors of Tsuna: Varia Edition by VongolaDecima
The Colors of Tsuna: Varia Editionby Decima
Book 2: A couple of weeks ago, a certain scientist created a dying will bullet known as the Rainbow Bullet. The effects of the bullet was enabling the person shot with i...
  • khr
  • ryohei
  • vongola
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BSF HACK BOOK  by Forevercrazycurls
BSF HACK BOOK by 🌹🌹🌹Dead roses🌹🌹🌹
no description need bitch nigga
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Fran Bow by CrustySmemily69
Fran Bowby ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Case: 2506200915000 Name: Fran Bow Dagenhart Age: 10 Gender: Female ____________________________________---------------------------------------------------------History:...
  • fran
  • psychological
  • wattys
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Fran Bow Theories by LilVertex
Fran Bow Theoriesby Lil' Vertex
Okay, so ever since I started writing my Fran Bow Fanfic, *check it out*, I've had Fran Bow on my mind a lot. And like anyone who's basically ever played/watched someone...
  • theories
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Weird Convos Between Fran and Liv by Super_Starling_15
Weird Convos Between Fran and Livby Olivia Scotto
See name
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How the pals met by SketchAndFrankRulez
How the pals metby Sketch N Frank
  • salty
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💙 One Shots! 💜 by Degal_Heartfang
💙 One Shots! 💜by A crazy shipper :3
These are some one shots that I will make in he free time while everyone is waiting for major updates in my books. Requests are open, some one shots will be from charact...
  • fluff
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Fran Bow: Truth or Dare by Tick-Tock_Abra
Fran Bow: Truth or Dareby Tick-Tock_Abra
I love Fran Bow. YAS. :3 SO this has to happen! Check the 1st Chapter to see who you can ask/dare! :D
  • franbow
  • twins
  • fran
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Famiglia (Katekyo Hitman Reborn reader insert) by Agarei22
Famiglia (Katekyo Hitman Reborn Mr.Agarei
(Y/N) is a normal girl but for some reason she has no friends. (Y/N) life takes an extraordinary twist when she encounters the mysterious Reborn , who happens to be a h...
  • katekyo
  • hibari
  • reborn
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