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He Was Looking For A Princess, Instead He Found Me (Part I) by flying-person
He Was Looking For A Princess, Anthie
Book One of 'The Tales of a Royal Lunatic' THIS STORY NEEDS EDITING!! Emilee is crazy. Well, not literally. She's just slightly hyper and possesses a brain that is cons...
  • clouds
  • waking
  • paintball
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When We Crashed  by HoneyJewelz
When We Crashed by HoneyJewelz
"You know, you aren't like most girls I have met." "Is that a good thing?" "It depends, are you obsessed with shopping?" "That involve...
  • teen
  • rebel
  • hot
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Space Kid ➸ Phan [texting] by paintlester
Space Kid ➸ Phan [texting]by ☼
after a certain website broadcasted dan howell's phone number to every visitor, he was bound to get a few texts. it was pure luck that phil lester was the one to text hi...
  • trip
  • dan
  • phil
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Legendary Moonlight Sculptor by mt1945
Legendary Moonlight Sculptorby mt1945
A man forsaken by the world, A man who is a slave to money and is also the man who is known as the legendary God of War in the highly popular MMORPG Continent of Magic...
  • royal
  • legendary
  • sculptor
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Princess and The Little Ones by malin87
Princess and The Little Onesby Malin
Princess is chosen to become the next Alpha of the world famous Ninjan Pack. She has been trained her whole life to become an elite warrior and the Alpha offer was never...
  • train
  • anger
  • school
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road trip // Colby Brock x Y/N by JarOfLies
road trip // Colby Brock x Y/Nby 💕 ℓσνєя вσу 💕
A simple high school friend of THE Sam and Colby reunite. Just like Colby says, Take Chances, for the one he soon finds love for.
  • take
  • takechances
  • sam
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Bumps In The Road -Paul Imprint Story- by veemarc
Bumps In The Road -Paul Imprint veemarc
Kira West is a powerful witch with a strong bloodline. A tragic event in Kira's tween years instigated a shift within her, turning the lover of life into a rebellious gi...
  • eclipse
  • tension
  • beckyg
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Flight 3283: Delayed by sodamnrad
Flight 3283: Delayedby Shay
Lillian is on her way to New York City to start her internship at Teen Mode magazine. Does she like the superficial, shallow magazine? Of course not. Does she need the i...
  • bad
  • road
  • trip
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Étude in Autumn by irisbouquet
Étude in Autumnby Elisha
A road accident leads to the emergence of new relationships, development of love, and feud.
  • funny
  • lovehate
  • humor
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The Noah Clown by KillerAkuma
The Noah Clownby KillerAkuma
On a cold snow night the Millennium Earl found a little boy crying in a graveyard. When the Millennium Earl goes to look at the boy he feels something pulsing. He looks...
  • noah
  • tykimikk
  • earl
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True Love by xXdemolitionloverXx
True Loveby Olga Guevara
  • relationship
  • neighbor
  • journal
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Hot and Dangerous by InWonderLandAgain
Hot and Dangerousby InWonderLandAgain
{Completed} What would you do if one of the most wanted criminal forced you to drive him to his safe house by holding a gun to your head? Parking in front of the coffee...
  • haynes
  • colton
  • melissa
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I Need You by user96385722
I Need Youby Mariammm💜
ტკივილი, ტანჯვა...რა იქნება იმ მტკინვეული წარსულის მალამო თუ არა სიყვარული. 18წლის არიას ცხოვრება რადიკალურად იცვლება მას შემდეგ რაც ზეინ მალიკს შეხვდება. ვინ არის ზეინ...
  • road
D gray man crossover Blue Exorcist by Dark_secrets_
D gray man crossover Blue Exorcistby Darkmoon light
Allen is a noah, the black order and his friends had betrayed him exept for kanda who is his lover.The noah clan wants Allen back as his family. So after a month or so h...
  • betrayed
  • mission
  • satan
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Emotionless Red by KillerAkuma
Emotionless Redby KillerAkuma
D-Gray Man Fanficion Emotionless. That's all that I was. I had no family, friends or any one who cared for me. I was left on the streets at birth and was hunted down and...
  • allen
  • dgrayman
  • roadxallen
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astriferous//max rockatansky\\ by xxgasolinemouthsxx
astriferous//max rockatansky\\by e.k
astriferous As'trif'er'ous 1) bearing stars *** Harley knew to expect the unexpected in the wasteland. But then she met Max, and she never expected what came next to...
  • road
  • dag
  • cheedo
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Can't Get Enough [Wattpad Featured Story] by SummerSurfs
Can't Get Enough [Wattpad Summer
A surfing safari down the coast of California, a few shocking and rather unpleasant secrets, and four inevitable relationships that seem doomed to fail - this is where s...
  • faith
  • roadtrip
  • surfing
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Adopted By Mr. Somerhalder by Just_a_LostBoy
Adopted By Mr. Somerhalderby Corey
Charles Evan Johnson is a fifteen-year-old trouble maker. But he acts out without meaning too. He was raised in a bad home. What happens when he comes to school one day...
  • death
  • harveycantwell
  • spanking
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Roadtrip preferences & imagines by wouldyoumara
Roadtrip preferences & imaginesby wouldyoumara
  • roadtrip3000
  • andy
  • fowler
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Forbidden Love at Waterloo Road by imfeelinghappynow
Forbidden Love at Waterloo Roadby Kimberley Louise'
When the Barry family move to Waterloo Road, Mr Byrne's daughter, Kaitlin becomes fascinated by the eldest son, Barry, much to Mr Byrne and Mrs Barry's disgust, the pair...
  • romeo
  • forbidden
  • upset
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