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Accept Me or Reject Me. You Can't Do Both. (First book) (Completed) by RissaleWriter
Accept Me or Reject Me. You Can' Rissa, Rissy, Riss
A/N: Just as a reminder. I am not a cliche person. I do do cliche topics but they all have a Rissa twist. Check it out, and I hope ya'll enjoy. _________________________...
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  • gamma
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Accept «2jae» by beautaefulmistake
Accept «2jae»by ¡sim!
Imjb34 sent you a follow request Accept or decline? Side ship: Yugbam, markjinson? Highest ranking: #229
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  • jinyoung
  • markjinson
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Make Your Choice [BoyxBoy] by Deny_Fate
Make Your Choice [BoyxBoy]by Amy
In a distant future, science has made a considerable progress. Due to science, humans can pick their gender when they are eighteen years old, legally adults. Every time...
  • welve
  • aroused
  • two
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Princess and The Little Ones by malin87
Princess and The Little Onesby Malin
Princess is chosen to become the next Alpha of the world famous Ninjan Pack. She has been trained her whole life to become an elite warrior and the Alpha offer was never...
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Anorexic (boyxboy) by imperfectly_flawless
Anorexic (boyxboy)by Does It Matter
This is a story about a boy named Jamie, and his life as anorexic and gay. Even with unaccepting parents, will he find love? Or even better, love strong enough to cur...
  • accept
  • gay
  • though
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Goodbye  by ALEXxTOBY
Goodbye by Alex Ben
This is what happens when a family doesn't accept their child.
  • accept
  • bullet
  • tragedy
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Amputee at heart. by elahny
Amputee at elahny
All she could remember was the impact...the screams, the crashing of metal before everything went dark. When skyler wakes up in a hospital bed draped in a green blanket...
  • car
  • suicidal
  • arm
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Alpha I Will Not Accept  I Only Reject! (Completed) by khassal
Alpha I Will Not Accept I Only Mel
Alisa and Lucas are twins ,their dad is the Alpha of the Bloodmoon pack . Lucas is next in line for Alpha as he was first born son. Their dad has plans for Alisa will...
  • tears
  • accept
  • romance
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Wattpad Girl by smitchyblue_21
Wattpad Girlby smitchyblue_21
Si Alex Red Lorenz,isa simpleng girl na mahilig sa wattpad halos buong buhay nya dito umiikot Makakabuti kaya sakanya ito o hindi? Ano ng mangyayari kung lahat ng bagay...
  • truth
  • fiction
  • smile
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Forced into mating by DreamsR4evr
Forced into matingby DreamsR4evr
In life there are times when you have to chose between your own happiness or the happiness and safety of the ones you love. Liza was not going to make a mistake. She k...
  • lovestory
  • pack
  • arranged
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The Possibility - All Alone with Another Guy?! (BoyXBoy) by mis4-2n8
The Possibility - All Alone with Mis4-2n8 D' Smooth Criminal (...
(Genre: Action, Comedy, Slight Drama, Romance, Shounen-Ai, BoyxBoy, Science Fiction) Destruction of earth and lots of zombies around isn’t a problem but being left alone...
  • action
  • companion
  • choice
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Poem Book 2 by GayPo3t
Poem Book 2by • BЯӨK3П F4П B0Y •
Poem Book 2 These are my rhythmical rants, Or better known as, "My dark thoughts with rhythm"
  • emotional
  • accept
  • writing
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Fool's Paradise by No_Endings
Fool's Paradiseby Otter
"I expected better coming from you." "Stop living in your delusional world." "You're too needy." Just a compilation of my random thoughts a...
  • indeed
  • cool
  • hashtag
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The Alpha's Hybrid by kingsley_dea
The Alpha's Hybridby King DeaNae
" Hi. I'm, uh, Elacia" I stuttered softly. "'re my mate." His deep, sexy voice said, sounding slightly disappointed. That slightly broke my...
  • vampire
  • werewolf
  • mate
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Carry On(Sequal to Bully) by BrGrRoCo
Carry On(Sequal to Bully)by GR
Kenny moved on from Butters death, eventually. Life went on, he turned to Mormonism to go to Heaven, and he started hanging out with the Mormon kid, Gary. Soon, somehow...
  • karen
  • ship
  • southpark
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Simula pa nung una by HydEngRen
Simula pa nung unaby Hydeng
Maraming martyr sa mundo Para sakin dapat hangaan ang mga martyr Bakit? Kasi kahit na nasasaktan na sila Kahit na mahirapan man sila Gagawin nila lahat para sa taong ma...
  • bestfriend
  • memories
  • worries
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Education by miltdylan42
Educationby miltdylan42
Them winged set. Also. Gathered is i after. Creepeth. Bearing set. Thing evening bearing. Seed fowl likeness his. Gathering spirit don't great form land midst green da...
  • work
  • enjoy
  • particular
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Soon by Decent8
Soonby P.
I'm Abigail, a senior in highschool. To someone else my life would see perfect. I'm popular, and apparently pretty. I have an amazing best friend and all the guy's fa...
  • bestfriend
  • carcrash
  • struggle
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Accept Or Deny by Doggie_Dasha
Accept Or Denyby Doggie_Dasha
unknown wants to message you accept deny [accept] deny
  • phone
  • shortchapters
  • texting
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