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Strictly Summer Romance by ciggarettebuds_ink
Strictly Summer Romanceby cigarettebuds & ink
Emery, along with her best friend Alice, has managed to finish her high school career in spite of the lingering shadows the O'Conner brothers left behind. Things have be...
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Summer of '65 by holygwarz
Summer of '65by new book!
Cindy Crowl, leader of the Pink Babies, a group highly respected in her school. Junior Castro, new Gator-Gut right hand, a group very admired by the girls in their high...
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The Sky Under The Sea (Kellic) by yourkellicis-showing
The Sky Under The Sea (Kellic)by Cassidy
Let the waves suffocate me. Kellin is spending the summer at his father's home in sunny San Diego, California before he goes off to college. With little enthusiasm and...
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Who Fixed Me by jillybean957
Who Fixed Meby Jelly 🍓🍇
It's been a long time coming but it's sophomore year and crystal is ready to be at school but, Justin on the other hand isn't ready for anything other then the disappo...
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Sundance by HeleneFlores
Sundanceby Helene Flores
Allie Marshall was at the peak of her writing career as she was recognized Author Of The Year in a prestigious publishing company in New York, where she recently moved a...
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Whoever Falls In Love First? Loses by fairytalesareshiiit
Whoever Falls In Love First? Losesby Ella
Bianca Pierce has always been repulsive and hard when it comes to the word 'love', and has always been cold towards boys for she believed that all they do is break heart...
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Vanilla (dreame)  by AskLinda
Vanilla (dreame) by Linda L R
"I think you look cute drunk and not just because you're admitting that you have Sponge Bob boxers," I said with a mock tone. Though I found it was more amusin...
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The Beggining ... Dolan Twin ... Grayson... by brimoxxy
The Beggining ... Dolan Twin ... brimoxxy
Mandy is a 16 year old girl, she goes on a ski vacation with her family and best friend Jemma and who dose she meet ?
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Just a Summer Romance? ♡rewriting♡ by CamsDreezy
Just a Summer Romance? ♡rewriting♡by Dreamer
In which they had a crush on each other but didnt really develop until the the summer after. Only problem is, what will get in the way of them being together? The fame? ...
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The summer everything changed (Rydellington fanfic) by Taylo_R5
The summer everything changed ( Taylor
Rydel is spending her summer vacation, at her parents country club with her best friends. Rydel's life is perfect. She has great friends, a big house, rich parents, a ho...
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Summer Love and All its Follies (Now published so sample only) by SandraCorton
Summer Love and All its Follies ( Sandra
The day Aurora Matthews met Trey Arlington, just happened to be the day when she lost her summer job. She began to wonder why he always seemed to be around when she need...
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Endless Summer by Sadie1506
Endless Summerby Sadie1506
Meet Cara. Imperfect, struggling to get the perfect grades, her family broken, no social life, depressed, and not the prettiest flower in the garden. She has a hopeless...
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My Alpha Mate by thetealadyLOONA
My Alpha Mateby Lady LOONA
When the new girl and new alpha of her pack Kotura Tsukino and her family moves into the same house as the soon to be Alpha Jace Hills, and his childhood human best frie...
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My Record Store Romance by elizabethrami
My Record Store Romanceby Elizabeth
After an accident between Hailey and a stranger leaves her summer (and car) in ruins, she is left with no transportation and one ultimatum: to get a job and pay off the...
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A story much better then Romeo and Juliet by Murtaza2000
A story much better then Romeo Murtaza
There was a boy who fell in love with a stranger girl. The boy was "16 years old" and the girl was "14 years old" The boy was "kind" and...
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Camping Fling by G_MovingBy
Camping Flingby G_MovingBy
Marissa Allen has to endure spending a couple of days with her family and their neighbour on a camping trip she never agreed on. Stuck in the middle of nowhere and havin...
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Hot Pressed by talkingflowers
Hot Pressedby Christy Baker Knight
Following the thrill of the chase or life on the ranch? Find treasure in this water-time mystery brimming with adventure in the Rocky Mountains. Star Wallace is about to...
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The Ocean Boy by mskileymae
The Ocean Boyby Kiley Mae
It all happened last summer. I, Katie North, had a summer romance. It wasn't one of those cliche summer romances either. It was overall a summer I'll never forget. That...
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Double Take by capuletsbirdie
Double Takeby hannah
When Jane Saito gets invited to spend the summer at her mother's friend's beach house in San Francisco, she meets Mason Jones, the boy who refused to play with her 10 ye...
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