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Survive [Mad Max: Fury Road] by UnderMySkin
Survive [Mad Max: Fury Road]by S.
COMPLETED #24 in Action [September 11, 2015] One woman's story of survival in the Wasteland that was once known as Earth. From Immortan Joe's prized Breeder to Nomad, fo...
Highway To Hell (Mad Max Fanfiction) by RensLightsaber
Highway To Hell (Mad Max Fanfictio...by Hailey
This story is about four people who find each other in Gas Town and seem to recognize each other. After the Fury Road war Gas Town has been a big problem. Furiosa and Ma...
astriferous//max rockatansky\\ by xxgasolinemouthsxx
astriferous//max rockatansky\\by e.k
astriferous As'trif'er'ous 1) bearing stars *** Harley knew to expect the unexpected in the wasteland. But then she met Max, and she never expected what came next to...
INTO THE UNKNOWN | Max Rockatansky by bonniegcld
INTO THE UNKNOWN | Max Rockatanskyby :)
"i've looked close enough, and i see you." - in which six wives, a rogue imperator and a man they just met fight a battle against the elements, each other, and...
Historic| A Mad Max Fury Road Fanfiction by Ashawatt101
Historic| A Mad Max Fury Road Fanf...by Ashie
I wander this wasteland, full of heart but with no soul to be found. They have stolen from me, I'll just have to steal back what I had. And what I deserve.
Bad to the Bone || A Mad Max Fury Road Fan Fiction. *COMPLETED* by Deagger123
Bad to the Bone || A Mad Max Fury...by Deaghan McLeod
***EDITING*** I'm bad at coming up with words, and even worse at saying them aloud. I guess I can't come up with anything to say because there's nothing to tell... Not a...
Making Amends With War (Sequal for Highway To Hell: Mad Max Fanfiction) by RensLightsaber
Making Amends With War (Sequal for...by Hailey
This story is based off of Mad Max. It is set after Fury Road. This is the sequal for Highway To Hell. Follow the 4 road warriors on their journey, with each other, to t...
Into The Wasteland by SugarUnicorn16
Into The Wastelandby EnkoTenko
Savage is just a war girl from Gastown, fresh from the Gastown Races, and ready to accomplish anything. In her trusty war car, she is called into battle when an Imperato...
The Power Hungry (Mad Max: Fury Road Fanfiction) by Blairkitten
The Power Hungry (Mad Max: Fury Ro...by Blair
| Part 2 of The War Girl | It's a dog eat dog world, some would say. As soon as one lets their guard down for more than a moment, snap! Their throat has been ripped out...
The Last Green Place: A Furiosa Origin Story by queergirlblogs
The Last Green Place: A Furiosa Or...by queergirlblogs
A Furiosa origin story inspired by Mad Max: Fury Road. Furiosa grew up in one of the last green places, but even that was not safe from all dangers. Raiders lurk at the...
Perigosa Vingança by S2CatyS2
Perigosa Vingançaby Cat
- Ponham mais alto. - Pediu Rui deixando de se focar no seu trabalho e levantando-se indo em direção da televisão para ouvir melhor. " Daqui é a ex agente Miley do...
Mommy Where Are We Going? by CameSoakedInBleach
Mommy Where Are We Going?by CYRIOUSLY!?!?!
A 21 year old breeder, Bliss, escapes from Immortan Joe with her 3-year old daughter, Rage, leaving with Imperator Furiosa and the other breeders. She is on a journey t...
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Me siento furiosa by JeffersonAlcntara
Me siento furiosaby Jefferson Alcántara
Me siento furiosa, cuando lo vi la primera vez, no me había percatado de su rostro exactamente, pero sí de sus ojos, es algo que siempre hago con todas las personas, pen...