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Pokemon ships and opinions (OLD requests are closed) by ChaosSoulWrites
Pokemon ships and opinions (OLD re...by Chaos
I will be making an updated version of this, since my opinions of many of these ships has changed. This will not be taken down and you can still read it if you want to...
Warrior Cat OC Rater (Closed for catch up) by Ginbellneko
Warrior Cat OC Rater (Closed for c...by No-face ヺエぇ
This is where I will rate your OCs! I saw some other books like this so I thought I'd try it. Since I'm on here pretty often it shouldn't take me more than a couple days...
( FINISHED ) Wings of Fire OC Rating by racheljam9
( FINISHED ) Wings of Fire OC Rati...by RJam9
[ FINISHED - do not submit an oc, i will not do it ] hi everyone. my names Jam (they / them) and this book is finished. its done. im not rating ocs anymore, thank god, s...
Book Review Shop by Lil1thM00n
Book Review Shopby Lil <3
I love reading books on Wattpad, so I created a book review shop. In this book you can submit your stories and I will read them and write a detailed review. I hope you s...
BFL STORIES: BOOK 1 Billionaire's First Love by RamyaSuresh0
BFL STORIES: BOOK 1 Billionaire's...by RamyaSuresh0
MASON XAVIER KNIGHT Smart, hansome and rich playboy, girls beg for his attention... AMY KENSWORT Reserved girl, works in a cafe and has a very dark past... Fate plays a...
Pokemon Ship Ratings (Taking Requests) by ChaosSoulWrites
Pokemon Ship Ratings (Taking Reque...by Chaos
Hello! It's Electra/Star and I will be taking requests of ships between pokemon (not the trainers), and rating them based on how cute I think the ship is. This is just M...
ᴀʀᴛ ʙᴏᴏᴋ by XxBluBerriixX
ᴀʀᴛ ʙᴏᴏᴋby 🩵BluBerrii🩵
❗❗WARNING: LONG DESCRIPTION, SKIP TO EXCLAMATION POINTS TO READ RULES❗❗ Heyy, I'm Berrii!! This is just your average art book where I share my digital and irl art! I dra...
I'm On Observation Duty / Miscellaneous by midnightbears
I'm On Observation Duty / Miscella...by ❤︎ , ᝯׁɑׁׅ֮꯱ׁׅ֒꯱ׁׅ֒ꪱׁׅꫀׁׅܻ
I'm so depressed!!!!!! I act like it's my birthday!!!!! every day!!!!!!!!
Pokemon x pokemon ships rating (requests open)  by Domecko
Pokemon x pokemon ships rating (re...by Domecko
So I decided to give my opinion and rating for some pokemon x pokemon ships. Pokemon belongs to Game Freak. The art used in this book is not mine.
Collections: Judging & Certificates by SSears90
Collections: Judging & Certificatesby SSears90
Just a collection of my judging experience and any stickers/certificates from judging. I had nowhere else to put these lol
Warrior Cat Ships: Opinion & Ratings by legendclan
Warrior Cat Ships: Opinion & Ratin...by L e g e n d
It's pretty straightforward. Each chapter has a new ship (whether it's canon or fan-made) which my opinion and ratings. At the end of the chapter, just share your opinio...
Narusasu books and my ratings! by Itzaotaku
Narusasu books and my ratings!by Kuni
Hi guys! I decided to make a kinda review book of my favourite narusasu books I find on A03. So I hope you like it
Rating Power Ranger series by Glitterchu
Rating Power Ranger seriesby ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ
This is just basically my thoughts on Power Rangers in 1 book. I didn't see a "rating power rangers series" on here but plenty of anime ratings so i thought it...
Book Reviews | OPEN by justalex99
Book Reviews | OPENby justalex99
Hello, and welcome to my little review shop! I'm Alex, a fellow writer and reader here on Wattpad. I have been reviewing books on other platforms for years and thought i...
Opinions on Pokeships💕 by Nerdyflareon
Opinions on Pokeships💕by JEREBOI
The title says it all.Requests available.In this book,I will rate Pokemon shippings(Pokeships for short)out of 10.Enjoy.Make your shipping CANNON!
Rating Sonic Ships!  by Y3erMo0tHer1sAl1ive
Rating Sonic Ships! by Y3erMo0tHer1sAl1ive
this is just for fun, and so I can post something- you can suggest ships for me to rate in the meantime!
MY DRAMA WORLD (Only Cdramas Recommendations) by euphoricbear-123
MY DRAMA WORLD (Only Cdramas Recom...by uzong_zensen
Kdramas are something everyone knows and watches but it's not the same with cdramas..so why not recommend u the most amazing cdramas out there..? My dramas recommendatio...
Wings of Fire OC/Fantribe Ratings! [ON HOLD]  by Onewhisker
Wings of Fire OC/Fantribe Ratings...by Garbage
Welcome to Wings of Fire OC Ratings! Enter your OC in this to get a rating out of ten. ~ Not currently updating ~ now also doing fantribe ratings! ~ I do not own Wing...
rating books i've read <33 by whathechickenstrip
rating books i've read <33by anna
I read a lot. I take requests too