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NaLu One Shots + More Coming Soon [ON HOLD] by SenpaiWrites
NaLu One Shots + More Coming Soon...by Senpai Writes
Welcome to NaLu one shots! In this book you will discover many short fluffy one shots between the pairing Lucy and Natsu! Please stay tuned for more requests!
Complicated by dreamyjaedxn
Complicatedby dreamyjaedxn
"He still likes her, doesn't he?" •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• A Jaeden Lieberher X Reader story.
Koreaboo and weaboo post  by dwlarm
Koreaboo and weaboo post by dwlarm
Just read it and I hope you won't lose twelve thousands of brain cells
Top 10 romance anime by Oneshotloli
Top 10 romance animeby Oneshotloli
This is purely based on my opinion, I don't claim to be an expert critic or anything just your average day to day weaboo. The list is in no particular order, enjoyyy :)))
Weaboo problems by frezzer500
Weaboo problemsby frezzer500
All the problems with your weaboo friends
All Weeaboo's Need Their Otaku. by TheFictionersArmy
All Weeaboo's Need Their Otaku.by The Fictioners
For all us fangirls or fanboys who are weebs or dorks or whatever. Another shipping book for all reader x Senpai's~ Hope you enjoy! Basically a Xreader book. But with ho...
Sakura Secrets by Chikasankawaii
Sakura Secretsby Chikasankawaii
Its up to 4 girls who just met to solve serial killer murders in the lovely season of april meanwhile students are being picked of one by one.
Whopper artbook by Mc_whopper
Whopper artbookby hungry for 🍔
UHHH DO ME A FAVOR FAM AND SKIP THE FIRST FEW CHAPTERS hello! I'm Mc_Whopper I thought I'd try out wattpad to post my art 💜💜💜 Thank you for clicking on my profile...
Todoroki x readerrrrr!! by erenisbetter
Todoroki x readerrrrr!!by erenisbetter
Just some cringey todo oneshots to start your day.... or end it... or, uuh, middle it? xx
Paint My Heart With Happiness by ImSkySensei
Paint My Heart With Happinessby UrRainbowBitch
Art....Is a way for shy or unsociable people to express themselves, unlike me..A Talkative, unproper, messy girl named Primrose Georga, I know I sound rich but NO...Im n...