Power Rangers Mystic Force: Nick Russell x Reader by Dragonlady0112
Power Rangers Mystic Force: Nick R...by Cassy
(Y/n) Thorn is Charlie "Chip" Thorn's adopted little sister by two months. (Y/n) isn't as "childish" as Chip, but she still believes in magic. (Y/n)...
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Power Rangers 2017 Imagines, Preferences, and Oneshots by TheSinningAngel
Power Rangers 2017 Imagines, Prefe...by Fallen Angel
Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the very first Power Rangers book! Now, this is all formed in imagines, preferences, and oneshots! I will take requests, whether it be l...
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The Little Ranger-Riley Griffin  by Spottedclaw1234
The Little Ranger-Riley Griffin by Ruby Kurosawa
Fifteen-year-old Dakota Jackson Was the Silver samurai at the age of twelve and the white Megaforce Ranger at the age of fourteen. Now she has Settled down in amber be...
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Texting You by dinahfantasy
Texting Youby Brook
Lauren and her friends get bored one night and decide to prank text someone... maybe they take it a little bit too far? Camren Au I DO NOT ALLOW CONVERSIONS !!
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The Purple Ranger(Power Rangers Ninja Steel)*slow updates* by musicalfan101
The Purple Ranger(Power Rangers Ni...by musicalfan101
when a shy teenagers guitar gets stolen a chain of events start to occur which leads to catching the eye of a certain boy who recently escaped a ship (follows Power Rang...
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(1st Anniversary Series.) When the dead rises, the earth's last hope are six teenagers. Their lives will be changed forever when they go through history and space, and...
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A Dino's Fury: Male Reader x RWBY by NocturneSonicx
A Dino's Fury: Male Reader x RWBYby Nocturne
You are a regular 17 year old and you had just moved to Reefside Cove. You loved besides three new friends Connor, Ethan and Kira. the one thing you never knew is that t...
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Pink and Yellow - Trimberly by Banana_ShakeIV
Pink and Yellow - Trimberlyby Banana_ShakeIV
The Yellow Ranger, Trini Kwan, struggles with her past and new feelings. Isolating herself from the world and her teammates , she loses sight of what's most important to...
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Atelophobia Power Rangers ⚡️ (Zack Taylor) by AngelicaJimenez5
Atelophobia Power Rangers ⚡️ (Zack...by Angelica R. Jimenez
[A-tel-o-pho-bia] The fear of imperfection. The fear of never being good enough. Skylar Clarke is a insecure, bullied teen and sort of a loner, lives in Angel...
  • zacktaylor
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My power ranger academia by Gincuba
My power ranger academiaby Gincuba
Instead of heroes having quirks heroes are power rangers and they became power rangers at U.A high for young kids who want to become power rangers join their own team of...
  • redranger
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  • asuixtokoyami
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The Waitress ↯ C. Randall [Currently Editing] by LttlLovely
The Waitress ↯ C. Randall [Current...by A N G E L
"You're just another pretty boy who when their looks fade will be swept into the dust like the rest of us." "Wait, you think I'm pretty?" "Shut...
  • shelby
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How it all began: Mighty Morphin power rangers by Denys407
How it all began: Mighty Morphin p...by Mighty fan 407
I was always the shy one in school...and always quiet...I only had one friend in my lifetime but he moved away along time ago. I never thought that I, Molly Walsh, would...
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Lightning Storm, Ranger Form by KaraBeckerCutter
Lightning Storm, Ranger Formby KaraBeckerCutter
We all know the story of the Wind and Thunder Rangers; but what about the Lightning-Rangers? Two teens that played a vital role in the destruction of Lothor? Not to ment...
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TIME ➳ JASON SCOTT by maryfelicity
For Georgia Stevenson, time always seems to get in the way. And it ends up taking people she loved in the process. -- "Have you ever felt like leaving this place...
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dacre montgomery imagines  by ok-ish
dacre montgomery imagines by ⇏ bri ⇍
dacre montgomery imagines + characters he plays. feel free to request at any time.
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Power Rangers Dino Supercharge: The Yellow Energem by bunkeyice
Power Rangers Dino Supercharge: Th...by Lilly
Long ago, an alien named Keeper entrusted the greatest power in the universe to dinosaurs. Millions of years later, the energems and the power rangers were founded. The...
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Blackbird ▸ MEET MY OCs by adoringjensen
Blackbird ▸ MEET MY OCsby j ♡
❝ They were too alone, too bitter and betrayed to believe anything could go right for them ever again ❞ - quick summary
  • stranger
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The Silver Ninja Steel Ranger by Mecky210
The Silver Ninja Steel Rangerby Mecky Temo
When Galvanax, cruel champion of galaxy wariors, claimed the Ninja power stars, earth's greatest ninja, sacrificed himself to make the universe safe. Ten years later, a...
  • love
  • action-adventure
  • fanfiction
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Courtney Oliver: Kick into overdrive by ChelseaElliott1
Courtney Oliver: Kick into overdri...by Chelbell2016
Courtney is now 18. She has found her birth parents and she just wants a life with no monsters. She has graduated early and she is a vet. Training with her father one da...
  • nick
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The Purple Ranger ||ON HOLD|| by bigxxgirlsxxcry
The Purple Ranger ||ON HOLD||by Katie Wrenn
Max pretty much had a normal life until her family moved to Angle Grove
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