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ミ꒰☕꒱ ⍳ᥒᥴ᥆rrᥱᥴt qᥙ᥆tᥱ᥉ ↷ ᥙtᥲ⍳tᥱ᥉ 2 ૈ♡+.༉ by 00PS-I-DIED
ミ꒰☕꒱ ⍳ᥒᥴ᥆rrᥱᥴt qᥙ᥆tᥱ᥉ ↷ ᥙtᥲ⍳tᥱ᥉ 2...by ╭╾╾ᬹᬶᬻ⃰.〬⸙͎ r᥆ᥴ⍳ ᥱrᥱ᥉ hᥱrm᥆᥉ᥲ...
ೃ༄˳* ¡᥎᥆rtᥱ᥊! 🎡─────╮ │▓ૂ* ❝ situaciones inco- │rrectas de los utaites 2 ❞ ╰─────◌᭄ཻ̫﹏·﹏·﹏·﹏
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Go Jetters ➼ Junk by TheNeonBunny
Go Jetters ➼ Junkby Neo !
Junk about our favorite world-saving explorers, the Go Jetters!! Here, you can read all the latest news, funky facts, and a heap of my original Go Jetters Content! This...
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What My Heart Says by Broken_lrig
What My Heart Saysby Broken_lrig💜
This book contains quotations, sayings, etc. from my own mind and heart. Some of it are inspired by my past experiences, current situation or emotions. I hope you enjoy❤...
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My Book Of Quotes by RunningSpiritWolf579
My Book Of Quotesby char wolf
this is a book of quotes I have found online I hope they help others feel free to suggest quotes to put in this book in the comments!
excerpts from books by jarianaclit
excerpts from booksby Rima
"I swear one day, you'll taste me in every lips that you will kiss. and you'll never be quite satisfied." p.s: not all of these are mine.
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pain | depression & suicidal quotes  by thornsandhorns
pain | depression & suicidal quote...by køkø
TRIGGER WARNING /// Some sad quotes, for those sad times. /// Not all of these were made by me, so credit to all the owners. xx
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RANDOM STUFFS! by SamoanaGirl101
RANDOM STUFFS!by Ruler of the Sea
In here, there will be memes, quotes and some pick up lines. Enjoy!~
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Inhale Exhale Part One by RsRain
Inhale Exhale Part Oneby R.S. Rain
Quotes and thoughts/feelings of depression and anxiety. Based on person experience. Line ranges form just one word, one-three lines to full length poems.
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blonote | tablo by xpinkjin
blonote | tabloby xpinkjin
directly adapted from the book. no copyrights intended. © xpinkjin Highest ranking: - #78 in random - #1 in Tablo - #4 in epikhigh - #5 in poems - #59 in quotes
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Book Of Virgo ♍️ by DarkGirl34
Book Of Virgo ♍️by W0lf_Gang77
This is for all the people who's zodiac sign is a Virgo. Can you relate to any of these? P.S. I don't own any of these.
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Thoughts by HananeBe
Thoughtsby Hanane Be
~Just some random scribbles ! You can call'em poems or whatever !
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The Book of Sad Quotes by Kodibear33
The Book of Sad Quotesby Kodibear33
This book is for when you're in your feels about anything. I made it because sometimes I just wanna read a whole bunch of sad quotes so yeah. Also if you ever wanna talk...
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Book Of Capricorn♑️ by DarkGirl34
Book Of Capricorn♑️by W0lf_Gang77
This is for all the people who's zodiac sign is a Capricorn. Can you relate to any of these? P.S. I don't own any of these.
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1:24 am//poetry by collapsingxstars
1:24 am//poetryby ella.claire
Exploring the depths of my oh-so complicated brain / poetry / quotes
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Late Nights by ava_rose16
Late Nightsby ava.rose
Quotes from unknown places. Part 2 of "This One's for You"
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Incorrect BBS and friends  by RakkiiTheZoroark
Incorrect BBS and friends by ッ
dunno , i mostly just edited qoutes i found on tumblr. I dont really have a update sceudle for this book to be honest . This book also includes shipping. ^^ EDIT1: THAN...
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🎨Art Book! by Weeaboo_child
🎨Art Book!by Shalissa
🎨Art 🖋️ Quotes 🌸Author notes . . . All art is mine, please do not steal, trace, or copy my work. Thank you! 🎨✏️🎨✏️🎨
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Truth or Dare[WattyAwards2011--Slowly Editing] by XxIcyxX
Truth or Dare[WattyAwards2011--Slo...by Laura
**I AM SLOWLY EDITING THIS!!!** WARNING: This is in no way a fairy tale. Kylie's been living life as simply as possible with her childhood friends and no worries except...
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all the little things. || Original Short Poetry by kisamu_
all the little things. || Original...by 𝒜
A collection of poems and quotes from a past mindset. Completed: November 30, 2017 Copyright © Amelia Grace Miller 2020
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Warrior Cats Quotes by -ForeverAWarriorCat-
Warrior Cats Quotesby Shadeflower
All my favorite quotes