Singing in the rain [Meanie] by thebigpuppy
Singing in the rain [Meanie]by thebigpuppy
Deszczowy lipcowy wieczór przynosi Mingyu przeziębienie i kogoś, kto pokazuje mu, czym są szczęście, miłość i cierpienie.
  • seventeen
  • miłość
  • mingyu
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Fallen (Seventeen- meanie fanfiction) by luminar_knight
Fallen (Seventeen- meanie luminar_knight
{A fallen angel story} "If you really don't like me then...just let me die," Wonwoo said running to the edge of the rooftop before Mingyu grabbed his collar. M...
  • bl
  • seventeen
  • love
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tHe SpaRKLE iN YouR eYeS by yallimhere
tHe SpaRKLE iN YouR eYeSby Carat Island
  • gyuhao
  • meanie
  • seventeen
PARADISE by exotwt
mingyu didnt expect to find his soulmate on nsfw twitter ©exotwt 2018 meanie twitter au
  • romance
  • funny
  • nsfw
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We Have ChangedㅣMEANIE by gyuccikim_
We Have ChangedㅣMEANIEby
A story about SEVENTEEN's Jeon Wonwoo and Kim Mingyu.
  • seventeen
  • boyxboy
  • otp
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Respect: A Short Story by AlexisSings101
Respect: A Short Storyby ☼ Alexis Rose☽
This is a short story I wrote for school when I was around 15 years old. It's about respect so I thought I'd share it with you guys because I think it's an interesting t...
  • project
  • laughter
  • respected
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'97 heaven by bamgyeoms
'97 heavenby i got it
a 97 liner group chat! (jaehyun, jungkook, yugyeom, bambam, minghao, mingyu, and seokmin)
  • yugbam
  • seokmin
  • 97liner
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Coffe Shop // meanie by kylie_meh
Coffe Shop // meanieby ☆*:.。.o(≧▽≦)o.。.:*☆
It was raining in Seoul that day... 🌧️🌧️ ..........
  • coffeshop
  • seventeen
  • wonwoo
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❝ crazy in love ❞┇junhao  by -penguinify
❝ crazy in love ❞┇junhao by haohao✨
/// in which wen junhui is crazy in love with the new transferee, xu minghao. \\\
  • seventeen
  • moonjunhui
  • seomyungho
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[K I Shortfic][Meanie] Baby? by MmMmMo9
[K I Shortfic][Meanie] Baby?by MmMmMo9
Fic: Baby? Author: Mèo Mũm Mĩm Disclaimers: Các nhân vật không thuộc về mình. Category: Life, romance... Characters: Meanie Couple Rating: K Summary: Chuyện gì sẽ xảy ra...
  • seventeen
  • meanie
  • wonwoo
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Ulzzang Boy || Soonhoon by Soon_hui
Ulzzang Boy || Soonhoonby •° Precious bby Junnie °•
In which after millionth try jihoon finally gets his comment noticed by his ulzzang, but the wrong one. Jihoon96: Fuck you @ks9966 hate you, bitch why don't you notice m...
  • jisoo
  • seungkwan
  • junhao
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[Seventeen] [VerKwan] Hạnh phúc bình yên by SVT-2k5coups
[Seventeen] [VerKwan] Hạnh phúc bì Kwon Sohye
Tác phẩm này có nội dung đại loại liên quan đến Pinweel của nhà 17 đó m.n ạ! Vì chưa có vốn từ rộng nên đôi chỗ sẽ vt chưa hay, mong m.n ủng hộ và quan tâm tác phẩm của...
  • tragiang
  • dino
  • seoksoo
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Hospital || K.SY & L.JH  by yoongles_infires
Hospital || K.SY & L.JH by KpOp_TrAsH
Where in Jihoon got in an accident and was stuck in a comatose and Soonyoung who was confined in the hospital for medication, stayed and talked to the sleeping boy. Star...
  • xuminghao
  • svt
  • chwehansol
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Million Dollar Man || #jigyu ~  by jacesapieny
Million Dollar Man || #jigyu ~ by jacesapieny
"Don't leave me.."
  • gay
  • university
  • carat
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PARADOX by almidarahayu
PARADOXby Almida Rahayu
Mereka ingin hidup bebas tanpa terkekang peraturan. Terlibat dalam berbagai hal : Perkelahian, emosi, permusuhan, dan cinta.....
  • kimmingyu
  • fanfiction
  • yoonjeonghan
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one step away // seventeen by jinnnnie
one step away // seventeenby myhousewife
kim mingyu is one step away from asking his crush, jeon wonwoo, out
  • saythename
  • wonwoo
  • jeonwonwoo
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Aesthetic◇Meanie◇ by omgitshimetime
Aesthetic◇Meanie◇by ◇
"Lmao, why is ur Tumblr so depressing?" ◇◇◇ Wonwoo has a black and white aesthetic blog, and Mingyu rates animals
  • bloggerau
  • meanie
  • svt
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amnesia :: meanie au. seventeen by CliffordIeroHowell
amnesia :: meanie au. seventeenby ♡ けばの ♡
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ It's hard enough winning the girl, but to make her fall for you all, over again, is another task. Especially when you begin to lose her, to y...
  • jun
  • amnesia
  • jeon
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Sugar Gramps by 10001_boys
Sugar Grampsby bee 🐝
•《 a meanie; oneshot 》• Wherein Wonwoo is 500 year old starving vampire and Mingyu is a high school student with financial problems.
  • humor
  • meanie
  • kimmingyu
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