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Addicted - Jihan by HoshiYoshiMochi
Addicted - Jihanby The Names, J.
One's a sugar daddy, the other's a sex addict. What happens when you combine two things?
  • yoonjeonghan
  • jihan
  • kpop
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hold me || jihan by korehao
hold me || jihanby 𝓂𝒾𝒶
yoon jeonghan is the hero and hong jisoo is the villan
  • svt
  • yoonjeonghan
  • seventeen
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Double life (Jihan fan fiction) by l00-05-18l
Double life (Jihan fan fiction)by Just me
Jeonghan has always been the quiet student in class, no one really pays attention to him while Joshua is very popular, always hanging out with his group of friends which...
  • jihan
  • seventeenkpop
  • seventeenjeonghan
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Dirty But Addictive (JIHAN / Joshua x Jeonghan) by JihanMatterSeventeen
Dirty But Addictive (JIHAN / JihanMatters Seventeen
A compilation of JIHAN SMUTS, bless you pretty dirty JIHAN shippers.
  • bxb
  • shuahan
  • jihan
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The Silent Shipper [JIHAN] by eternal_jihan
The Silent Shipper [JIHAN]by eternal_jihan
"Some ships are really meant to sail." --- Jihan fan fiction by eternal_jihan
  • jisoo
  • otp
  • joshua
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Eomma J² (BTS x Seventeen) by kiraarissu
Eomma J² (BTS x Seventeen)by kiraarissu
Eomma Jin and Eomma Jeonghan are both in the same situation where they need to care for their many children. It was lucky that they've got each other for support. Or is...
  • jihan
  • seventeen
  • namjin
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Know You Well~ JIHAN by Jeonghanslostwings
Know You Well~ JIHANby
Whenever Yoon Jeonghan cries, Hong Jisoo is always there. As bestfriends or more Joshua loves his company. "I've known you for 10 years and you are my hero...and yo...
  • seventeenboyxboy
  • seventeen
  • seventeenships
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[ { Secrets } Seventeen Fanfic ] by Yaoo_whee
[ { Secrets } Seventeen Fanfic ]by Yaaaaaoooo Wheeee
||Seventeen couples.... Some One shots|| •AU• (Mingyu x Wonwoo) (Soonyoung x Seokmin) (Jisoo x Jeonghan) (Hansol x Seungkwan) (Junhui x Minghao) (Seungcheol x Jihoon) [M...
  • jihan
  • seungsol
  • yaoi
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Please let me be your slave (eng ver.) by LXVEMETWICE
Please let me be your slave (eng 정한
Jeonghan is sold by his father to an owner of stock company, Seungcheol. A rich man. Seungcheol is a sex-holic. Will Seungcheol love Jeonghan when he know Jeonghan is pr...
  • seunghan
  • jeongcheolsmut
  • jeonghan
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A Servant to the Princes by AngelJeonghanie
A Servant to the Princesby ira
When the orphaned Jeonghan was taken in by the Lady of the Choi household, his dreams of having a family were fulfilled. However, Jeonghan found himself rejected by the...
  • mingyu
  • fanfiction
  • joshua
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Seventeen Oneshots by pinchofaffection
Seventeen Oneshotsby Seven Seventeen
A series of one shots of seventeen ships. Warning: it's yaoi. If you don't know what yaoi is, please google it. Enjoy! ٩(˃̶͈̀௰˂̶͈́)و
  • wonwoo
  • verkwan
  • scoups
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apartment block 17 » svt by hosaki
apartment block 17 » svtby もち
in which the members of seventeen live in the same apartment block. //currently a bit messy bc i'm still somewhat editing //also thanks for 400k what the heck
  • romance
  • meanie
  • seventeen
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teen,age | seventeen chatroom by korehao
teen,age | seventeen chatroomby 𝓂𝒾𝒶
thirteen highschoolers skipping school to go to a beach is probably not the best idea, especially when theyre all kinda gay for each other.
  • booseungkwan
  • hongjisoo
  • xuminghao
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Excuse Me | Verkwan by HoshiYoshiMochi
Excuse Me | Verkwanby The Names, J.
Seungkwan has a major crush on Hansol. Problem is Hansol is the most popular guy in school, not just that he's the worst player out there. Everyone who's gotten with him...
  • korea
  • pledis
  • hansol
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Hwarang X Reader by ItsxShaineeeee
Hwarang X Readerby Pauline Shaine
This is a story of Park (Y/N) where all she have to do is protect Ah-Ro from any harm. She protect Ah-Ro for she was told to do so by Ah-Ro's father Master Ahn Ji for a...
  • minho
  • hyungsik
  • sunwoo
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Smile Flower : Soonhoon || Hozi by Kpopisheartue
Smile Flower : Soonhoon || Hoziby Babo Yeppeo ♥
❝ I can smile because we're together. I can cry because it's you. But I feel nervous for some reason. Why am I hesitating? I don't wanna be like this.❞ -Smile Flower ➤Hi...
  • scoups
  • soonyoung
  • seventeen
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youth ; jaeyong  by madametae
youth ; jaeyong by makayla
because when we're young, we do stupid things. we all make mistakes. jaehyun makes the mistake of trusting taeyong, only to have his entire life flipped upside down in t...
  • jaeyong
  • kpop
  • meanie
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Soonhoon || Hozi :  We're Not Friends, We're Strangers With Memories [COMPLETED] by Kpopisheartue
Soonhoon || Hozi : We're Not Babo Yeppeo ♥
▌│█║▌║▌║ L. Jihoon & K. Soonyoung ║▌║▌║█│ ❝ωє'яє иσt fяiєиdѕ.❞ ❝ωє'яє ѕтяαиgєяs ωiтн мємσяiєѕ.❞ ➤Most Impressive Ranking #71 in SVT - 05/20/18 ➤Highest Ranking #2 in Wo...
  • svt
  • verkwan
  • jihoon
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Hwarang: Another Hwarang Story by Bts_wings115
Hwarang: Another Hwarang Storyby Bts_wings115
(You) Yeon Hee, are the daughter of the deceased King of Silla's friend. Your father died because of the King and now you want revenge on his son, Sam Maek Jong. Each da...
  • korean
  • hwarang
  • bts
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Runaways Seventeen fanfic (Jihan, Soonhoon, Minhui, Meanie, Verkwan, Chancheol) by l00-05-18l
Runaways Seventeen fanfic ( Just me
The seventeen boys are all runaways from either their poor family life or their foster homes. They're all broken in some way, looking for people to just care for them, a...
  • pledis17
  • yaoi
  • boyxboy
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