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Problem Child: Planet Of The Apes Story  by KailaKitKat
Problem Child: Planet Of The KailaKitKat
Two abused sisters not only have personal problems but they have monkey business they have to deal with ... Might contain some Mature Content OC ~ Dawn of the Planet of...
  • dawnoftheplanetoftheapes
  • blueeyes
  • fantasyfiction
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Discovering Planet of the Apes  by KailaKitKat
Discovering Planet of the Apes by KailaKitKat
Two best friends go through hard times at the human colony, and only have each other. Until they encounter apes ... OC ~ Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
  • romance
  • wattys2018
  • fantasyfiction
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Birth of the Planet of the Apes by jerica128
Birth of the Planet of the Apesby jerica128
It has been over a year since the battle between apes and humans led by the traitor ape, Koba, the military now controls the human colony and Caesar has moved his apes n...
  • alexander
  • koba
  • fanfiction
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Loving Her Father by YOLOwriting101
Loving Her Fatherby ~❤️
"You are just tempting me old man." I murmur, making him smirk. "I'm not that old." "You had two kids, I almost fell for one of them, you divo...
  • intimacy
  • dominantion
  • featured
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Your Eyes by lizzybear1017
Your Eyesby none of your business
Mina is a mute who lived in the woods when the apes found her. she and Blue Eyes started to grow feelings for each other. Warning; this story contains beastiality, view...
  • pota
  • planetoftheapes
  • wattys2018
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1+2=3 : Who Said Arithmetic Was Easy? by earthly_spirit
1+2=3 : Who Said Arithmetic Was Alyssa
Raven has been running from her father for more years then she would like to remember. Maybe the newest location for her will change all that. It could have something to...
  • romance
  • menage
  • twins
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Ocean eyes||Corbyn besson by forkscoffeeshop
Ocean eyes||Corbyn bessonby 𝓛🌻
"Oh my gosh, I was sure your name was Jeff on the app, please don't spit in my food" "Why would I spit in your food? Who's Jeff?" In which a girl jus...
  • youtube
  • imagines
  • blueeyes
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The Dangerous Princess: The Blue-Eyed Lady (Book 2) [On Going] by Shainnnggg
The Dangerous Princess: The Shanny
"Knowing her real identity was the worst truth." Ashley Renee Evergreen McKnight decided to stay in Mortal World after turning 18. Her parents didn't like the...
  • blueeyes
  • alpha
  • powers
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Becoming Beautiful by coffeehottie
Becoming Beautifulby coffeehottie
Finally trying to write haha, sorry if it's kinda cliche and bad... But at least I'm trying :D Welcoming sincere critiques and suggestions :) ------- cover credits t...
  • homecoming
  • drama
  • depression
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Adopted by Nicki Minaj by nevaehhern
Adopted by Nicki Minajby Nevae-Vae
Read to find out....
  • drakegraham
  • dricki
  • blackeyes
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