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groupchat ♦ svt by lovelykmg
groupchat ♦ svtby ꧁ 𝕞 ꧂
13 crackheads 1 chat
In which SVT boys are all bunch of misfits and rebels that one day are unfortunately placed in one class. posted: May 26, 2018 (COMPLETED) The8-author
My boyfriend is a little// Seoksoo Au by Ihop_ipop
My boyfriend is a little// Nyu
In which Lee Seokmin has a boyfriend who is a little named Joshua Hong. Warning this story has mentioned of sexual harassment, and some other things, please don't read i...
Pledis Hotel  by Daddykwan69
Pledis Hotel by Daddykwan69
Welcome to Pledis Hotel the most luxurious hotel in all of Seoul also known as the hell hole officially named by Mr. Choi seungcheol Pledis hotels manager The only probl...
my euphoria | lsm + hjs by haokiyo
my euphoria | lsm + hjsby jae.
" you are the cause of my euphoria " - shua to dk joshua or jisoo has hanahaki and also has sudden euphoria when he's around one person. seokmin or dokyeom/d...
Mr. Matchmaker (seventeen) by newbe_newbe
Mr. Matchmaker (seventeen)by newbe_newbe
Chan sees his hyungs are useless when it comes to romance and decides to give them a helping hand god knows they need it... ⚠️Disclaimer⚠️ This is work of fiction and i...
PDKT by nirxda
PDKTby istirahat bntr ya
Ini adalah cerita yang menceritakan kehidupan pedekate anak seventeen yang gaje banget apalagi karna semenya yang gobloq² Seperti biasa shipnya adalah Jeongcheol Seoksoo...
When They Become One | Seventeen by Someonethatloves17
When They Become One | Seventeenby 🌙
It's a story about twelve boys put in one class with a new student put as their class president, will they get together and make one big group or will they stay as thirt...
Myth of the Star • Svt AU by _SvtUwU17_
Myth of the Star • Svt AUby 💎💎💎
The story of a star with very strong power, and 13 boys who were chosen to have the star's power after it disappears Start : 20/02/2021 Finish : ----------
Kidnapped & Beaten (SEVENTEEN) by caratforever13
Kidnapped & Beaten (SEVENTEEN)by Vcryseleyn Yi
Some of the members of SEVENTEEN are captured. Now, it is up to the remaining SEVENTEEN members to save them.....
JUST SWEET by the8-author
JUST SWEETby Kim Soonhye
Seungcheol, a single dad struggling to find balance between work and family. His wife passed after giving birth to their youngest. Not only was he left to take care of h...
colors • sh by celestialhao
colors • shby rest
❝ i'm seeing ϲοℓοяѕ... ❞ ➳ the world is a dull black and white until you meet your ѕουℓмατє eye-to-eye. jihoon did not like it at first, but soonyoung just might change...
SVT Chatroom by kikiandbunnies
SVT Chatroomby kiki_17796
Who knew adding 13 people into a gc could create so much drama and chaos
Wonderland | Junhao by sweaterpawwonwoo
Wonderland | Junhaoby 🌻
Minghao was a teenager who was curious about everything. One day, he sat under a huge white tree. he fell into a hole which was under the tree trunk. falling into the ho...
Sebongtan! [ BTS x SVT CHAT ] by hobikyeom
Sebongtan! [ BTS x SVT CHAT ]by ˗ˏˋ 𝐊𝐘𝐄𝐎𝐁𝐈 ˎˊ˗
It all started with the real sun meeting the true sun. Moon Jun meeting Joon Moon. Pretty Hao meeting Pretty Chim. The handsomest man of all meeting the prettiest man of...
bubble gum || svt by yoongify_
bubble gum || svtby maya
haircuts and bubble gum, dancing and rapping, physics tests and electives. people meet in strange ways, but none of them every expected love because of it. OR in which e...
💞Isn't It Lovely💞 Seoksoo  by dumblittyshii23
💞Isn't It Lovely💞 Seoksoo by AbandonedSeoul✨💙
Jisoo is a new employee at Lee Enterprises, the biggest company in Seoul. He's excited to start this new job with new opportunities, people, places and things. The catch...
Seventeen ChatRoom by caratzenie
Seventeen ChatRoomby closed.
Caratdeul!!!! P. s. in this story/fanfiction/ChatRoom/idk there will be ships which are: Meanie (MingyuxWonwoo) SoonHoon (HoshixWoozi) aka ma' ship JeongCheol (Jeonghanx...
The chaos we got into | SVT by four_inception
The chaos we got into | SVTby °˗ˋ🦋ˊ˗° 𝕱𝖔𝖚𝖗
《Sorry to interrupt your argument but who the heck are you guys? 13 guys were added into a random group chat》 °✧・゚: *✧° 𝙾𝙽𝙶𝙾𝙸𝙽𝙶°✧・゚: *✧° ━━━ °Everything intended...
Habitual Healing [Soonhoon] by _Yoonki_
Habitual Healing [Soonhoon]by Zzz...
"Hey, Jihoon. My name is Soonyoung, I am here to take care of you." "..." "You don't have to talk. I am just here to tell you that I will be tak...