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Kidnapped & Beaten (SEVENTEEN) by caratforever13
Kidnapped & Beaten (SEVENTEEN)by Vcryseleyn Yi
Some of the members of SEVENTEEN are captured. Now,it is up to the remaining SEVENTEEN members to save them.....
JUST SWEET by the8-author
JUST SWEETby Kim Soonhye
Seungcheol, a single dad struggling to find balance between work and family. His wife passed after giving birth to their youngest. Not only was he left to take care of h...
trapped; soonhoon by taeyxngvibes
trapped; soonhoonby JI HYUN지현
kwon soonyoung and his crush are trapped inside an elevator. start: 20200118 end: 20200314 this is.. uhm... i don't know, i just feel the very strong need to write a lo...
majestic | svt au by mooniehui
majestic | svt auby dana🌙
a runaway prince stumbles upon the kingdom of adora.
pleia | svt by ynxoppa
pleia | svtby 4ever
there lives a tale of magical beings who exist just beyond our reality... simply a story... but every story stems from truth... 7 boys are welcomed to the land of leg...
All is Fair in Love and Law || A Jeongcheol Story by diamondsforday6
All is Fair in Love and Law || A diamondsforday6
Jeongcheol/Coupshan AU Seungcheol is a lawyer dedicated to his job, doing whatever it takes to get justice. Jeonghan is a medical resident, just trying to stay afloat...
LIAR (h.js + y.jh + ✓ by seungkwann
LIAR (h.js + y.jh + ✓by 𝘃𝗶
Being one of the best liars Jisoo knew was quite the job; breaking into his teacher's office, sneaking around, and hating two special people drained him of his energy, y...
About You | Seoksoo by Someonethatloves17
About You | Seoksooby 🌙
Jisoo and his 11-year-old son have been waiting for his wife to give birth to their twins the second they found out she was pregnant, but when the day came his wife coul...
major | svt  by HAOLOGY
major | svt by irena ♡
just a story about the life of thirteen wild boys in college
Adore U - Seoksoo Mafia AU by changminsdimples
Adore U - Seoksoo Mafia AUby changminsdimples
seoksoo mafia ff where seokmin falls in love with a blue haired boy ---- I don't own any of the characters and pictures
lightning | svt by 96JE0NS
lightning | svtby izzy ♡
thirteen friends possess thirteen incredible powers.
DON'T FORGET, I'M YOUR BROTHER - SoonHoon by ms_chrln
"I'm your brother" "No you're not,so there's no reason that I can't be with you" "Then?" "Then you're my boyfriend, periodt" &quo...
Swapped- soonhoon by mitsylight123
Swapped- soonhoonby mitsylight123
In which an incident is considered a mistake to Jihoon and a blessing to Soonyoung.
Caratland [Seventeen FF] by 2personalities
Caratland [Seventeen FF]by ♤♤♤
an amusement park full of mysteries.
Everything You Do Is Magic | seventeen au by imagineuphoria
Everything You Do Is Magic | T
12 magical beings, 1 human, 1 baby, 1 house. Total chaos? Definitely. ( supernatural au ; multi-ships )
[CHEOLHAN] The moon and the sun by lostinthetrack
[CHEOLHAN] The moon and the sunby lostinthetrack
CHEOLHAN SOULMATES AU; When you turn 18, a glowing mark appears on your wrist, this exact mark also appears on the wrist of the one whom you're bound to be with. But one...
SEVENTEEN'S Chapters by nah_not_really
SEVENTEEN'S Chaptersby nah_not_really
MemberxMember OTP Beware tho book contains emoji time skips U CAN ALSO REQUEST FRIENDLY AUTHOR IF NOT IMMA SUE MAHSELF
Soulmates || Seventeen bxb by Tristyfoo
Soulmates || Seventeen bxbby Cheolstagram
Joshua and Jeonghan are twin Alphas of the carat pack. Werewolves are able to ask their soulmates questions when they turn 17 but neither of them ever got a reply. What...
Stutter Kink (Soonhoon Texting FF)✔ by Ujishua
Stutter Kink (Soonhoon Texting FF)✔by Poison 💚
Wherein Kwon Soonyoung has a kink for people that stutter over text and Lee Jihoon just happens to do so... HEYYYY I KNOW I MAKE TOO MANY BOOKS BUT ITS INSPIRED BY @jih...