My Godfather

My Godfather

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AnnabelleBlack20 By AnabelleBlack20 Updated Apr 26

In 1992, Pettigrew was captured and Sirius was declared innocent. The first thing he did after his acquittal was offer Harry a home. The moment his godson accepted his invitation, he swore to himself that he would do right by the boy and always protect him. When he discovered certain things about Harry, he made it his mission to give his godson the childhood that he deserves.

Harry couldn't believe his ears when his godfather offered him to come and live with him. All his life, he had prayed for a relative to come and rescue him from his Aunt and Uncle's clutches. His childhood had always been less than mediocre. There were secrets that he'd rather die than reveal. But, gradually, Harry started to trust Sirius and his walls crumbled.

A Sirius and Harry- Father and Son fanfic.
Published on: 04/02/2015

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