The Healer's Mate [2] by AnnyVirdi
The Healer's Mate [2]by Anny Virdi
Highest Rank: #6 in Werewolf (12/19/15) Book 2 Seven years ago my parents were killed by hunters. I was found by Alpha Neal and brought back to the White Thorn pack wher...
  • powers
  • mates
  • friendship
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Luna Hana by nicolevf14
Luna Hanaby ~Val
-COMPLETED- After twenty-one years of a quiet, conservative lifestyle in the Gold Wind pack, Hana Hawthorne's world is flipped upside down. Change seems inevitable once...
  • paranormal
  • drama
  • mate
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Insignificant by dxncingflower
Insignificantby SyntheticFlower
River Blackthorn is smaller than average for a werewolf, and all her life she has been deemed as insignificant by others. Noah Frost is the alpha of a huge pack. He is s...
  • wolflove
  • alphamate
  • wolfpack
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His Blind Mate by Chloe_Elizabeth01
His Blind Mateby Chloe Elizabeth
Meet Mia Gray, she was an outgoing, funny, caring, amazing, and bubbly person. That all changed when she turned ten and got into a car accident making her loose her eye...
  • trustissues
  • troubleinlove
  • taken
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He's A Werewolf, My Mate, Oh, and Also The Alpha King! by Darla_Gene
He's A Werewolf, My Mate, Oh, Darla Gene
*In the middle of rewriting chapters, sorry for the confusion* Carter is unlike any other girl you know. For one, she's a werewolf! But also she can go from 1 to 100 in...
  • wolf
  • mates
  • alpha
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Bane (Alpha Beast) by sweetchoclate9
Bane (Alpha Beast)by rose
How far can an Alpha go far his mate? Anna is an innocent, beautiful seventeen year werewolf waiting for her mate. But never did she expect him to be the every werewol...
  • controlling
  • alphamate
  • innocent
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Shattered & Broken | ✓ by barbiedriver
Shattered & Broken | ✓by :)
"What is your problem?" I hiss at him. Silas growls low in his throat. "Watch how you talk to me." "Oh, please. I don't have to do anything fo...
  • hurt
  • alpha
  • omega
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Beauty and the Beast by YummyLove00123
Beauty and the Beastby YummyLove00123
Charlotte has kept her wolf a secret her entire life. She knows she is the first born heir to an Alpha, but her mother refuses to tell her who her father is. After seeki...
  • wolfpack
  • mate
  • packs
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Alpha Aden  by ArielMcDonald
Alpha Aden by Ariel McDonald
"I want you" Aden said as he slowly stalked towards me observing me as if I was his prey. I stared at him with wide eyes. He was confident, sexy and exuded po...
  • werewolf
  • cocky
  • alphasmate
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My Twin Alpha Mates by Eggtart456
My Twin Alpha Matesby bork
"Get off of me!" I hiss, "I hate you! If you let me go back home now, I promise I won't tell anyone about you!" Blake growls, "This is your home...
  • innocent
  • billionaire
  • matebond
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The Castaway Luna by TaylorShae07
The Castaway Lunaby Taylor Shae
Pain. Pain was the only feeling I felt that day, the day I was rejected. What even hurt more was one month later when I found out I was pregnant with his baby.... Four y...
  • werewolf
  • child
  • baby
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His Human Mate | English Version | Completed by the-Duowriters
His Human Mate | English Version | Lerissa B.
"What's your name, Beautiful?" I asked her while I traced my hand down her cheek. "N-Nova." She stammered while staring at her shoes in fear. &qu...
  • humanmate
  • romance
  • theduowriters
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Consorting Jordan by lalamusicisme
Consorting Jordanby lalamusicisme
Alpha Gage was known for his ruthless army when threatened and his words... or lack thereof. It was said that he didn't speak much and when he did it could shake even th...
  • alphasmate
  • werewolf
  • bloodmate
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Human by capensis
Humanby capensis
Aubrey Denis is a human raised in a town of werewolves and as such, has developed a...distaste for their lifestyle. Running naked through the forest and eating Bambi are...
  • reject
  • werewolf
  • alphamate
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Enemy Mate by ratchetxo
Enemy Mateby Rachel
In the dangerous world of werewolves, apart from the small packs, there is only two major packs. These two packs have been enemies for centuries and are constantly at ba...
  • alpha
  • enemymate
  • werewolf
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Deimos  by MargarethV
Deimos by Margareth Valley
A shudder escapes me as he breathes into my neck. If he wasn't the Deimos I knew, he was obviously his beast. "I am going to mark you." The beast growled, nibb...
  • justwriteit
  • alphamate
  • werewolf
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My Beautiful But Rebellious Mate by Taryn_McKenzie
My Beautiful But Rebellious Mateby Taryn_McKenzie
Jacklyn White is 18 and just moved into a small house with her father. After her mom left two years ago, Jacklyn's life had took a big turn. The light in her died and wa...
  • pranks
  • rebel
  • mates
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Primitive Instincts by Minty1254
Primitive Instinctsby Minty1254
~ My skin prickled from the odd sensation of the warmth radiating off of him like an oven, I could smell him from this close and trust me when I tell you he smelt good...
  • jealous
  • alpha
  • alphamate
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Ember by Lauren_Sophie_
Emberby Lauren Sophie
COMPLETED I am powerful. I am strong. I am fire. Rose Everett never intended to be destructive, it just sort of happened. She never knew why she was chosen to be the f...
  • fire
  • femalealpha
  • isolated
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My Sickly Mate by LadyAmethyst_NM
My Sickly Mateby Lady Amethyst
Ava was diagnosed with lung cancer for the second time in her life and at age nineteen, she feels like she can't escape the pain. The pain from her family. The pain she...
  • wolf
  • pack
  • cancer
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