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WOLFBORNE by Spongetaneous
WOLFBORNEby Spongetaneous
she wanted freedom, but the king wanted her.
  • love
  • kingdom
  • oracle
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MASKED GIRLS | editing by maskedst
MASKED GIRLS | editingby —masked.
AWARDS | zodiac awards honorable mention; the teen fiction awards 2018 finalist; added to reading list on @mystery HIGH RANKINGS | #2 in #thriller ❝DO NOT UNDERESTIMAT...
  • projectbadassgirls
  • projectnobody
  • notallareheroes
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The Kings by Fierzza
The Kingsby ~Fierz~
After John was expelled from New Bostin, Fierzza always watched out for his brother, John Doe. When John destroys his middle school classmates and was deemed uncontrolle...
  • fanfiction
  • claire
  • abilities
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Opulent Glory ✔ by -hexed
Opulent Glory ✔by -𝒽𝓍𝒹♡
MADELINE LOCKHART Say it. Chant it. Remember it. ♛ ♛ ♛ FULL SYNOPSIS INSIDE ♛ ♛ ♛ Book 1 of the Opulence series! start date; 28/12/17- 20/4/2019
  • cheating
  • privateschool
  • fortune
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Bootleg UnOrdinary by RealThanos
Bootleg UnOrdinaryby Thanos
A fanfiction based off of Uru-Chan's UnOrdinary, but with dank memes and dumb shit. Enjoy. As John struggles to destroy the hierarchy, Seraphina gets closer and closer t...
  • blyke
  • claire
  • remi
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Before It Was Us [COMING SOON!] by raressity
Before It Was Us [COMING SOON!]by Assiah Rare
Queen and renown leader of the infamous private school, Presley Academy, Miah Knox finds herself in an awfully sticky situation. With her deceitful, cunning boyfriend, M...
  • friends
  • cheatingex
  • deals
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All Whores Go To Hell by coltongrey
All Whores Go To Hellby Colt
❝ALL WHORES GO TO HELL, AVIA. ❞ they were the epitome of sublimity, but the explicit destruction of avia paige.
  • school
  • teenfiction
  • fear
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How 2 UnOrdinary by RealThanos
How 2 UnOrdinaryby Thanos
UnOrdinary Memes that I found on Reddit. Update Status: Fast
  • claire
  • reddit
  • meme
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To Be Free by LemmeReadInPeacePls
To Be Freeby Areham.
Gabriella Rozario, a girl who is fiery, outgoing, independent and loved by everyone, was forced to flee her hometown after a heartbreaking incident. 2 years later, she...
  • avenge
  • payback
  • drama
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The Bad Boy's Hierarchy  by Emmafreds
The Bad Boy's Hierarchy by Emma
15-year-old Iris Becking lived her life as a quiet nerd, along with her abusive father, but when he is sent to prison, what will Iris do when she has to live with her ol...
  • losangeles
  • loveromance
  • drama
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The Royal Challenge by chocophiee
The Royal Challengeby Z
A rich, ambitious, and talented girl, Clarissa Taylor, gets accepted into a prestigious high school for dancers. The student council, called the Royalties, consists of t...
  • teenromance
  • badboy
  • rivalry
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Hellebores Tale: The Greatest Fool [ON- HOLD] by GapandSpace
Hellebores Tale: The Greatest Fool...by ♤
Do not speak of a place that does not exist.
  • spades
  • system
  • flower
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『Description to be added,,』 - It takes a 𝐩𝐚𝐰𝐧 to destroy the 𝙝𝙞𝙚𝙧𝙖𝙧𝙘𝙝𝙮.
  • mysterious
  • hierarchy
  • powers
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Wish [unOrdinary x Reader] by CrazyFangirl222
Wish [unOrdinary x Reader]by Princess Mhirlanie
A world where powers exist. A world where they base on their abilities. Meet [Y/n] [L/n], the girl that lost her family in one day. The girl that always has a 'sweet' s...
  • cecile
  • remi
  • ongoing
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Unspoken by Rattle_The_Stars_
Unspokenby Micky White
She felt something stirring, something strong and powerful and. . .wrong. She did not want to shift, but the moon goddess had other plans for her. Some things are bett...
  • pride
  • family
  • hierarchy
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Choosing Between Princes by NevrSarcastic
Choosing Between Princesby NevrSarcastic
Sophia is the new kid on the block. She has no clue how hard the science elective is, or how perverted the gym teacher can be. And she has no clue who the handsome Cre...
  • anime
  • calvin
  • please
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Wellston's Shadows by Codrar
Wellston's Shadowsby Foreigner
Deep inside, everyone has a dark side, even Arlo or Headmaster Vaughn. Nobody can escape their darkest secrets, their evil intentions, their hallucinations.. Not even th...
  • isen
  • abilities
  • joker
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[BOOK 3 SEASON 2] A Gangster is a REAL long lost Princess by AJ-TheRisingPrincess
[BOOK 3 SEASON 2] A Gangster is a...by AJ-TheRisingPrincess
Ito na at magsisimula na ang 3rd Great War!!! Papunta na siya sa battlefield kasama ang Scarlet Junior 1 Atsaka hindi pahuhuli ang mga heneral Kasama na doon ang mga Pan...
  • authority
  • nationality
  • battlefield
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The Revenge Of The Blondes by Snow_Leaves
The Revenge Of The Blondesby Daina
❝Inside every revengeful heart is the desire to be accepted. ❞ ✴✴✴ In the world of Knewtron where the nerds and geeks are popular, the bad boys and the pretty girls don'...
  • earth
  • humor
  • popular
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Love, Pola by sugarplush
Love, Polaby Sreya Mandava
Naya was given the gift of her stuffed polar bear at the age of 3. Her life was not normal. But Pola saw it all. This is Naya's life, through the eyes of a stuffed Pola...
  • manipulation
  • abuse
  • nerd
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