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Helping Will Graham  by Jonjio1
Helping Will Graham by Jonjio1
Will has a crush on a secret guy and asked hannibal for help. But hannibal couldn't help but be jeleous and hungry for this secret crush. Dedicated to @flippin_whovian
✔️ Only I Can Feel You | Hannigram | Rye Ambrose by RyeAmbrose
✔️ Only I Can Feel You | Hannigram...by Rye Ambrose
FBI Profiler, Will Graham, is secretly a killer. As a child, he met Death, and the experience was invigorating. To see him again, he killed and killed, but no matter th...
Cheating! Will Graham x Hannibal Lecter by Deanslefttibby
Cheating! Will Graham x Hannibal L...by Finn
Will has a bit of fun with Alana Bloom, and Hannibal is not quiet about his anger. ×We do not own the cocktease that is the show Hannibal×
Forgotten by Tyuakii
Forgottenby Veall
Will forgets everything
Healing You  by Jonjio1
Healing You by Jonjio1
Story after Hannibal surrendered and Will tries to find his way back to him . (No molly and Walter ) Mentions of blood
Hannigram Smut by paaralis
Hannigram Smutby Will Graham supremacy
*Updated when i feel like it* A growing collection of Hannigram (Hannibal x Will Graham) smut. *spoiler free*
Hannigram Oneshots by SolTheNightmareStag
Hannigram Oneshotsby Solas
The title is pretty self explanatory, Will and Hannibal being cute, doing the do, being a murder husband duo because I live for Dark!Will. Enjoy my messy writing because...
Hannigram  by Jonjio1
Hannigram by Jonjio1
After suffering an accident will suffers from amnesia and Hannibal who was partly responsible for the accident takes will under his care. But is it that simple for will...
On the Mend (A Hannibal Fanfiction) ✓ by AveryWritesThings
On the Mend (A Hannibal Fanfiction...by Avery Alexander
Will finds Hannibal glaring at a broken teacup. Knowing all too well that time can't reverse, Will picks up the shattered pieces and shows Hannibal that there are other...
i'll tell you my sins (so you can sharpen your knife); hannigram by antiheroblake
i'll tell you my sins (so you can...by ˗ˏˋlady blakeˎˊ˗
hannibal lecter has been doing god's bidding for hundreds of years, judging those who deserve it, offering forgiveness where he sees fit. will graham comes to confession...
McDonald's for breakfast - A Hannigram One-shot by glambertkitten
McDonald's for breakfast - A Hanni...by Lambertlicious
Will tries to make Hannibal breakfast, but ends up failing.
Exquisitely Ensanguined by hi-its-lefty
Exquisitely Ensanguinedby •Lefty•
It's incredible how lonely being alone really is. With his dreams addled with nightmares and his waking hours spent drifting in a big, empty house, Will has never felt...
Letters from Lecter by canniwithafanny
Letters from Lecterby Axel
After the calamity that was the murder of his adopted daughter and the injury of his superior officer and him, Will Graham is quite spent. Miraculously, however, he fin...
To Please You by 666xRINx666
To Please Youby RÏÑ
Folie à deux: Delusion or mental illness shared by two people in close association; madness shared by two. "We can't live with each other and we cant live with out...
Loving your Enemies ||Hannigram|| by OneHellOfAnIero
Loving your Enemies ||Hannigram||by Lee
I thought this would be a nice imagine, even if it doesn't fit into the original events. I just thought it's cute so here you go.
More Than a Therapist by deactivated19282773
More Than a Therapistby deactivated19282773
Will Graham/Hannibal Lector Warnings: slash
The Soldier And His Angel by HannibalIsBisexual
The Soldier And His Angelby Lucifer
Hannibal is a soldier and Will is the nurse that saves him. Set in a fictional war in the late 80's Warnings: Smut (Gay sex, rimming, and Blow jobs) Alcohol Abuse
Asylum Love by The_Fenrisulfr
Asylum Loveby The_Fenrisulfr
Redwood Home for the Criminally insane. But how insane are the patients their, exactly? and are they truly the mad ones? Will Graham, a patient at the facility for 5 yea...
Gimme just a little bit( Hannigram AU) by Sapphic-lilies
Gimme just a little bit( Hannigram...by Sapphic-lilies
What happens when a young stripper named Will Graham, known for his killer outfits and even more killer dance moves, gets an admirer in the name of the rich, mysterious...
Eating Glass by PriorP92
Eating Glassby redwinehouse
Will awoke with violence, as if sleeping had become dangerous. His sheets had been tossed aside, and his shirt was soaked through. Beneath him, the mattress was damp wit...