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Humanity (Trunks x OC) by InariKiri
Humanity (Trunks x OC)by InariKiri
21, awoken from her slumber by the androids 17 and 18, seems to form a new barrier between the world peace Gohan and Trunks seek. However, this newly arrived female droi...
  • bulma
  • cell
  • 21
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The Super Saiyan Girl (Dragon Ball Z Fanfic) by x_Alex_chan_x
The Super Saiyan Girl (Dragon A.M.Z.
As a mysterious, young man with a sword on his back stops Freiza from attacking the citizens of Earth, a silent, beautiful, young woman with striking onyx eyes and hair...
  • drama
  • goku
  • tien
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Kale x Son of Vegeta Reader by BSGNetwork
Kale x Son of Vegeta Readerby BSGNetwork
In this story, Vegeta will have another son, a son he had before he met Bulma in this story, Y/N, the princes oldest son will fall in love with a shy saiyan girl from an...
  • champa
  • bra
  • malereader
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DBZ x Reader/OC Oneshots by Zombiegirl777
DBZ x Reader/OC Oneshotsby Zombiegirl777
An ongoing work of various oneshots featuring our favorite characters from DBZ!
  • tapion
  • dbs
  • fụ
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trunks17 by phoneboy
trunks17by ass bitch
Let me live
  • trunks
  • 17
  • lapis
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Oneshots about your favourite dbz or dbs characters! You can request anything you want! But I don't do lemon. I am sorry. The fotos and songs in this story are not mine...
  • reader
  • saiyan
  • frieza
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The Deal (Gohan x OC) by BeautifulChaos18
The Deal (Gohan x OC)by тнaт вlonde cнιcĸ ➳
"I always thought the phrase, 'a picture speaks a thousand words' was ridiculous, but his eyes were speaking something, even if I couldn't understand it. I could se...
  • saiyan
  • dbz
  • love
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Sexy Sayians  by Princess_Vegeta_
Sexy Sayians by Not Your
A stockpile of the sexiest images found on pintrest of your favorite Sayians and other DBZ Characters I do not take credit for any of this artwork.
  • shirtless
  • piccolo
  • bulma
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Mi luz (Goku y tú). by Sayayin97
Mi luz (Goku y tú).by Son Kokun
- ¡Yo ya no le aguanto! ¡Es un cabeza hueca! .- bufó el pelos de flama. - Pues tú... no estás casada con él .- suspiró Milk, profundamente. - ¿Y qué me dices de lo despi...
  • lemmon
  • tristeza
  • bulma
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Caulifla x Son of Goku Reader by BSGNetwork
Caulifla x Son of Goku Readerby BSGNetwork
My first ever story, i am not the best at writing so give me slack, i was inspired to write by Kenshiro, Goku Black or any other of his name changes.
  • beerus
  • cabba
  • goku
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Secret Child Of The Prince by CrimsonRose15
Secret Child Of The Princeby Kerry Hill
He'd searched for ten years after his Mother had died, searching for the man that she had described to him moments before she died. He was the last Pure Saiyan male that...
  • piccalo
  • majin
  • marren
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Obsesión (Goku, Black y tú). by Sayayin97
Obsesión (Goku, Black y tú).by Son Kokun
Goten siempre ha sido un niño que ha vivido feliz junto a su madre, a pesar de la ausencia de su padre Son Goku, quien murió en uno de los tantos intentos por proteger a...
  • dbs
  • super
  • trunks
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Son Goku  by Goku_Dragneel
Son Goku by Goku_Dragneel
Goku Fans
  • whis
  • dbs
  • trunks
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{On HOLD} Kid Trunks x Reader [sequel to Future Trunks x Reader] by Hope_Love_
{On HOLD} Kid Trunks x Reader [ Crystal Heart
So the sequel. Some people asked for it. Some asked and you shall receive, only on some of your requests though. Now as for the information to know before reading. I am...
  • cute
  • love
  • dragonball
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Mi adicción (Zamasu, Black Goku y tú).  by Sayayin97
Mi adicción (Zamasu, Black Goku Son Kokun
Black y Zamasu, planean vengarse de Vegeta, Trunks y Goku por haber interferido en su "Plan Cero Humanos". ¿Pero esto no es nada nuevo no? ¿O quizá si?. Esta...
  • blackgoku
  • dragonballz
  • super
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Back to Square One by Xx_Cocaito_xX
Back to Square Oneby Xx_ThePu$$¥Sl@y€®69_xX
Both Goku and Vegeta got sent back to the past to the beginning of Dragon Ball Z, see our two legendary super saiyan gods, back to the age of the Raditz saga.
  • action
  • zfighters
  • saiyan
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Dragon Ball Z One Shots. (SLOW AS HECK UPDATES) by SamtheloverofTrunks
Dragon Ball Z One Shots. (SLOW Samantha
Basically a story dedicated to the greatest fighters in the universe. (REQUESTS OPEN)
  • gohan
  • dbz
  • piccolo
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chris and I (smut oneshot) by rainbowboy43
chris and I (smut oneshot)by rainbow boy
Chris and I always were good friends but at this sleepover it suddenly becomes something more
  • gaykink
  • sexy
  • underwearkink
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goten x trunks by GetoutofhereYoumann
goten x trunksby Getoutofhere Youmann
another goten x trunks heheh enjoy smut toooooo
  • goten
  • trunks
Vegeta, meet Goku's sister ;) by vegetasgurl
Vegeta, meet Goku's sister ;)by Vegetaspandex
She never knew the reality of why she was so strong or what her tail was for, until she went to the tournament and found the Z warriors..... SMUT INVOLVED AND LEMONS IF...
  • dbzlove
  • kakageta
  • vegetaxreader
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