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Introverts Perspective  by laratourkey
Introverts Perspective by Lara Tourkey
A brief view of what the introverted urban youth in todays society are going through. #1 IN POEM 12/12/18 #1 IN FREEVERSE 28/12/18 #1 IN...
  • poembook
  • deep
  • shy
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Falling For The Deaf Girl. ✔ by Unapologetically_Me
Falling For The Deaf Girl. ✔by Samantha
"Music is the most important thing in my life."-Dean Conaway. That was my motto, my simple motto that I followed very strictly. After all, it was there for me...
  • girl
  • music
  • candy
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Moon-Clans Destiny by Sugar-Fox-Writes
Moon-Clans Destinyby Sugar-Fox-Writes
A story about four cats Named Cookie, Brownie, Panda And Finnegan! (Finnegan and Panda are based on my cats in real life :3) Finnegan and Panda get lost far from home fr...
  • more
  • finnegan
  • panda
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Concepts and Realities Vol.1 by xandrairimia
Concepts and Realities Vol.1by xan
poems, stories, lessons i learned through life (perhaps also adding more to my youtube storytimes :))
  • poem
  • relationship
  • melancholy
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Muderer by KrRIsh_tHe_GrIm
Mudererby KrRIsh_tHe_GrIm
Story of child bathed in blood to be a man
  • broken
  • pain
  • prespective
The Painter's POV by ArtemLuna
The Painter's POVby ArtemLuna
A girl strives to live as an only child and student with barely any money in a city she may love but only through a certain view. Her mother is an unfortunate event and...
  • vincentvangogh
  • paint
  • art
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Mystery by strikekatlyn86
Mysteryby k8marie05
This girl is dating a person over a computer and she wants to actually meet him.
  • mysterious
  • prespective
Good Day... by Yleekyote
Good Yleekyote
  • prespective
  • cute
  • guy
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Thoughts On Paper... by MrlnWhyesem
Thoughts On Mrln Whyesem
If Seeing is Believing; then Feeling is Knowing....
  • body
  • lust
  • motivation
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The Cure of Souls by AmirMamdouh
The Cure of Soulsby Amir Mamdouh
Short scene about a girl who's fond of the moon and the stars.
  • prespective
  • stars
  • soul
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Roomba by BryanWeiss
Roombaby Bryan Weiss
Seeing from a perspective of things we take for granted, things that are dependent on us, will humble us so that we see what we are dependent on. A story of a relations...
  • unconventional
  • prespective
  • life
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Murder on Sesame Street by xDexefile
Murder on Sesame Streetby xDexefile
During a nice summer day, Big Bird, Elmo, Cookie Monster, Bert, Kermit the frog and Grover we're in the middle of recording a new episode of sesame street. Suddenly, as...
  • street
  • mystery
  • investigation
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Grendel's Prespective by kcbrew23
Grendel's Prespectiveby kcbrew23
Short story narrative from Beowulf, about antagonist's perspective.
  • antagonist
  • shortstory
  • prespective
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8th Grade Perspective on Middle School by angie819
8th Grade Perspective on Middle Angie
  • middle
  • grade
  • 8th
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Twisted by iwannabeafudgenugget
Twistedby iwannabeafudgenugget
Twisted is basically all these commonly known fairytale told from a different prespective. Don't know what fairytale so might do, but Cinderella is a definite.
  • alice
  • prespective
  • insanity
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The Odd One  by faraktir
The Odd One by faraktir
Everything about me is odd so, why not I share my oddness with you guys🤪
  • prespective
  • society
  • viewer
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Art by shadowsofafakeperson
Artby shadowsofafakeperson
Just a really short one shot about human nature and how people ignore what's right there in front of them to keep up the perfect image they see in their mind. What peopl...
  • prose
  • prespective
  • firststory
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The Bright Side of Things  by karissa_kaal
The Bright Side of Things by Karissa Kaal
It's on you, if you are happy or sad, angry or cheerful, calm or furious. There's only need of some change in your thinking and way of looking things. This book has som...
  • thoughts
  • grateful
  • motivation
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