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Introverts Perspective  by laratourkey
Introverts Perspective by Lara Tourkey
A brief view of what the introverted urban youth in todays society are going through. #1 IN POEM 12/12/18 #1 IN FREEVERSE 28/12/18 #1 IN...
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Falling For The Deaf Girl. ✔ by Unapologetically_Me
Falling For The Deaf Girl. ✔by Samantha
"Music is the most important thing in my life."-Dean Conaway. That was my motto, my simple motto that I followed very strictly. After all, it was there for me...
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He Called Me His Beloved by NakedGlitter1994
He Called Me His Belovedby S.
"Cause the world moves fast love and the thoughts run wild and I'm running out of time let me hold you a bit longer let me kiss you a bit hard today and for the...
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LIFE OF PANCAKE by cattonouran
LIFE OF PANCAKEby cattonouran
This short story is about a catto's life PS: dis is just for fun I'm not a writer hehe bye
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Muderer by KrRIsh_tHe_GrIm
Mudererby KrRIsh_tHe_GrIm
Story of child bathed in blood to be a man
Murder on Sesame Street by xDexefile
Murder on Sesame Streetby xDexefile
During a nice summer day, Big Bird, Elmo, Cookie Monster, Bert, Kermit the frog and Grover we're in the middle of recording a new episode of sesame street. Suddenly, as...
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not a writer but ugghhh by LakshyaSangwani
not a writer but ugghhhby xCyynical
not really much it's just something I wrote like it'll describe my perspective of seeing things and how i feel what I think when I don't just say it.
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Unstable State Of Mind... by AQuinnLock11
Unstable State Of AQuinnLock11
A wider, more truthful view of different aspects of the world we live in today. Hope this expands your mind to think a little deeper.
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The Painter's POV by ArtemLuna
The Painter's POVby ArtemLuna
A girl strives to live as an only child and student with barely any money in a city she may love but only through a certain view. Her mother is an unfortunate event and...
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what was the story again?  by olivesoliver
what was the story again? by poppies
you get to view life in my point of view it's a wreck I know but just listen in what I have to say to life as a person. there will be a family tree and more stuff i hope...
Art by shadowsofafakeperson
Artby shadowsofafakeperson
Just a really short one shot about human nature and how people ignore what's right there in front of them to keep up the perfect image they see in their mind. What peopl...
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Survivors by Cub_Huggs
Survivorsby Jackie Nieto
Summary: When tragic strikes, kids are left on their own. They have no choice, but to look after themselves and each other. The country known as the USA, is now split up...
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A new kind of message... by -Purple-Heart-
A new kind of -Purple-Heart-
A book that is made for you to have sense of things and some to help you reflect about life and to make you a better person. Things that will pur you to think for exampl...
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Have You Ever Thought? by Onetimedeal
Have You Ever Thought?by Onetimedeal
This book is written about things we consider ours and granted. About how things can change in a blink of an eye, and how we face them. Through this book I am trying to...
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Perspectivas da vida by foxy_monster
Perspectivas da vidaby foxy_monster
Um pequeno poema sobre a minha perspectiva acerca da vida e como esta muda ao longo do tempo.
Love Yourself by lavender_at_peace
Love Yourselfby soul_traveler shini
A Man's Best Friend  by Lone_Hound
A Man's Best Friend by Lone_Hound
A man named Peter was walking and found this dog eventually broght the dog home and nothing else seems to matter.
Random Thoughts  by MarTAEna98
Random Thoughts by martinaemadboshra
Days Pass ..some are good others dark..this book contains what i've learnt through the years.. Life Experiences I would call it.. some thoughts might be common between u...
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When Compliments Stopped Working by LizzyRoseAsay
When Compliments Stopped Workingby Lizzy Rose Asay
It's my life but with the tint of depression so there's nothing good. Currently it lacks a clear plot or timeline. It's about three pages of raw emotion. Tell me if I...
Concepts and Realities Vol.1 by xandrairimia
Concepts and Realities Vol.1by xan
poems, stories, lessons i learned through life (perhaps also adding more to my youtube storytimes :))
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