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The Devil's Lover (boyxboy demonic) *AVAILABLE on Amazon [√] by kin0monogatari
The Devil's Lover (boyxboy L & Kino
Previously known as 'I'm Sorry but I'm All Out of Nice' Nerd? Yes. Bullied? Yes. Depressed? Yes. Gay? Yes. Combining all four, Trance Wilson's school life had been a liv...
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trepidation » j. hale by Nashoba
trepidation » j. haleby ˗ˏˋ el ˎˊ˗
"She whispered his name under the watchful eyes of the stars and the words tasted like damnation." Magnolia Waters had reinvented herself by the time she moved...
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Tomorrow-Bluesey Fanfic by poesword
Tomorrow-Bluesey Fanficby mars
Idk what to put here but... This is a short story about Blue and Gansey that I had created. These characters are from The Raven Cycle (one of my favourite series :D). I...
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When Destiny Burns, Ep. 1: A Halo and Inheritance Cycle Crossover by 4maram
When Destiny Burns, Ep. 1: A Idhun's Durmgrist Feldûnost
After an UNSC fleet fell prey to an ancient Forerunner scheme, a lone Spartan is left stranded in a world that he doesn't understand. He gets himself inadvertently bonde...
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Half A Heart (An Eragon Fanfiction) by shurtugxl
Half A Heart (An Eragon Fanfiction)by Shur'tugal
When a deformed dragon egg is rejected by it's mother, the Dragon Riders take it and hope it will hatch for a Rider. When it does, however, they could never have imagine...
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The Riders return by HermioneJeanBurton
The Riders returnby Hermione Jean Burton
1,000 years after the Death of King Galbatorix and the leaving of Eragon Shadeslayer and his dragon Saphira, the Dragon riders have been driven out of Alagaësia and are...
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GOREHOUND PRINCESS: THE 12TH PLAY ° nct dream by fantastic_odyssey
Her purity and innocence will make you bow down to her. After all, it is her charm. "You're a toy in this madness...'ll never escape this place." First...
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Dunei - A Murtagh Love Story - Eragon Fan Fiction by IndingoFeather
Dunei - A Murtagh Love Story - IndingoFeather
After escaping from slavers in Dras-Leona, Lorena travels with Eragon and Murtagh. The bonds between her and Murtagh grow strong and their affections become dunei. But h...
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Eragon ~*~ Glaciem by Lucykins26
Eragon ~*~ Glaciemby Emily
Eragon has traveled to the East and found a place to hatch and raise the dragons. But that isn't the only thing he has found on his journey. A completely new race has be...
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Zodiac by rosieposie09
Zodiacby Rosie
Out of all of the students at Northwoods High School, 12 of them must find each other to break a curse that is killing their family, friends, teachers and classmates. Wi...
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Crescent Moon by wanheda46
Crescent Moonby wanheda46
Adelaide's pack was killed by the Red Moon Pack. Addy and her younger sister Madelyn are the 2/3 last of the Crescent Moon pack and are being hunted down. 3 year later...
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KARMA'S CYCLE by roselmande234
It all started with a word. The unforbidden word that changed the lives of four friends in a small town called Mweller. The friends go along a tough journey to try to so...
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Inside a dark mind by darkzsoulzz
Inside a dark mindby Mysterious
A story of being trapped in the darkest parts of a mind. Being trapped and feeling alone.
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To Die As Lovers May, So That They May Live Together by lrhaboggle
To Die As Lovers May, So That lrhaboggle
These were the words Carmilla was promised even before she became Carmilla, and they had stayed true for all of these centuries. It didn't matter when or where, the vamp...
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Biology 1 by schoolnotes21
Biology 1by school notes
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Forrest Girl (Eragon Fan fic)ON HOLD #Wattys2015 by Lauren19997
Forrest Girl (Eragon Fan fic)ON Lauren19997
CURRENTLY ON HOLD. SORRY Iris is the daughter of Durza. When Durza was killed by Eragon Iris' mother (Adurnae) was killed by the king but not before teleporting her dau...
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The Sonorous Timer by Emilyazz
The Sonorous Timerby Emilya
An abandoned building becomes the building of horror for picked participants Elaine and Manu. Their lives in the normally quiet and calm town is turned upside down once...
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If your period could talk by Sarynnnnnnn
If your period could talkby Sarynwasnothere
Jokes about how your uterus decides to torture you
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Niaomi: The Journey by Nikkisha16
Niaomi: The Journeyby Niké Obijuru
"When you can have anything you want by uttering a few words, the goal matters not, only the journey to it." - Rhunön * * * In the wake of a tragedy beyon...
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Sja Fram [Inheritance Cycle | Eragon Fanfiction] by SilentSilverSlip
Sja Fram [Inheritance Cycle | Gabby
My name is Umaroth Ajikson. My father and sister died in a fire, my mother died shortly afterwards. I've been living in the Spine since shortly after that. However, one...
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