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The Broken Mafia Trampled into Her World by babystepswriter
The Broken Mafia Trampled into Faye
Elsie Miller, just an ordinary girl with a simple life. Her life turned chaotic when she accidentally bumped into a little girl that attached to her immediately after th...
His Cupcake by babystepswriter
His Cupcakeby Faye
Amigos' Love Story (Series)- Standalone book A series about love stories of four amigos-Carlos, Miguel, Tristan & Manuel. His Cupcake (Book One) Carlos Gonzales + Cassan...
His Caramel by babystepswriter
His Caramelby Faye
Amigos' Love Story (Series)- Standalone book A series about love stories of four amigos-Carlos, Miguel, Tristan & Manuel. His Caramel (Book 2) Miguel Rodriguez + Scarlet...
Persistent (Chris Brown x Zendaya) by ShaChief
Persistent (Chris Brown x Zendaya)by ShaChief
PER•SIS•TENT : continuing firmly or obstinately in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition Continuing to exist or endure over a prolonged period ______...
A Mother's Pride by tee_letsow
A Mother's Prideby Ms. Tsame🤍🤭
{Sequel to: A Mother's Struggle} Make sure you read A Mother's Struggle before starting with this book. Thank you. "Nobody teaches parenting, you just need to know...
Baby Mama by harlayor1
Baby Mamaby Magic fingers
A teenage mother loses contact with her baby's father and had to go through an heartbreaking experience on her own. Determined to find the love of her life and reunite h...
Mother [Naruto] by c_kewpid
Mother [Naruto]by cuteicles
Naruto and Sasuke grow up as close brothers under one adoptive mother. Life isn't so bad after all...until Mother is taken. Family love/(maybe something more?). Strong/I...
About The Moon by mirrosess
About The Moonby mirrosess
"I don't want to call you Lara. It bothers me." "Why?" "I just think that Bintang is better." "And what is your reasonable excuse, Bul...
Little Enigma by Debdon59
Little Enigmaby Debdon59
Jungkook was a painter he needed a new muse
Date A Live: Alternate Chronicles by colossal_saiyan
Date A Live: Alternate Chroniclesby Colossal Saiyan
After Season 3 of Date A Live, an unknown individual makes it into their world. They are unsure of his origins or what is goals are being there. Is he the first male Sp...
Perfection by Sadepths
Perfectionby lost.
Senia and Chris lives have taken a turn for either the worst of the best. As they work through the obstacles and detours life keeps throwing at them. They will a little...
How to be happy? Find the purpose of your life - a practical self-help book by how-to-be-happy
How to be happy? Find the Dorian Bukowski
In this e-book you'll learn what to do in order to find the purpose of your life. Your own purpose - the purpose of Your own life. You'll realize that it is You and only...
Daily Reminders ✅ by payel_am
Daily Reminders ✅by dnd
Do do we really take care of our mental health? Well, for most of us the answer is "NO". So here's some daily reminders to each one of us. I hope this brings a...
Wedgies and the Bad Boy by tizzyroo
Wedgies and the Bad Boyby Tishka
When your launched over a strangers shoulder and dragged down the street, obviously first you scream, and then? Grab his fashionable boxers by the band and give him the...
Just typical cliche story when a cold man see this little blonde man and have fallen in love then decide he wants to make this little one as his. Oh, he will stop at not...
Persistence (RL/NT One-Shot) by katiibear
Persistence (RL/NT One-Shot)by Katie
Remus Lupin is determined to reject the idea of love in his life. He's old, a werewolf and woman deserves that. Nymphadora Tonks has never been one to take 'n...
Spit It Again by ThomasBerryman
Spit It Againby ThomasBerryman
Spit It continued
order ups | ✓ by scrrilous
order ups | ✓by stalebred
Highest Ranks: #36 in shortstory!! 7.6.19 #10 in chicklit!! 8.21.19 [book three in the UPS series] ••• one wrong order can create a whole bunch of right ••• cover by:...
Salome by IWriteForTheKing
Salomeby His
An 18-year-old guy, who has trouble on lust, met a charming and innocent girl; Salome. Considering he was just a dirty man, he ended up looking at her from afar. He knew...
Dancing through Life by Anaandandrea
Dancing through Lifeby Dancer
A young girl discovers the art of dance and instantly fell in love. From her first jeté, to her first kiss, dance has always been her life. Everyone deserves to find lov...