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His Girl | Beck Oliver by TheBrunetteLilyEvans
His Girl | Beck Oliverby ~ a n n i e ~
Emily Vega is the adopted sister of Tori and Trina. Her and Tori aren't that close. She's closer to her best friend Jade. And boyfriend Beck. #1 beckoliver 30/06/21 #8...
The Other Vega by YeLeNaBeLoVa66767
The Other Vegaby were both upside down
Beck Oliver x Male!Vega!Oc
Electric Touch || Beck Oliver by funsizedbby
Electric Touch || Beck Oliverby 𝑆 𝐻 𝐴 𝑌
Not all pretty girls are skinny. {SEASON 1 - 4} {BECK X plus size OC} {iParty With Victorious} THIS IS PLUS SIZE STORY, IF YOU DON'T LIKE, bye. But I swear, there's noth...
Beck Oliver xMale!oc Victorious by gay_AF_satan
Beck Oliver xMale!oc Victoriousby gay_AF_satan
When Finn Walsh auditions for Hollywood arts with a Metal/rock style song he blows everyone away. He gets an instant yes and soon makes friends with the other new kids...
Butterflies 🦋 Beck Oliver by _fandomxlife
Butterflies 🦋 Beck Oliverby Hakuna Matata Bitches
Morilla Moniz was new at the Hollywood Arts Academy. She just moved to Hollywood from Italy. She has many amazing talents from singing, to acting, to dancing. Watch as s...
Tiny Dancer by Songbird178
Tiny Dancerby Songbird178
Blake Barba is Hollywood Arts own Tiny Dancer. A dancing virtuoso that lacks any emotions when off the stage, she is the best friend of the school's own scary girl Jade...
both | victorious by -VIBINGHOE
both | victoriousby leah <3
In which jasmine gregg falls for both jade and beck started 1/16/21 beck and jade x fem!oc ©-VIBINGHOE
Addictive ; Jade West x male reader by _lets_die_together_
Addictive ; Jade West x male readerby _lets_die_together_
Since I finished the female version of this book, why not make a male version. I am not stopping anyone from reading this book. Also I'm gonna give this guy a name. His...
Jade West x female reader by Sini120
Jade West x female readerby _notreallyEstella_
You start fresh at Hollywood arts aspriring to make something out of yourself. You struggle with making friends but what happens when you meet a certain someone whose at...
The other twin by Pricesssnes
The other twinby Pricesssnes
Did anyone known Trina Vega had a twin? What happens when she comes back from England
Perfect - Beck Oliver (VICTORIOUS) by ImpossibleDelight
Perfect - Beck Oliver (VICTORIOUS)by Impie xo
"When you said you looked a mess, I whispered underneath my breath But you heard it, darling, you look perfect tonight" "I did not know you could sing&quo...
Alexis by Twilight_Roxas
Alexisby Alex
Tori Vega had a difficult life after her daughter was born, but that all changed when this teenage mother gets invited to attend Hollywood Arts High, and starts to Make...
toxic but pretty  by joristan69
toxic but pretty by i ❤️ jade west
mean girl jade west takes a liking to the shy girl who transferred classes. what could possibly go wrong? this wont be an actual story, it will mainly be one-shots. WAR...
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nuts or ill - andre harris. by scoobythedoobie
nuts or ill - andre scoobythedoobie
"mrs harris, i'm not an axeman it was a prop, and i'm like fifteen i don't have time to commit mass murder." victorious seasons 1-4 ⚠️warning: very cringey an...
make it what (various! victorious x fem! reader) by Fluffycows1
make it what (various! 🤠
(y/n) (l/n) is an odd one. I mean who isn't at Hollywood Arts lmao. You get up things like climbing into walls, having possession of less than legal fireworks and having...
Victorious Facts by WhooIsThis
Victorious Factsby Teo Licks
Facts about the Nicklodeon TV show Victorious
Xaphaite was home schooled until one day, when she ventured outside her home strumming her guitar, a nosy student from Hollywood Arts, Sinjin, ventured a little too deep...
dancing queen (beck oliver) by angelinababey
dancing queen (beck oliver)by netflix slut
you are the dancing queen, young and sweet, only seventeen. ---- indigo ophelia dubois was a dance and visual arts double major at new york arts high school, but she's u...
I Liked It (Jade x Tori) by pissonthefloor21
I Liked It (Jade x Tori)by pissonthefloor21
Jade and Tori never got along. But what happenes when they do? Will Jade admit her feelings or will she run? This is loosely based on I Kissed a Girl by Katy Perry, whi...
The Challenge  by itsmedonnie
The Challenge by adonis
not my story. this story is by katieblack129 on