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Bedmate by annihilation_
Bedmateby Mary, pleased to meet you
» all he wanted was sex, but instead he got a friend « cover by my honey @Flowerboys ❤
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Making Babies #NewAdult  by LilyFullyLiving
Making Babies #NewAdult by LilyFullyLiving
Highest rank #1 in ChickLit ● ● ● ● ● ● All it took was a few minutes for her life to change forever. Six years ago she was saved from an imminent death by a goo...
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Stepbrother ☆ by sirenitaxo
Stepbrother ☆by sirenitaxo
Bella is your simple but stubborn teenager. She knows what she wants, has her ambition, and directions set for her. Now her mom getting married, to his dad was a unaccep...
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Life After An Unwanted Marriage  by sofiebookwrites
Life After An Unwanted Marriage by bookishwrites
"I'm a man with needs and as my wife you're the one who'll fulfill that needs. Whether you like it or not we'll have sex right here and right now." he demands...
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Her Divorce Agreement (completed) by ZeinaK55
Her Divorce Agreement (completed)by ZeinaK55
Inspirational story
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Agreements With My Neighbour  by 1LittyKitty_Meow
Agreements With My Neighbour by 1LittleKitty
"I think you two really look Perfect together," my grandmother gentle smile looking at both of us standing next to her hospital bed. "I have a favour and...
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The One Month Bride  by Gemie_Gem
The One Month Bride by Hafsah Ahmed
Vinnie Connor was the only child of her parents and they treated her like all other parents who had a single child would treat their kid, with extra care and affection. ...
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Deserted Desire by LilianeGrouse
Deserted Desireby AJ
*** Find a revised edition of this book on Amazon - now titled Delicate Negotiations *** When business tycoon Jack Steele enlists laywer Alec Grayson to negotiate a deal...
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ᝨℍℰ ᗅℊℛℰℰℳℰℕᝨ[✔️] by Vartika_dvn
ᝨℍℰ ᗅℊℛℰℰℳℰℕᝨ[✔️]by S A N Y A 🌸
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Baby by jayasri7
Babyby shivika
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The Roommate Agreement (Teen Fiction) by Candybubble1
The Roommate Agreement (Teen «Gabby»
Jaelyn James seems to have everything a nineteen year old girl could wish for. Jaelyn has her own apartment; which means no adults are going to be constantly reprimandi...
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Future Together  by SecretLLoveFroever
Future Together by SL
"You can't blame gravity for falling in love." - Albert Einstein Future Together High Society Full...
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Don't Fall Inlove by preciousasie
Don't Fall Inloveby Hi, pre
Grace davis The secret agent and only heiress of davis company. But there's a problem.. Kapag wala siyang naipakilala na nobyo sa mga magulang niya ay ipapakasal siya sa...
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May be forever by BiyaJose
May be foreverby Elizeh
For Vihani , all she wanted was to have a normal life without the privilege of a rich girl and to live her life to the fullest. For Avi, who comes from a normal middle...
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Aristocrat Youth by seaveydamiya
Aristocrat Youthby 𝗗𝗔𝗠𝗜𝗬𝗔 𝗕𝗢𝗜
"So it was all a game? You mean to say. . .that you didn't actually like me and that I was just a bait? A bait for your vengeance filled heart? You're a sick person...
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Allah by bushra106
Allahby hasan bushra
"Zayn your not only one who is force into this i am as well but at least i am trying to make things perfect unlike you" I shout at him who does he think he is...
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Agreement  by Aadissonnn
Agreement by Aadissonnn
გოგონას,რომელსაც ხშირად უფიქრია,თუ როგორი ბედნიერი ოჯახი ექნებოდა მომავალში იმ ადამიანთან ერთად,რომელიც სიგიჟემდე ეყვარებოდა,როგორ ფიქრობთ,შეძლებს გათხოვდეს იმ ბიჭზე,რომ...
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Perhaps Love by thelovelybabz
Perhaps Loveby Aica Mae
Two adults were forced to live in the same house for a month as a result of an agreement they both agreed back during their college days. It would have been easy if only...
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Marrying my boss by black-diamonds
Marrying my bossby Joudi 💜
Sneak peek.... "how much do you need?" I asked. "five hundred" she said adverting her eyes away. "that's it?" I asked. "five hundred t...
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The Lullaby Of Monsters by Kiamichi
The Lullaby Of Monstersby K.A.H
Book 1 of the "Monsters Song" Series 〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰 He easily towered over me, his red and orange scales gleamed almost otherworldly in the last few strands of t...
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