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Till Contract Ends Do Us Part [Completed] by roosseemary__
Till Contract Ends Do Us Part [ roosseemary__
In life, nothing is guaranteed. No one promises you sunshine, rainbows, and happiness. No one said life would be easy. When life gets hard, you learn to survive. Emily...
  • rich
  • safelove
  • milliondollar
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Bedmate by annihilation_
Bedmateby Mary, pleased to meet you
» all he wanted was sex, but instead he got a friend « cover by my honey @Flowerboys ❤
  • familiar
  • badboy
  • deal
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Deserted Desire by LilianeGrouse
Deserted Desireby AJ
*** Find a revised edition of this book on Amazon - now titled Delicate Negotiations *** When business tycoon Jack Steele enlists laywer Alec Grayson to negotiate a deal...
  • secrets
  • lovestory
  • desire
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Mi Amor, my love!  by rukayya_abdullah
Mi Amor, my love! by Ruqayya_aminchi
Abdulhameed: She's my dream girl. Fatima: He's always been my crush, every girl has a crush on him. Abdulhameed: I love her. Fatima: I love him. Abdulhameed: I'm doing...
  • wattys2017
  • halaal
  • nigeria
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'can't agree'  • park jimin by yeobonoona
'can't agree' • park jiminby 민
"why the fuck do you destroy the divorce papers i give you?!" -jimin "i can't agree with that." -y/n
  • cry
  • sad
  • depressing
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Love After Marriage by kirthana1106
Love After Marriageby MissK11
Love After Marriage ~ This story will be about an interracial couple that get married under an agreement that give benefits to both of them . Soon they found out that th...
  • jealousy
  • stubborn
  • love
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Making Babies #NewAdult #wattys2017 by LilyFullyLiving
Making Babies #NewAdult #wattys2017by LilyFullyLiving
(COMPLETED OCT 28, 2016) (1st book in "Life Happenings" Series) Highest rank #1 in ChickLit P.s: Book 2 in this series is already out! "Riley...
  • newadult
  • ceo
  • newadultreads
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Modus Vivendi (BWWM) [On Hold] by myzztical
Modus Vivendi (BWWM) [On Hold]by Ren
To everyone I had everything. Power, status, wealth. Everything a person could possibly dream of. They said I would want for nothing. That everything that could be deeme...
  • wmbw
  • bwwm
  • romantic
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The Alpha Meets The Rogue (Alternate Reality--Nicolas) by xXdemolitionloverXx
The Alpha Meets The Rogue ( Olga Guevara
What if? What if Leila had not run away from her pack and met Dylan? What if she had stayed behind, and followed through with her engagement to Alpha Nicolas? This is an...
  • shifters
  • moon
  • zeverus
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The Best Friend's Contract by athrhteera
The Best Friend's Contractby Athirah
Aidan, a billionaire and CEO of Empire is known for the title 'Top 5 Hottest Bachelor' for two reasons. His extremely good-looks and for not wanting to get married, at l...
  • athrhteera
  • marriage
  • couple
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The Lullaby Of Monsters by Kiamichi
The Lullaby Of Monstersby K.A.H
Book 1 of the "Monsters Song" Series 〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰 He easily towered over me, his red and orange scales gleamed almost otherworldly in the last few strands of t...
  • fire
  • agreement
  • ancient
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Lost Stars  by savagelylayab
Lost Stars by ☆𝐥𝐚𝐲𝐚 𝐛.☆
(Previously titled Yesterday's Youth) A bullet was fired. One person died. Two people stopped living. Charles Dozier's best friend, Jay, was killed, yet Charles feels li...
  • interracial
  • grief
  • drugs
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My Psycho Fangirl (On Going)  by Jaedrian_23
My Psycho Fangirl (On Going) by Jaedrian_23
This is the story of the girl name Hoshi Mina imperial that is on the stage of moving on, who unexpectedly meet the young famous artist Christian Patrick salonga and end...
  • cute
  • comedy
  • gangsters
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Carpe Diem by tameablespasm
Carpe Diemby tameablespasm
"The lack of things is the presence of more significant things to wish for." In Medellian University, it was a culture to have constant parties on weekdays and...
  • experience
  • badboy
  • younglove
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Me And My Ticking Mind by LadyGaiy
Me And My Ticking Mindby LadyGaiy
Sorry for offensive material Disbeliefs or unwanted opinions. I just write what goes on within my mind and what might go on in other people's minds. This is a place wh...
  • disagreement
  • agreement
  • thinking
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The Billionaire's Idea #Wattys2015 by xviimm
The Billionaire's Idea #Wattys2015by anon
Seline and Andrew. Two complete opposites, and a propistion. Lot's of arguments, passion, and conflicted feelings are ahead. And it all started with the billionaire's id...
  • love
  • agreement
  • payment
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The Cinderella Agreement (on hold) [Featured Story] by uhesther
The Cinderella Agreement (on hold) aristobrat
#32 in Humor [Wattpad featured story] All Mit ever wanted was for her long-time crush, Marshall Andrews, to finally notice her, and with the help of a fairy godmother in...
  • agreement
  • wattys2017
  • makeover
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You're Mine Now  by Pink12799
You're Mine Now by Pink12799
Los Castello's are ruthless, cold hearted, vengeful, and the most feared, and successful gang around. They are known for drug dealing, selling weapons, and killing witho...
  • agreement
  • love
  • proposal
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Green University (COMPLETED) by Chrmly
Green University (COMPLETED)by Charmel Gorge
Welcome.. to GREEN UNIVERSITY😏 Story Cover by Yazmin Tagarino
  • songsongcouple
  • mystery
  • traitor
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❛ Agree OR Disagree ❜ by THATMELANINTHO
❛ Agree OR Disagree ❜by PROFESSOR ✨
⦂ it's either one or none. © est. 2018
  • comment
  • disagreements
  • opinions
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