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Persistent (Chris Brown x Zendaya) by ShaChief
Persistent (Chris Brown x Zendaya)by ShaChief
PER•SIS•TENT : continuing firmly or obstinately in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition Continuing to exist or endure over a prolonged period ______...
  • brezzy
  • music
  • age
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Let's Fall In Love  by october_31
Let's Fall In Love by Theo💕
Two individuals are looking for love. But are they looking for each other? At least one of them thinks so.
  • romance
  • annoying
  • exbf
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Love Will Set You Free by Suwina
Love Will Set You Freeby Suwina Yanwar
"Aku melihat jelas luka yang tergurat di dalam dirimu setiap kali kamu mengikari perasaanmu, menjauhiku, bahkan membangun tembok tinggi itu, tidakkah kamu mengerti...
  • pengorbanan
  • pain
  • cinta
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How to be happy? Find the purpose of your life - a practical self-help book by how-to-be-happy
How to be happy? Find the Dorian Bukowski
In this e-book you'll learn what to do in order to find the purpose of your life. Your own purpose - the purpose of Your own life. You'll realize that it is You and only...
  • bukowski
  • personal
  • development
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Mountains and valleys we surpass but that which counts is what we achieve after all. That which counts is we what we become as a result of what we have been through. Thi...
  • persistence
  • journal
  • nurse
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Rise by scarlet11567
Riseby H.R
'A storm may be strong, may make you fall to your knees, but always, without a doubt, will go away' Asian, female, poor, uneducated. A 14 year old girl struggles to find...
  • hope
  • persistence
  • inspiring
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Wiping the tears of a thug by Queen_Ash15
Wiping the tears of a thugby Ashontae' Burrows
This is about a young teenage girl who met a boy, which happens to be a thug. She fell in love with him and she is trying to help him to end his thug life, and start a n...
  • unionship
  • adventure
  • stamina
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The heartache ✅ by stormy_gaze
The heartache ✅by Rain_storm
To those who have tried You know the pain To those who have cried You know the gain To those who are hurting You'll be okay To those who are betting One day you'll...
  • toughlove
  • trails
  • romance
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Only Yours (Mpreg) (bxb) by kaylonmitchell
Only Yours (Mpreg) (bxb)by kaylonmitchell
First story ever so don't judge
  • bxb
  • mpreg
  • badboy
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The Fighter ✔️ going for watty2018 by Not-So-Anynomous
The Fighter ✔️ going for watty2018by Not-So-Anonymous
Mature Content Crystal was only at the most popular underground fight because her sister dragged her there, but what happens when she meets the most powerful fighter k...
  • watty2018
  • drama
  • pregnancy
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Wedgies and the Bad Boy by tizzyroo
Wedgies and the Bad Boyby Tishka
When your launched over a strangers shoulder and dragged down the street, obviously first you scream, and then? Grab his fashionable boxers by the band and give him the...
  • dates
  • love
  • romance
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Temptation  by JakeiraHurst
Temptation by Jakeira Hurst
Living in world where you observe and see how cruel it can be so you stick to yourself but something draws you in.
  • like
  • world
  • read
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Please, Just Once More by YourLiesAreSad
Please, Just Once Moreby Tea
Please, just once more, M. Just once more. I can't do this. I can't just keep imagining that you're next to me. The more I imagine, the stronger the urge to hug you beco...
  • persistence
  • changes
  • denial
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Numbered by vyMcHargue
Numberedby nerdystudent
Set in a dystopian future with rules that separate the genders and social life, Alex fights against the societal norms to train with Ryan who ends up being her best frie...
  • friendship
  • governmentconspiracy
  • feminism
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Feel like Quitting? by kaydetkai
Feel like Quitting?by Kai
  • persistence
  • god
  • reality
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Be Yourself... Think Of Yourself! by richgirlkam
Be Yourself... Think Of Yourself!by Kam'Ren Hendryx
Words of encouragement take my advice and be a better you. Responsibility? Jobs? people? finer things? that' s life right; But i'm sure its more to it... its okay to be...
  • relationship
  • encouragement
  • beyou
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Alone by S-J-Smith
Aloneby S.J.Smith
"Rose!" Lilly's panicked cry snaps me out of my daze, she's struggling against someone pulling her towards the back of a police car. I start towards her and sh...
  • persistence
  • highschool
  • ya
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Over the rainbow(ON HOLD) by jojo1234_
Over the rainbow(ON HOLD)by jojo1234_
'Who am I to be a successful person? My father's in jail for drug dealing, mother's basically going down the same road. My older brother is a leader of a gang and I'm...
  • romance
  • betrayal
  • friendship
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Raw Poetry by dingoslow
Raw Poetryby dingoslow
Here to encourage people. :)
  • hopeyoulikeit
  • keepholdingon
  • poetry
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