The Assignment  (First Draft) by DreamsWithEyesOpen
The Assignment (First Draft)by Lindsay S.
Sammi didn't realize how much Derek was going to change her way of life. Sammi lives a simple life; she minds her business and has a good friend. She has no reason to...
  • trust
  • wattys2017
  • adventure
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Life With My Angel by Diyasoni16
Life With My Angelby Diyasoni16
It is a Love story.. how the love track is going to manan
  • trust
  • cute
  • sacfrice
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Caster Academy: School For Special Abilities And Magics by Fantasydream03
Caster Academy: School For ⚜Captain Penguin 🐧⚜
[BOOK 1] [ON-GOING] [UNEDITED] She's Alyssa Nicole Mendoza. A girl living with lies and secrets behind her back. She's a cold hearted person but can she unlocked her fee...
  • hate
  • truefriends
  • forbiddenlove
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Manan: Shining Star by nifi777
Manan: Shining Starby Alifiya
Story of true friendship, love, betrayal and innocences. Manik and Abhimanyu being best friends n brother by soul. Nandini been an angel who brings happiness in Manik's...
  • trust
  • friendsforever
  • love
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I'm right here... (Alpha Levi x Omega Eren) by KyoliaWhitelily
I'm right here... (Alpha Levi x Milo-lu
"Please anybody help me, save me, why can't you here me, why can't you see me, why did you believe him..." All he wanted was for him to be in the warm embrace...
  • omega
  • abuce
  • arminarlert
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Limitless love by Diyasoni16
Limitless loveby Diyasoni16
Love can change a rude person into joyful person. That like story is we r going to see. it is a love story between two people. this story is a cute n romantic story...
  • forgiveness
  • nandini
  • feeling
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Can we try again? by SadetuAtiti
Can we try again?by Sadetu Atiti
Samira, a final year student in the University of Lagos, gets carried away one night at a party and does what she never thought she would ever do in her life. She has a...
  • romance
  • justwriteit
  • love
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NERD Turn To Legendary Assassin QUEEN (On-going) by Ellajoy928
NERD Turn To Legendary Assassin Baek'sWifey
Because of Hatred, Broken, Loneliness, and Betrayed. From NERD she turn into a Heartless, Fearless and Emotionless QUEEN Not only a QUEEN But a LEGENDARY ASSASSIN QUEEN
  • gangster
  • trust
  • truefriend
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"Strange Zindagi" by MissDeathlyDeath
"Strange Zindagi"by ..Sagarika..
In this story, Chapter 13 onwards every chapter is private . Follow me to read the story ahead :) ..This is a story of a girl who once cared way too much about everyone...
  • pain
  • betrayal
  • wattys2017
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Always   -SOML- (On going) by StitchyXelaaa
Always -SOML- (On going)by Xelaa
Story of my life - ALWAYS- "Samantha Jade Roa"
  • love
  • friendship
  • loveyourself
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The New Badass  by josiejames203
The New Badass by josiejames203
Josie Carter is a badass girl who lived in Miami with her twin brother, two younger sisters and their mom, and they move to California. She has really bad anger issues a...
  • bestfriends
  • angerissues
  • secrets
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true friends ; cedric diggory [✔️] by mikeijuana
true friends ; cedric diggory [✔️]by ˗ˏˋ 承 ˎˊ˗
What if Cedric Diggory didn't die? Harry spent years mourning Cedric's death, wishing he could've done something more for him. Little does he know that Cedric Diggory is...
  • hermione
  • thriller
  • fantasticbeasts
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You deserve Better by Arshian_Vinny
You deserve Betterby Vinny
Random OS
  • comfort
  • heartbreak
  • friendfiction
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True Love Waits by MsBlackLyn
True Love Waitsby Ms.BlackLyn
"Learn to wait for the perfect time so that you may discover that all the pain found in waiting has an awesome purpose.When that time comes,LOVE will be worth the...
  • student
  • boyxgirl
  • maxinejiji
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A Speech for My Friends by rias_oo
A Speech for My Friendsby rias_oo
"The language of friendship is not words but meanings." -Henry David Thoreau- "The only way to have a friend is to be one." -Ralph Waldo Emerson-
  • real
  • alongtimefriendship
  • relationship
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(P.JM ft M.YG FF) BEAUTIFUL YOU (complete) by Suga_wife9392
(P.JM ft M.YG FF) BEAUTIFUL YOU ( shakira
Is chubby girl is not allowed to have boyfriend? Say who? They also human and have feeling too. Everyone needs love. #LoveYourself #YouNeverWalkAlone
  • jin
  • hoseok
  • love
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An Unexpected Journey {Teacher Student Love story)  by monalisha186
An Unexpected Journey {Teacher MonalishA
☆● highest rank #56 [ 9/5/18 ] ☆rank #65 (25-04-2017) ☆rank #69 (24-04-2018) ☆rank #70 (02-02-2018) 😍😍😍😍 ☆ rank #84 (31-01-2018) 😍😃😍😃 ☆ rank #88 (30-01-20...
  • angrybirds
  • trust
  • love
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Walking the Wire  by BookLoverPaige17
Walking the Wire by Paige
I saw the messages, I saw the approximate dates. I saw the lies. But most importantly, I saw the truth. Skylar finds out that her boyfriend cheated on her. The first tim...
  • change
  • secondchance
  • boyfriendgirlfriend
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Always and Forever. by gotta_read_it
Always and gotta_read_it
Friends come and go. True friends last forever but maybe not in the flesh. Started on : 1/12/2018
  • timetotime
  • bully
  • bond
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Seiza Academy: School of Special Abilities by ashuri_kim
Seiza Academy: School of Special A.K
"Entering this academy, unlocks the secrets within me." - Zara --- Paano nalang kung sa pag-gising mo mag-iiba na ang pagkatao mo. Iba na ang mundong tinatahak...
  • romance
  • bite
  • truefriends
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