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Caster Academy [COMPLETED] by Fantasydream03
Caster Academy [COMPLETED]by ❤L I G H T❤
[Book 1] [Complete] [Edited;Revised✔] Siya si Alyssa Nicole Mendoza, isang babaeng abnormal. She is cold sometimes, sarcastic masungit, matarayin, OA, expressionless, An...
  • princess
  • wattyawards
  • fantasydream03
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Life With My Angel by Diyasoni16
Life With My Angelby Diyasoni16
It is a Love story.. how the love track is going to manan in their life... how they are facing handling their problem together... how they are sharing their pain in thei...
  • music
  • care
  • marriage
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I'm right here... (Alpha Levi x Omega Eren) by KyoliaWhitelily
I'm right here... (Alpha Levi x Milo-lu
"Please anybody help me, save me, why can't you here me, why can't you see me, why did you believe him..." All he wanted was for him to be in the warm embrace...
  • betrayal
  • aotyaoi
  • omegaeren
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true friends ; cedric diggory [✔️] by mikeijuana
true friends ; cedric diggory [✔️]by ˗ˏˋ 承 ˎˊ˗
What if Cedric Diggory didn't die? Harry spent years mourning Cedric's death, wishing he could've done something more for him. Little does he know that Cedric Diggory is...
  • hogwartsschoolofwitchcraftandwizardry
  • fantasticbeasts
  • hermione
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Limitless love by Diyasoni16
Limitless loveby Diyasoni16
Love can change a rude person into joyful person. That like story is we r going to see. it is a love story between two people. this story is a cute n romantic story...
  • soul
  • angry
  • nandini
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Manan: Shining Star by nifi777
Manan: Shining Starby Alifiya
Story of true friendship, love, betrayal and innocences. Manik and Abhimanyu being best friends n brother by soul. Nandini been an angel who brings happiness in Manik's...
  • maniknandini
  • manik
  • cabir
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Can we try again? by SadetuAtiti
Can we try again?by Sadetu Atiti
Samira, a final year student in the University of Lagos, gets carried away one night at a party and does what she never thought she would ever do in her life. She has a...
  • forgiveness
  • fiction
  • family
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YEH HAI AASHIQUI by monalisha186
Life is not always easy to live, but the opportunity to do so is a blessing beyond comprehension. In the process of living, we will face struggles, many of which will ca...
  • sistersforlife
  • family
  • raglak
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"Strange Zindagi" by MissDeathlyDeath
"Strange Zindagi"by ..Sagarika..
In this story, Chapter 13 onwards every chapter is private . Follow me to read the story ahead :) ..This is a story of a girl who once cared way too much about everyone...
  • kaisiyehyaariyan
  • truefriends
  • emotionalrollercoaster
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13 brothers  by live-love-laughter
13 brothers by Live love laughter
Shawn is a 16 year old girl who has 13 overprotective brothers. She is the only girl in the family other then her mom. Her brothers won't let her date guys. But what hap...
  • friendswithbenefits
  • fam
  • love
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Nobody Gotta Know//Why Don't We fanfic  by kenzbenz25
Nobody Gotta Know//Why Don't We kenzbenz25
Emma, a senior in high school keeps an unexpected secret from her closest friends. Will her friends figure out what's happening with their favorite band or will everyth...
  • jonahmarais
  • friends
  • fanfiction
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Veronica by ttsdawn
Veronicaby Ayan tiwari
Plot: This is a story of a girl Veronica Jonas whose depressive life takes an unexpected change. and changed her life forever. what kind of change is this? we will see a...
  • rivalry
  • adventure
  • depression
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Here for a Reason by ANONIMOUSMPMR
Here for a Reasonby ANONIMOUSMPMR
When you do everything for your best friends but you suddenly realized that you were used all along.
  • trust
  • feelings
  • bully
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The Heart of Friendship 2 by JohnBenedictMatias20
The Heart of Friendship 2by John Benedict Tamayo Matias
Inspired by true events. In Lorenzo Ruiz de Manila School, JB continues to have a connection with his friends and to build a relationship with new people. He also contin...
  • truestory
  • hope
  • helpmeout
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No Truths by MH-Hockey
No Truthsby Rissa__15
**UPDATES WEEKLY** Imagine a life with wings. With unknown magical abilities. With endless nights soaring into the night sky, joining the numerous stars and glistening m...
  • magic
  • wolves
  • fiction
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A True BrotherHood Story by HafsaFarrukh
A True BrotherHood Storyby Hafsa Farrukh
This story is about Bangtan Sonyeondan members Park Jimin And Kim Taehyung.. In short,VMIN some ARMYs love these two with each other!! I hope you all like it..
  • btsarmy
  • btsboys
  • brothersconflict
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Einstein Academy: School of Demons (On-Going) by t4nte1kill3r_
Einstein Academy: School of xyzANICAxyz
This school is not a 'typical school' This school is literally HELL If you step forward Don't dare to step backward Because you will see your DEATH
  • romance
  • demon
  • action
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Pervy - Senpai by Meloge127
Pervy - Senpaiby Meloge Toshime
This is a story about a group of girls and boys, they find theirselves in love with one another. Each and every one of them has a past that is yet to be unlocked? Note...
  • sweet-romance
  • humor
  • relationship
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The New Girl Is Badass  by josiejames203
The New Girl Is Badass by josiejames203
Trailer Needed!! Josie Carter is a badass girl who lived in Miami with her twin brother, two younger sisters and their mom, and they move to California. Now your probabl...
  • girls
  • badboys
  • bipolardisorder
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" Until Forever " by ulincornn11
" Until Forever "by Youniquecorn
ULINCORNN friendship project 💕 "Different personality, doesn't mean you can't be friend" ❤ Ahrin, Hyerin, Maylene, Hayan, Ishi, Pia, Taera and Kshyl 's story ❤
  • truefriends
  • btob
  • friendship
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