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Liam Payne Knocked On My Door by niallh1993
Liam Payne Knocked On My Doorby emily
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Save Me [Zarry] by lilacdreams-
Save Me [Zarry]by ramie
[COMPLETED] ❝Ever notice that the people who hurt you the most are the ones you tend to love more?❞ The one where two completely different teenagers, yet the same, look...
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What the Heart Wants (Larry AU) by something1d
What the Heart Wants (Larry AU)by :-)
Harry and Eleanor had always been the best of friends, ever since they were little kids. But when Harry meets her boyfriend, Louis, for the first time, unwanted feelings...
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My Irresistible Angel (N.H) by Oliviab_stories
My Irresistible Angel (N.H)by Lovely Olivia
"You're an Angel." I whisper to the beautiful man standing in front of me. "I'm irresistible and you know it." Niall winks and I bite my lip to keep...
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Unwanted (Payzer) by Kearins
Unwanted (Payzer)by Niall Enthusiast
*COMPLETED* Aileen Marisa Payne has had a rough life. She was kicked out of her home by her parents and sent away at only 2 weeks old, obviously unwanted. She was shippe...
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Dance With Me (Niall Horan) by HoranAteMe
Dance With Me (Niall Horan)by izzy
Lennox had been dancing since she was 5. But when you lose your spark for something you used to enjoy, will you ever get over it? When Lennox begins to crumble Niall Hor...
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Never Broken (arianagrande and onedirection fanfic) by Shuruq2000
Never Broken (arianagrande and Shuruq 💜
Ariana Grande is on a one month mini tour with One Direction. She has a teensy little crush on Zayn Malik. Problem is, Zayn is dating Perrie Edwards from Little Mix. Zay...
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Chasing Harry [Sequel to Chasing The Moments] by justakiss22
Chasing Harry [Sequel to Chasing just a kiss 2.2
[CHASING THE MOMENTS SEQUEL] I left for a reason and I wasn't going to drag myself back into it. Growing a pair of balls, I took a deep breath and cleared my...
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Adopted by One Direction (5SOS) by akgaaashii
Adopted by One Direction (5SOS)by akaashi
Violet was an orphan but one day that all changed when One Direction adopted her. She will go through tough friends, and find love early. Now, Violet Tomlinson, will mee...
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Without a Clue {Diall} by ThatCrazyMixer
Without a Clue {Diall}by S.
"It never leaves. It never goes away. Why won't it go away?" Niall's secretive, always has been, but no one could've ever guessed that he would hide something...
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The Beauty of Defiance by zarrywhoziamyeah
The Beauty of Defianceby Samantha Fucking Gray
Two married couples, two different dynamics that are bound to self-implode - Zayn and Liam meet on the edge of their respective wife's success and do not hesitate to fal...
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Zerrie 🐴🐴🐴 By: UnicornDancerGirl by UnicornDancerGirl
Zerrie 🐴🐴🐴 By: UnicornDancerGirlby UnicornDancerGirl
A new girl Perrie Edwards bumped to the schools bradford bad boy... Zayn Malik, Find out what happens... WARNING: SLOW UPDATES By: UnicornDancerGirl/Unicorn
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They Don't Know About Us.♥ ∞Elounor∞ *FINISHED* by NiamIsMyBaby
They Don't Know About Us.♥ ∞ Holly
Louis Tomlinson, 1/5 of the biggest boy band in the world, One Direction. Eleanor Calder, Former Hollister floor model and student at the University of Manchester. Harry...
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Mixed Direction by lotta_james
Mixed Directionby lotta
Fourth Book in Series. Tragic endings; beautiful starts. Millions of pieces glued to mend their hearts. Only hope, strength, trust and love can mend what has broken. Ca...
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Lost (Harry Styles Fan Fiction) by niallerslivslife
Lost (Harry Styles Fan Fiction)by Liv
Harry falls for a very pretty girl one day after dropping Baby Lux off at a random nursery. He doesn't know Daisy that well, but his dream is to at least become friends...
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Falling For The Boy in The Coffee Shop by AlyssaRose98
Falling For The Boy in The Alyssa
It all began in the coffee shop. Quiet and picturesque, it is a wonderfully cozy place. It's small yet holds character. This place holds secret a special story, one of;...
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The Bad Boys Club (UNDER HEAVY Larry Stylinson
Jillian Grayson is living every girls dream her locker is in between the hottest boys in school Zayn Malik , Harry Styles , Niall Horan , Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson...
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Nobody Compares » ELOUNOR by pony_payno
Nobody Compares » ELOUNORby l
Everyone's telling me to just forget you and move on. But I know I can't. Something deep inside me is saying that you're different, that NOBODY COMPARES to you. //On Goi...
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Friends And Lovers by lovetay13
Friends And Loversby lovetay13
What if Taylor , Selena , Perrie , Elenour and Danielle were friends since childhood? What if only Selena and Taylor had kept in touch after graduation? What will happen...
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1D Girl's Project  by elounorslove
1D Girl's Project by elounorslove
What happens when all One Direction girlfriends get stuck in the same house ? What drama will arise and how will they learn to cope with one another ? (Mainly Eleanor...
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