Stockholm Syndrome (Niam Horayne AU) (BoyxBoy) by Love_Niam_forever
Stockholm Syndrome (Niam Horayne A...by Sophie
Niall wakes up in a cold dark room, not seeming to remember much. But each time he goes to sleep a memory comes back, and when he wakes he's in his kidnappers arms. Ther...
  • niamhorayne
  • gay
  • malexmale
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The New Kid (Larry Stylinson with a little Niam) by louislovesharryyy28
The New Kid (Larry Stylinson with...by Harry is Louis' home
When shy Louis Tomlinson moves to Cheshire he thinks fitting in will be impossible, but what happens when he meets and starts to fall for popular Harry Styles? Credits t...
  • larrystylinson
  • louis
  • larry
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married life ♡ niam au [COMPLETE] by cptnrogers
married life ♡ niam au [COMPLETE]by alex!!
"you'll marry me, won't you, darling?" "of course i will!" © 2016 by Lexi. Warnings: mpreg
  • cptnrogers
  • fluff
  • niall
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Little Princess 🌸 Niam [AU] by -NiamsDirection-
Little Princess 🌸 Niam [AU]by ❤Robbi❤
[Completed] [Nominated For Season 2 Bromance Awards @BandFictionAwards] "little princess, would you like to be with me?" "I barely know you, liam." ...
  • larry
  • niall
  • kinks
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Little Monster [Niam] by mrs_horan_59
Little Monster [Niam]by princess nic
"Who's daddy's little monster?" "I am! I'm daddy's little monster!" Where Niall is obssesed with Stitch and is Liam's little monster.
  • niamhorayne
  • ddlb
  • boyxboy
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fifty shades of red » l.s. by mochaharry
fifty shades of red » l.s.by serena
about a boy who's afraid of being touched and the boy who wants to touch him. bottom!harry as always ♡
  • bdsm
  • stylinson
  • boyxboy
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Feline Caretaker 🌸 Niam [AU] by -NiamsDirection-
Feline Caretaker 🌸 Niam [AU]by ❤Robbi❤
[Completed] "You are a beautiful kitten, Niall." "I-I don't think so... You are j-just saying th-that." "You don't trust me? Because I'm intimid...
  • zouis
  • olderliam
  • stronglanguage
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Beyond My control (niam horayne) (boyxboy) by Love_Niam_forever
Beyond My control (niam horayne) (...by Sophie
(I wrote this when I was 13 and it's my first fic so ur allowed to laugh and cringe lmao) Niall is truly madly deeply in love with his best friend and bandmate, Liam Pa...
  • malexmale
  • larry
  • gay
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Opposites Attract by SebastianHHarrison
Opposites Attractby Sebastian H. H. Riley
Louis is innocent. He has been shielded by the world. He loves wearing girl clothes because they make him feel pretty. Harry meets Louis and wants to strip him of his in...
  • innocent
  • louis
  • nerd
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My Blood Is Yours 🌸 Niam [AU] by -NiamsDirection-
My Blood Is Yours 🌸 Niam [AU]by ❤Robbi❤
[Completed] A Niam vampire/mpreg story :) ❀ contains; vampires, Mpreg cover made by; Erin
  • styles
  • niam
  • horayne
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Your Lips 🌸 Niam [BXB/AU] by -NiamsDirection-
Your Lips 🌸 Niam [BXB/AU]by ❤Robbi❤
[Completed] "My name is Niall, and what would you like, sir?" "I'd just like to stare at this beautiful boy in front of me." "well u-uhm.. you'l...
  • niallhoran
  • niamhorayne
  • twists
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Kalon ❁ niam by Niamzies
Kalon ❁ niamby :the lone wolf:
Kalon: (n.), ka·lon, \kəˈlän\ - "Beauty that is more than skin deep" or the one where niall was a special boy who needed someone to love and look after him an...
  • niallhoran
  • cat
  • wattys2016
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Stripper || Ziam Mayne/Niam Horayne by ByunNabi
Stripper || Ziam Mayne/Niam Horayneby ByunNabi
Liam Payne ist eigentlich ein ganz normaler, junger Mann, nur sein Beruf ist außergewöhnlich. Er arbeitet in einem. Männerstripclub und ist dort sehr beliebt. Eines Tage...
  • ziam
  • boyxboy
  • mayne
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I Have A Secret 🌹 Niam [BoyxBoy] by -NiamsDirection-
I Have A Secret 🌹 Niam [BoyxBoy]by ❤Robbi❤
[Completed] "I have a secret, Liam. . ." "What is it? I'd never judge you, mate." "It's kinda big though. . . Me being nineteen and all." ...
  • louistomlinson
  • secrets
  • larry
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Special Love [Cashton] -Under Editing- by DiddlyCashton
Special Love [Cashton] -Under Edit...by Megan :3
Calum Hood. 17 years old. Soccer star. Straight A student. Two scholarships into uni. An amazing girlfriend. Two annoying best friends. Two fantastic parents, along with...
  • horayne
  • calum
  • stylinson
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Leather Jacket ↬ Niam Song Oneshots by KissingWhiteLies
Leather Jacket ↬ Niam Song Oneshotsby ˗ˋcelˊ˗
You see, what's so beautiful about fanfiction is that no matter what universe they're in they will always end up together no matter what roadblock is thrown at them they...
  • horayne
  • niamhorayne
  • niam
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English Love Affair » niam by madeintheniam
English Love Affair » niamby Δ سيلينا Δ
{mpreg → niam} Niall Horan, world famous, international, popstar status, along with his best mate, Harry Styles, embark on their first world tour. They're starting off w...
  • niall
  • niamhorayne
  • boyxboy
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Something Private 🌺 Niam [AU] by -NiamsDirection-
Something Private 🌺 Niam [AU]by ❤Robbi❤
[Completed] Liam; the leader of The Hopeless Ones, not afraid of breaking a heart or two when ruling his school. Niall; the new boy who just moved into town, not expecti...
  • liampayne
  • zaynmalik
  • drama
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Craving 🌸 Niam [BXM] by -NiamsDirection-
Craving 🌸 Niam [BXM]by ❤Robbi❤
[Completed] Craving [Noun] ~ A powerful desire for something (or someone) Niall Horan is Liam Payne's craving and he doesn't even know it yet. Liam wants him in every wa...
  • niam
  • lies
  • harrystyles
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Niam One-Shots by Niams_Larry
Niam One-Shotsby Desmond_889
Just a few one shots, of niam obviously with side ships
  • louis
  • horan
  • harryandlouis
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