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First Lady(MikeyXFem!Reader) by god_of_stories612
First Lady(MikeyXFem!Reader)by R.I.P. Röm@ńcę
Mikey's sanity, love, existence, life, soul, dream, everything is y/n. She is reason for his life. Let's see how the Tokyo Manji Gang changes when she is by his side. Y...
Chance for a Prophecy by Shi_Kira
Chance for a Prophecyby Shi_Kira
You can't stop the flow of time. Its wheel only whirls in one direction. It is impossible for a mere human to change that path. But sometimes the impossible must be done...
Zariya by crazys_writing_
Zariyaby •𝙽𝙰𝙰𝚉•
We say it's all destiny's play ! what will happen when, destiny has planned, to collide two different souls..... and unite them as 'soulmates', to make them path of eac...
Fox Girl x Reader by Holler324
Fox Girl x Readerby Razvan Catalin
Y/N is just a young fella standing at 18 years old, that attends high school on a daily basis in order to have a future or so they say. Unlike many he ony has a true fri...
Rouge's Trail by Wolfbane
Rouge's Trailby Aconite
"If you follow me you will only find yourself pain." "If that's what it takes then I'll suffer," he took another step to me, his hands finding my sho...
The Year of the Horse (Book two of the Almair Series) (Completed) by RissaleWriter
The Year of the Horse (Book two Rissa, Rissy, Riss
(Read 'The Year of the Wolf' first.) It had been a year since Martha had found out that she was the Almair and the True One, and she had turned 16. However, there was...
Concept Holder of Time (Solo Leveling Oc Insert Fanfiction) by TheSilhouette16
Concept Holder of Time (Solo TheSilhouette16
(Solo Leveling Fanfiction Origin Of Oc insert) Park Agmaui-Nun, from the moment he was born he was aware of his rencarnation as it was cliche for the fact a baby body ca...
Changing His Ways by So_Relatable
Changing His Waysby So_Relatable
What Umaymah was trying to do was make the bad boy good again. Free from crimes, his bad habits and come back to his religion. Things however, only gets complicated when...
A robotic heart. (Pathfinder x depressed!female reader) Apex Legends. by Wulfston1
A robotic heart. (Pathfinder x Wulfston1
You were abused when you were young. By your parrents. You were told you were nothing. That you're worthless. That's all you can think. You dream was to be a engineer, b...
AFTER LIFE - Jennie x Male Reader by ZAKY14
AFTER LIFE - Jennie x Male Readerby ZAKY14
Everyone believes that they have to do their best in order to enjoy their life. Everyone wants to be remembered once they are gone. But, what if you don't have time enou...
Always Be My Baby by kimmy43_25
Always Be My Babyby Talitha
Whom you said you already move on but, What if one day you suddenly meet your ex , was it accident or coincidence that you meet your ex , Because that is what happened...
Gaucherie: The Path of Water by zaneinthemultiverse
Gaucherie: The Path of Waterby zane
Shay is a teenager from a town called Lisenae, who lives in a world where the ones with the ability to control the elements are oppressed by everyone, even the governmen...
Equifinality (Bare Bones) by BillHembree
Equifinality (Bare Bones)by Bill Hembree
Its hard enough for Ethan to try to move on form an abusive and tragic past, then something deep in his family line will change everything. There has was been something...
~Another Path~Shu,Lui,Free x Valt. by Twyvil_
~Another Path~Shu,Lui,Free x 4inul
After Shu become red eye valt giving up on Beyblading. So he decided to become a............ just wait.
My Killer Romance by iguana95
My Killer Romanceby iguana95
Alice was perfectly fine living the highly secretive and cavalier life she had. Honestly, between the exotic locations and to die for gadgets, life couldn't get any bet...
Quran Kalam by naedyzulkafli
Quran Kalamby Dhia
Islamic reminders to fix the hearts of people ❤ Let's be a better Muslim ! Source: Instagram @quransayings quransayings/? hl=en
The PEIN of losing a Sibling (Naruto FanFic, Completed) by Digital-Galaxy
The PEIN of losing a Sibling ( ꧁Digital - Galaxy ꧂
{Book one of the Nagato's Sister Books} In the middle of no where, is one of the worst places in the world. A prison for the worst. Prisoner number 666 is planning on es...
The Path of Time ★ [3] ✔ (EDITING) by -florianraven
The Path of Time ★ [3] ✔ (EDITING)by L ᴀ ᴜ ʀ ᴀ
A universe torn asunder. A race to avoid extinction. A final confrontation between enemies. A path of time hard trodden. She's spent centuries protecting time and the pe...
Witchcraft - Spells and Tips by BabyWitchWitchcraft
Witchcraft - Spells and Tipsby Baby Witch
Here are some tips and tricks for witches, specifically beginner witches, I hope this helps! :)
Hollow knight art book by RedCynder1234
Hollow knight art bookby RedCynder123
All your hollow knight needs in a book as well as a few ships and crap posts. Hope ya'll enjoy!