Angel Wings by Dovey_Twells
Angel Wingsby Dovey Twells
"You are mine princess" "Yours?"I whispered confused He dug his head into my neck inhaling my scent. "God I want to taste you" "Taste...
  • naive
  • wattys2018
  • possesive
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The Caramel Hair Nerd by hotchocolatedove
The Caramel Hair Nerdby hotchocolatedove
As soon as I entered my room I was slammed against a wall beside my door. A whimper escaped my lips due to pain in my back. There was no need to look who it was I...
  • caramel
  • hair
  • hate
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OffSpring by XxRiah916Xx
OffSpringby ˗ˏˋ🎉🎂ˎˊ˗
[Ongoing but Editing] ° ° ° Highest Ranking || #1 in Vampire (5/2/18) /// #8 in Fantasy (8/31/18) ° ° ° ❝I never knew how uncomplete my mortal life was until I met you...
  • fragile
  • vampire
  • hotlist
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Jjk-FAKE LOVE-Pjm by jikookspotato
Jjk-FAKE LOVE-Pjmby jikookspotato
" Sex!! That's all you want ParkJimin! Then i'll show you how it is done!" Jungkook said yelling at the small boy in front of him who's looking terrified. PS:...
  • heartbreak
  • bts
  • bromance
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Blade: Havoc Outlaws MC by AvidReader592
Blade: Havoc Outlaws MCby AvidReader
I own none of the photos in this book!! Warning!!! There will be, violence, rape, swearing, and explicit sexual content in this book!! She's running from a horrible pas...
  • oldladies
  • nerdy
  • shy
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Creation Causes Destruction  by your_perfection010
Creation Causes Destruction by Faith
{BOOK 8} "Say you love me!" I slammed her frail body against the closet, a scream leaves her soft mouth making me instantly step back. She started breathing h...
  • destruction
  • love
  • badboy
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Photographs  by _hopeful_flower
Photographs by -Lu-
"Strip" He demanded. Jee nearly choked on her own saliva. Hoping that she may have misheard a wrong word, she asked again. "Wha-what did you just say?&quo...
  • bts
  • hatelove
  • bangtansonyeondan
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michael jackson imagines by sebasstan
michael jackson imaginesby litzy
❛ to give someone a piece of your heart is worth more than all the wealth in the world. ❜ ©sebasstan × MICHAEL JACKSON IMAGINES ×
  • innocent
  • healtheworld
  • jackson
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Fragile (BoyxBoy) by InfiniteTeal
Fragile (BoyxBoy)by Senpai
Hazel is a deaf boy with many health problems; he's just a fragile boy and it doesn't take long for him to get hurt or sick with something. Aiden is that person that dec...
  • fiction
  • bxb
  • fragile
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£ustfûl: WrittenPast+AF by WrittenPast
£ustfûl: WrittenPast+AFby WrittenPast
Luke Harrison: The schools bad boy...The very IMBODIMENT! Of sexual desire around the school...For all othe other girls, he's the one everyone wants... but me? apparen...
  • highschool
  • ddlg
  • innocent
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Somewhere In Between by azurehue
Somewhere In Betweenby lily
"There's life and there's death. I'm just stuck somewhere in between. " ... In which a 22 year old completely loses memory of four consequent years of her lif...
  • fragile
  • things
  • memories
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Take it Easy by theasha09
Take it Easyby Hajiqaa
Forget all the pain and living in the good vibes
  • tumblrquote
  • life
  • badboy
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Poems of an Unknown ♡ by emotionalroe
Poems of an Unknown ♡by Lost Boy
Poured out thoughts and feelings of a lost boy trying to find himself. Warning: Read at your own risk. Contain moods that might trigger anxiety and depression. Cover m...
  • poetry
  • depressed
  • anxiety
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Calm & Chaos  by Deewildanddeefree
Calm & Chaos by Dee
Love and patience must go together, but if there's no friendship, there's nothing. Harlow and Jude's life was a total chaos. Well, Harlow was the one bringing chaos int...
  • teenfiction
  • fragile
  • newbeginnings
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Faye's Lycan by BnChlo
Faye's Lycanby Chloé
"I don't want to be here anymore." Faye trembled as tears rushed down her face. She felt so scared, the lump in her throat growing making her feel like she was...
  • warewolf
  • cold
  • alpha
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Loving My Soon To Be Wife?  by snowflake_dreams
Loving My Soon To Be Wife? by ..
Ekam Mehra.. The hot bachelor but partner in the textile business of his best friend. Girls drool over him! You know you get the image! He is pretty hot same as his best...
  • indian
  • romance
  • husband
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My Mischievous Millionaire by NJRyder
My Mischievous Millionaireby Ryder
Ranked #19 in Chicklit. [18/03/2017] "Just remember who was with you all this time and who wasn't, Christopher." I reply, his eyes quickly dart to his compute...
  • humor
  • millionaire
  • cute
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Fragile Love by Murderous_Affliction
Fragile Loveby Gabriel Javier
Xavier Matthews: Xavier who is currently 17 and is an intelligent and talented student and who is top of his classes, but he is the silent type and no one expect his bes...
  • school
  • love
  • gay
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glass statues | c.s. by glassstatues
glass statues | rylie
"Love just screws you" "That's just a lie that you want to believe" "But then why does it keep happening, why do I keep on getting screwed by ev...
  • love
  • fiction
  • fragile
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Fragile Wings (boyxboy) by Insomniatic_love
Fragile Wings (boyxboy)by waifu
Lalit is a weak being in the world of magic. He is part of a race that, though gifted with wings and power, is very fragile. The race has no name, but the creatures are...
  • weak
  • mxb
  • royalty
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