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FRAGILE (Lookism x male oc) by hanachubby
FRAGILE (Lookism x male oc)by Babyhana
BxB WARNING: OC IS USELESS, WEAK, STUPID, NAIVE, DUMB, VERY DEPENDANT AND CRYBABY. Kim Aiden is a blind boy. He got into Juvenile Prison after being framed for theft. He...
fragile • B. BARNES by coffee-writer
fragile • B. BARNESby 🌙 reah 🌙
"hi, my name's chelsea. what's your favorite dinner food?" - in which an incredibly fragile girl meets an incredibly confused and possibly dangerous man, and h...
Saved By The Alpha by Hey_Angel_hrry
Saved By The Alphaby Starr✨
[Short Story, a little fast pace] "What are you doing in our territory, rogue?" The man snarls at me. "M-Me no b-bring h-harm." I whimper. The man...
His only Obsession by dreamcomealive
His only Obsessionby Emma
"Mine" he growled, nuzzling his face into my neck possessively "Mine." She was his obsession and he was her beast (Book #1 Warning ⚠️ super possess...
Autophobia by Noizez
Autophobiaby Noizez
Being born albino Amelia was the gem in her family, her mafia family. Being the center of attention, people were drawn by her lack of pigment and fiery personality. She...
The Mistake of Non-Existent Love | ✍🏼 by ikc_writes
The Mistake of Non-Existent Love | IKC
Ellery Cohen A 3-year-old little girl that was born because two people couldn't keep their hands from one another for one night. One night that Ellery is constantly rem...
Rebound, But Newfound [boyxboy] by SkeneKidz
Rebound, But Newfound [boyxboy]by Jen
17 year old Zeke is a normal enough boy. He's gay, friendly, a soccer player, and occasionally over hyper. His new boyfriend Tommy is relaxed and quiet kind of guy. Zeke...
Epic Love: The Mafia's First luck Love  by Minjihara
Epic Love: The Mafia's First Afreen Syed
Unexpected sunshine in the dark life of a Mafia!. *Shoot* *Bomb blast* *Guns* *Blood&screams* *Money* *wealth* *pleasure* *enemies* What do you expect more than this in...
UNWANTED  by author_trisha
UNWANTED by Trisha :)
Hi! I'm Tiffany, a girl with lots of desires and expectations. But my life took a turn the day I was born, why you may ask? Because I was born to a male chauvanistic ma...
Crossed Path by POtaeTO777
Crossed Pathby Akza
A story of unexpected love and forbidden passion. Follow the two strangers as they find their heartstrings being tugged in unexpected ways as their worlds collide. Will...
(1st Installment of Diamon Series) Fragile Line by _petermarker
(1st Installment of Diamon Series) Ice
First Installment of Diamond Series "In this lifetime, I wish you put up a fight because I am willing to cross our fragile line." - Akira Victoria Ynarez "...
Billionaire 's Irresistible Love by NezukoChan790614
Billionaire 's Irresistible Loveby Nezuko Chan
Ava Shetty was a very sweet and naive girl. Wherever she went, she would spread happiness. She had a protective older brother and sweet, loving parents. Everything was g...
War  Between us  ❤️‍🔥 by Nisha-dii
War Between us ❤️‍🔥by Nisha
story of a naive , innocent ,poor girl jiya and a arrogant , dominant guy veer veer - dar lag rha h ( are u afraid ) jiya - j-ji veer - dar lag rha h ( a little bit...
glass // joshler  by curiosity-
glass // joshler by ♡ margo ♡
"heart made of glass, my mind of stone. tear me to pieces, skin and bone." little!tyler daddy!josh #1 in the tag tylerjoseph 9.12.18 #16 in the tag twentyonep...
MR.JEALOUSY by lalisa_m2797
MR.JEALOUSYby lalisa_m2797
Princess,you're every inch of your body belongs to me and only me! no one dare lay their filthy hand on your precious little body!
Be With Me  by seekerbangtan
Be With Me by Eᴜɴ Aᴇʀᴀ
❝ The tattoo, has it been all along. ❞ "Mine," all that Jungkook says before he ceases the limited distance between you two, and cuff your lips with his. I ne...
Inveigled Chaperane by xabish
Inveigled Chaperaneby xabish
Dark hair, toned body, sharp eyes, and smart enough to hide his fears and his secrets. A ruthless devil, blessed with the face of an angel, JEON JUNGKOOk, the best emplo...
The Fragile Broken Mate by booksmiler
The Fragile Broken Mateby booksmiler
Katie is a werewolf. She has had a rough life, one that has caused her to trust no one...... especially men. She is abused by her father. Her mother's death totally wrec...
Hollow knight art book by RedCynder1234
Hollow knight art bookby RedCynder123
All your hollow knight needs in a book as well as a few ships and crap posts. Hope ya'll enjoy!