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Unspoken Poetry by solarannalise
Unspoken Poetryby Annalise
if i told you how much you mean to me, i'd never to a chance to finish.
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letters to no one ➳ [poetry] by bruisedmelodies
letters to no one ➳ [poetry]by sk 🌺
❝i've delicately chosen letters to form words and words to form sentences, each sentence a colorful paint stroke on the canvas of my mind.❞ [ #1 in poetry on 27/08/16 ]
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Unspoken "Three Words" by neko-chansaysnyaa
Unspoken "Three Words"by Mad Trigger Hoe
Midorima Shintaro x Reader LEMON
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Unspoken by Wintersdancer
Unspokenby Sierra
It's my choice to become mute. The things that happened to me has me so horrified that I've decided to be a selective mute. I was taken as a child and I had to endure pa...
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Unbroken by Wintersdancer
Unbrokenby Sierra
Arabella Chase hasn't had the easiest life. Her parents and brother were killed leaving just her and her sister. Imagine a picture perfect family. Like the ones you see...
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False Hope by SikretongMalupeet
False Hopeby Tac Adina
Akala ko, siya na 'yong taong para sa akin pero isa na naman palang maling akala. All Right Reserved ...
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Unspoken [BTS × Male Reader] by 0-Characterz-0
Unspoken [BTS × Male Reader]by STATUS: DEAD INSIDE
His words go unspoken, For he cannot speak. Or is it, he choose not to speak.
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Unspoken Words √ by nichoLET_04
Unspoken Words √by Irish Cacapit
Words that I really wanted to say Letters helps me to build this But then I can't say this to you So a pen help me to write this Hoping someday to send to you .... and t...
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Unspoken by buttercup_roses
Unspokenby janelle
Ellie Lane loved Noah. In fact, she still does. He promised her a forever with him, but his promise didn't last. Just like all promises, his was broken. What is Ellie g...
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Underneath My Skin || Poetry by Fizaxbieber
Underneath My Skin || Poetryby Fiza
Just a few poetries which I've scrawled underneath my skin -» all rights reserved to the author
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Unspoken by AlongJamir
Unspokenby Along Jamir
When you're introverted in real life you carry all that burden in your mind never having a friend to rant to. with all that weight on your head you need a place to vent...
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Unknown by Wintersdancer
Unknownby Sierra
My name is Winter Masters and this is my story. No wait scratch that. I thought I was Winter Masters, turns out I'm Winter Carson. The missing daughter of Katherine Ca...
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Unspoken Love by RainyNights95
Unspoken Loveby Digu
Sandhir OS Enjoy
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Tale of A Broken Girl  by shittyzi
Tale of A Broken Girl by shittyzi
A bunch of feelings that poured into words ©Bananiall, 2017
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Perfect Strangers by sjakiela
Perfect Strangersby Sjakiela
Everything finally seemed to be in its place. I had my life back on track, My popularity only seemed to get better and better and I'm still captain of the basketball tea...
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Exploding Thoughts by StudentEksu
Exploding Thoughtsby StudentEksu
Poetry is an art. An epitome of expression. This is my collection of arts made by me truly. #5 as of January 13 #6 as of January 12 #7 as of January 11 #12 as of Januar...
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Unspoken Oneshots by laikabosshill
Unspoken Oneshotsby Admiral Laika
Oneshots and drabbles from Unspoken series :3 OC kids and mpreg shenanigans, my own ideas and prompts welcome
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tacenda by A_Sam_A
tacendaby A_Sam_A
tacenda ! The name speaks for itself. Please read comment and share.✌😊
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Unspoken Tales [COMPLETED] by _dripping_melanin
Unspoken Tales [COMPLETED]by ♠•|Ace|•♠
I strongly believe that poetry is not only a liable way of stress relief and comfort but its an amazing way of expressing emotions. Poetry can generally be personal for...
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When Unspoken Thoughts Gets Written [POETRY] by InkedBrine
When Unspoken Thoughts Gets Writte...by Storm
[POETRY] Letters become words. Words become sentences. Sentences could be a story. A story-from the thoughts you carry. But not all thoughts are spoken. Yet I assure yo...
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