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Silent Verses by lany09xx
Silent Versesby Lany
Symbolized feelings.
The Unspoken Promise (unfinished) by Faith_dude220
The Unspoken Promise (unfinished)by Faith Grayson
Jade Williams, 16 years old has fought her inter life for survival until her world was turned upside down by 6 overprotective brothers. WARNING: contains abuse and trigg...
Over-Thinking by Neko_Noelle
Over-Thinkingby Noelle (=^-^=)
Thinking is a good thing but over-thinking can end things before they ever get the chance to develop. Random stuff that pops into my head.
Art Called Love : poetry ✓  by abycee
Art Called Love : poetry ✓ by abycee ♡︎
a compilation of all of my poetry works written over the years. #3 in within 11/5/20 #1 in short poetry 11/3/20 #2 in proses 11/3/20 #5 in unspoken 11/9/20 #3 in love po...
Truths From The Liars  by Stories_Write_Me
Truths From The Liars by Sunidhi Mahajan
What are truths if not modified lies? We live in a world of lies, in fact the world itself is a lie. Life Is A Lie...i am a liar or maybe I AM THE LIE.the lie that my pa...
the slow art of breathing bitter by seven_hues
the slow art of breathing bitterby sreeja
slow dancing love and pain in the midnight chorus of liquor-washed autumn green ... || a constellation of destructive poetry ||
Unspoken Melodies by VenuraJayasingha
Unspoken Melodiesby Venura Jayasingha
This story is a young romance about a girl named Himaya who develops a crush on a mysterious singer, Nirwan, at a local coffee shop. With the help of her friend Siluni...
I Took Your Hand And We Stood Tall by laupace
I Took Your Hand And We Stood Tallby laupace
Rick and Daryl fanfiction based on a deleted scene from season 5, in which Daryl goes out to hunt, Rick tells him to be safe and Daryl answers him with "Thanks, off...
Elixir by Draunianuragini
Elixirby दुर्गा-नन्दनी
Within the vast expanse of the Mahabharata, there are characters whose bonds and unspoken words have faded from memory. Their stories, once intertwined within the epic's...
letters from afar by oneghoti
letters from afarby unknownymous
poetry. a compilation of unspoken confessions for a person who deserves.
jarak antara kita by adayshaa
jarak antara kitaby adayshaa
senandika, bermaksud suara hati. disini, hanya seorang gadis yang meluahkan senandikanya melalui karya. karya yang ditujukan kepada mereka.
Milyong piraso ng basag na puso by UrLazypen
Milyong piraso ng basag na pusoby UrLazypen
Sa librong ito nagkubli ang bigong makata, Kinumutan ng mga pinagtagpi tagpi niyang tula, Noong gabing bumuhos ang malakas na tulo ng luha sa kanyang bubungan, Noong bin...
Unspoken by APoetsHeart1207
Unspokenby APoetsHeart1207
Words left unspoken are the most painful.
Last Spoken Words (UkaTake FanFic-ONE SHOT) by Mocha_Flavor
Last Spoken Words (UkaTake FanFic...by Mocha_Flavor
Haikyu! Fan Fiction Ukai Keishin x Takeda Ittetsu Boy's Love "Ukai, do you remember your last spoken words to me?" My last question seems I finally won his a...
All I Ever Wanted by number1swifty
All I Ever Wantedby Katie
Emma's life was never perfect. She never had the nice house, white picket fence and a beautiful labrador puppy. She never wanted any of that anyway. All she ever wanted...
In Silence And Tears by INFPuwu
In Silence And Tearsby Smol Potat
Behind the silence, there might be tears. Behind the tears, there is a reason. Behind the reason, there is a person. Behind the person, there is a breath-taking love. Be...
UNHEARD SCREAM by -ResNullius-
UNHEARD SCREAMby Lady Grasya 👩‍⚖️
"Too many things that were better left unsaid, that had to be left unsaid." I am tired of all the lies and betrayal. And of broken promises that were never mea...