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Fates Intertwined ( A Prince Harry Story) by DuchessOfAquitaine
Fates Intertwined ( A Prince Bea Breviglieri
Prince Harry/OFC ; a bit AU. The status of the european monarchies were uncertain. Revolutions were spreading from the East and making their way into Europe. The bon...
  • original
  • nobility
  • duke
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Related to a Country by HetaliaFanfics55555
Related to a Countryby HetaliaFanfics55555
"I forgive you Puppet. But I need to teach you a lesson." Oliver said as he advanced towards Arthur. Moving fast I used the knife I had in my hands to cut the...
  • scotland
  • england
  • wales
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the prince and the olympian by gingersnap731
the prince and the olympianby gingersnap731
amelia jeffery a british equestrian that is preparing to renter the olympics after a horrific fall that happend 4 years before on her horse sky also known as sky's the l...
  • royal
  • windsor
  • wales
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INCARNATE (Book 3 of the Spirits' War Trilogy) [In Progress] by kv_wilson
INCARNATE (Book 3 of the Spirits' K.V. Wilson
Beware the wrath of a patient man. Patercius - once the Sun God, Inti - is on a path of destruction. Believing the spirits to be demons, the knight has tasked himself wi...
  • fantasy
  • england
  • writeonrefugee
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Prince Niall of Wales [Narry] by ArianaRayLovato
Prince Niall of Wales [Narry]by Title of a TV Show.
Niall stands third in line to succeed his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, as monarch of the Commonwealth realms. Now don’t get him wrong, it’s never been his dream to beco...
  • wales
  • lady
  • gay
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My Trip To The British Isles by Comet-Royal
My Trip To The British Islesby Rhea Quin
This is my account of my trip to Scotland, England, and Wales.
  • wales
  • ireland
  • vacation
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gareth bale; the walls by lorbsns
gareth bale; the wallsby lorbsns
she was just a fan. he was just a footballer.
  • football
  • garethbale
  • fiction
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The Rest of My Life Began With "Hello, I'm Harry." by PeaceLovePrinceHarry
The Rest of My Life Began With " Bronwyn & Preethi
Charlotte Young is just an intern at Alexander McQueen, but her life changes when her boss sends her on a tiny little job. To deliver a dress, to Kate Middleton, Duchess...
  • royal
  • story
  • wales
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Who Told You? by LaurettaFey
Who Told You?by LaurettaFey
As if losing your parents and moving to a new country wasn't shock enough, Anna falls head first into a world she only thought existed in her father's imagination
  • wales
  • love
  • family
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When we die... by Pippahaney
When we Pippa Jane
"I'm so scared" "Would he want you to be?" "Don't. Just please don't go there" How would you cope if u were miles away from home and everyo...
  • original
  • disappear
  • wales
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The UK: Stupidity Or Arrogance? by WeinerGmbh
The UK: Stupidity Or Arrogance?by WeinerGmbh
The UK successfully keeps young, educated people from coming to her country. Here's how. (It makes me very angry)
  • economy
  • theresamay
  • brexit
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Môr 2  by kelcinelson
Môr 2 by Nostalgia🌚🌸
It's Môr 2!
  • mór
  • wales
  • fiction
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My Britain, Oh My Love... by Elisabeth010
My Britain, Oh My Elisabeth010
Eine Sammlung von Gedichten, geschrieben in und über das Vereinigte Königreich von Großbritannien und Nordirland. Mal nachdenklich, mal fröhlich, mal traurig, mal bewund...
  • england
  • uk
  • schottland
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To Taste the Sun by LJames93
To Taste the Sunby L James
The first decent short story I ever wrote. Set in early '70s Wales, two children seek to climb a tall wooden tower on the pier in order to see "what the sun tastes...
  • innocence
  • childhood
  • 70s
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cigarettes by FollowUrArrow
cigarettesby Kale
"got a light?" "maybe." ***************** "kiss me." "okay." ***************** "you're beautiful." "so are you...
  • broken
  • travel
  • streets
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The Nutcracker by ChrisPenhall
The Nutcrackerby ChrisPenhall
  • ballet
  • wales
  • opera
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A Faery-Tale Ending by KitKatAttack
A Faery-Tale Endingby Katina Farley
Oliver has returned to the place of his childhood, Ruthin, Wales. Something lured him, and this time he brought his family. Will he be able to sever the ties?
  • fairies
  • fantasy
  • wales
Môr by kelcinelson
Môrby Nostalgia🌚🌸
Melissa lives in a small seaside town in Wales.Every morning she sneaks out of bed and rushes to the seashore, smelling the salty air and listening to the seagulls cry...
  • cliffhangers
  • seaside
  • welsh
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The Crazy Dreams Of Cardiff City by TheWelshwitch
The Crazy Dreams Of Cardiff Cityby TheWelshwitch
Shwmae! Carwyn Kirkland ydw i :) and welcome to my little book of... well anything I want to write about; dreams, rants, goals, anything! I guess this is like a public d...
  • hetalia
  • wales
  • hetaliaoc
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