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The Third Wale by ZaMahj
The Third Waleby Bossisbanks
before she died Princess Diana had a daughter named Nadia Jean Marie Veronica Adeline Sophia Elizabeth Aday Rose. She was 10 years old when her father walked into her...
The Prince's Secret (Prince Harry Fanfic) by SatyraSpenser
The Prince's Secret (Prince Satyra Spenser
Prince Harry of Wales is engaged to marry a beautiful American actress. He loves her...or so he keeps telling himself. He's ready to marry. She's the one. She has to be...
In The Spotlight// Prince Harry by -wonderland3
In The Spotlight// Prince Harryby ˗ˏˋSTARDUST ❄️ ˎˊ˗
"If you find someone you love in your life, then hang on to that love."- Princess Diana. What they say doesn't matter it's how you feel about that other person...
Diana's Daughter: Princess Alice by sincerelytay22
Diana's Daughter: Princess Aliceby Tay Moss
What if Princess Diana and Prince Charles had a daughter? Alice Elizabeth Eleanor Frances is the third child, and only daughter of Diana and Charles. Princess Alice, one...
The Peculiar Life of Matilda Redwood (MPHfPC fanfiction) by -PoppyInWonderland-
The Peculiar Life of Matilda 💗
When Matilda Redwood was found guilty of witchcraft, she was sure her life was over, little did she know it had only just begun. Fanfiction based off the book. This is s...
Azur Lane: I'm not a lolicon! This is hell! by IJN-Haruna-1915
Azur Lane: I'm not a lolicon! IJN Haruna
Waking up in the middle of nowhere as HMS Ark Royal R09, knowing nothing, you just have to survive at all costs in enemy territory, what will you do? DISCLAIMER: Azur La...
Uncommon (BWWM) by WelshWisher
Uncommon (BWWM)by S
"The Prince may love her, and she may share the same name, but this girl is no Grace Kelly" ~~~ Working class, black, and insecure. The opposite of the Britis...
Azur Lane: A lost pre-dreadnought in another world by Arcadia2121
Azur Lane: A lost IJN KIOTO CV-90
The Battleship La Kasami of the Mu country suddenly finds herself in another world and now she is a human, now she will have to survive in this new world which is filled...
Breaking Away-CountryHumans United Kingdom  by Jazz1306
Breaking Away-CountryHumans Jazz1306
UK has been going through some tough times with Brexit and parliament and his kingdoms are becoming reckless and want to break free. No one knows about UK's condition ap...
Raspberries || SovBrit Countryhumans by Pangea_Phase
Raspberries || SovBrit Pangea
The human world can be a dangerous place sometimes. . I have only written this on Wattpad, nowhere else. . After being cast out from the world of Countries, USSR is f...
Azur Lane: A very unfortunate adventure by IJN-Haruna-1915
Azur Lane: A very unfortunate IJN Haruna
Our protagonist after being run over by a rookie goddess, the goddess as an apology offers our protagonist to reincarnate in another world, but due to another mistake of...
Another Enterprise:Another world by NguynLThinPhc
Another Enterprise:Another worldby Lone Ranger
This is my first story wattpad so please expect that i not really good at this About the story There is another dimension where war between humanity and siren exist as w...
Before He Became My Prince Charming by Claire2oo2
Before He Became My Prince Charmingby Claire2oo2
A story of how Emily and William met and the ups and downs they encounter, with not only the media but also a ex girlfriend who can't seem to get over the Prince.
Royals: Part 3 by royalkennedylover
Royals: Part 3by royalkennedylover
*Third Book in the Royals Series* Jacqueline Baker's life has totally changed since she agreed to be maid of honor at her best friend, Kate Middleton's, wedding. Jackie...
Azur Lane: A Veteran in Another World by trueno202020
Azur Lane: A Veteran in Another JS Mirai
A light guided missile cruiser after 80 years of active service she is decommissioned, however a storm engulfs her and ends up in the world of Azur lane, what will she d...
History, huh? by bibliosoph
History, huh?by bibliosoph
With the craziness of the election gone and a place to call their own, Alex and Henry settle into their new life together. And, even though the people know about their r...
Fencing, Rain and Love | Countryhumans FrUK by Momoirobara_Rose
Fencing, Rain and Love | ๓ℴm̫̫o̷i̲̲̅̅яõ̰b̶αℜᴀ
This is based in and after highschool. ꜰʀᴀɴᴄᴇ ᴀɴᴅ ᴜ.ᴋ ʙᴏᴛʜ ʜᴀᴠᴇ ᴘᴏᴡᴇʀꜰᴜʟ, ʀɪᴄʜ ᴘᴀʀᴇɴᴛꜱ, ᴀɴᴅ ꜰᴏʀ ᴛʜᴏᴜꜱᴀɴᴅꜱ ᴀɴᴅ ʜᴜɴᴅʀᴇᴅꜱ ᴏꜰ ʏᴇᴀʀꜱ ᴛʜᴇɪʀ ꜰᴀᴍɪʟɪᴇꜱ ʜᴀᴠᴇ ʜᴀᴅ ᴀ ʟᴏɴɢ ʟᴀꜱᴛɪɴɢ ʜᴀ...
Azur Lane: A Royal Pain by xxdisneyfan99xx
Azur Lane: A Royal Painby Comanche99 (No Longer Active)
Jack had seen more than his fair share of battles as a mighty commander for the Royal Navy, and the same could be said for his fleet. After dealing with the Sirens for t...
What if by MadMaxF
What ifby Max Blue
Have you ever heard of the butterfly effect? How one little thing has the power to change everything? What would have been different if people had known that Peter Petti...
Azur Lane: Dead Men Never Lie by xxdisneyfan99xx
Azur Lane: Dead Men Never Lieby Comanche99 (No Longer Active)
A few months have passed since the death of Jack, the valiant commander of the Royal Navy. The fleet that he left behind has only grown stronger in his absence, even wit...