Prince with benefits (PUBLISHED)

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Emily Gonzalez's fiance, Sam, is handsome, has a good job and loves her-or at least that's what she thinks. But getting married has never felt right for her. What girl in her right mind would have nightmares about her wedding day anyway?
    Her fairy-tale love story suddenly ends when she catches Sam with another woman. Hurt and humiliated, Emily decides to cancel the wedding and jet off to England, hoping to start anew.
    Only days after her moving to England, she meets a guy, Scott. Emily can't stop thinking about him: his chocolaty eyes, his messy head of hair, and the way he makes her laugh. But there's a huge catch to this almost-perfect guy: he's the prince of England. For real.
    Is it possible to fall in love while the whole world is closely watching your romantic story unfold, or worse, waiting to see it fail?
    Or this will be the happily ever after Emily has been longing for?
    *Currently published under Pop Fiction Books*
    *Wattpad edition is my first draft. It has a gazillion mistakes and hasn't been edited. Sorry about that.*
    *Bonus chapters do not form part of the published version!*
Loved this story freaking much! ♡ Gonna jump to A Princessly Connection now. ♡
its been a month since i'm out of stories to read.  Finally! :) Thanks Author, for giving me reason to read again. :*
Yay! This book is now soon to be published under POP FICTION (SummitMedia Publishing). I'm super excited to see the book version. I'll assure you, I'm gonna buy it.Mag iipon ako, haha. Congrats Author  ^^
My sister told me this book is nice so I'm gonna give it a read nd see how I like it;)
i search some story and now i'm reading. 
                                    ed westwick :) how happy i'm
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