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Larry Stylinson Oneshots by Heyidkyay
Larry Stylinson Oneshotsby L:)
A collection of one shots and long shots✨
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Sing for Me (Katsudeku) by bbeeJM
Sing for Me (Katsudeku)by thisismyson
That... THAT'S MY SONG!!! Izuku is a lyricist. Katsuki is a CEO of a fashion brand. When Izuku's label partners with Katsuki's brand, the old friends reconnect in ways...
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Popstar {harry styles} by itsmelexiek
Popstar {harry styles}by Alexis Ann
Remember when we went on tour together and fell in love, and then we wrote a song about it. Thats the life of a popstar. "And I'm well aware I write too many song...
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Popstar Cinderella (B1✔) by blastlove5
Popstar Cinderella (B1✔)by Yasmin
Being a famous popstar and a servant in your own home is a bit weird but that is Ailee's aka Rain Drop(Popstar name) life. Nicholai Leroy a prince, a bad boy trying to...
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A Wrong Turn Into Yesterday by JeanLouise
A Wrong Turn Into Yesterdayby JeanLouise
**Completed** Out of a stadium filled with 50,000 screaming girls why did he have to single out the one person that really couldn't care less. Corey Santaski, the milli...
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Until Now (Larry Stylinson) by Heyidkyay
Until Now (Larry Stylinson)by L:)
Harry's eighteen and in his last few weeks of school before heading off to uni in September. He and his best friend, Niall, have always been close, they both shared a lo...
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Asher's Heart  by rhxpsodicxlly
Asher's Heart by ***x***
Unlike everyone else, Ellie Anderson thought she had it easy in high school. Except for the first year. It sucks for everyone. But her reason was totally different. Ashe...
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Social Media (Larry Stylinson) by Heyidkyay
Social Media (Larry Stylinson)by L:)
Book one. Harry's a uni student and a part time model, he's also a big fan of Louis Tomlinson💚 Louis' a famous singer who just happened to stumble across Harry's twitte...
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Breaking Down Walls (Bakudeku) by Astranger015
Breaking Down Walls (Bakudeku)by Amy
In this story Deku is an up incoming pop star while Bakugou is a model for his mom's fashion agency. Deku however isn't the sweet little cinnamon roll we all know and lo...
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Love Song For the Devil  (BoyXboy ) 2nd Series by LoveXhormone
Love Song For the Devil (BoyXboy...by Phantom Bitch
Please read Love Song from the Devil first, only then this book will make sense. Thank you. They have every reason to be together but after remaining far away for 4 year...
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TOO MUCH TO ASK  by ashyelec_anroy
TOO MUCH TO ASK by Ashyelec
Its a Larry stylinson fanfic.Where Louis is a normal 25 years old single man and Harry is a 23 years old a pop star...where Louis and Harry get married .Its sounds dream...
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The Frat Boy || Sequel to "The Tutor" by shawnsilluminater
The Frat Boy || Sequel to "The Tut...by Ya Girl™
Book #2 in "The Tutor" trilogy. - "What are you doing here?" I gasp, my body going numb and my face expressionless. I may appear unaffected and unbot...
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The Trials of Annabeth Chase [Percabeth AU] by fanfics-and-stories
The Trials of Annabeth Chase [Perc...by Ames
The story of a girl who struggles not only with love, but with the media and her identity. • Annabeth Chase: singer, songwriter. Just a small girl trapped in a big world...
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Meeting of fate | Larry Stylinson  by larryxstylinsoon
Meeting of fate | Larry Stylinson by Emilia
When Harry first met the popular singer, Louis Tomlinson, he never thought that he would become such a big impact on him and his daughter lives. ALL OF MY COVERS ARE MAD...
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momentum [peter parker] by madeline-eve
momentum [peter parker]by madeline eve
in which a teen pop star's ex-boyfriend is spider-man [post endgame au] [fem!oc x peter parker]
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The Free Pass by pumpkinspiciest
The Free Passby pumpkinspiciest
Shawn Mendes receives shocking news after a carefree hook-up. He and Mallory Everett have big decisions to make as they are forced to start a life together.
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Club Dead (Vampire Romantic Suspense) by EliseNoble
Club Dead (Vampire Romantic Suspen...by Elise Noble
When nightclub hostess Genevieve Pelletier finds singer Serenity Strange's body in the backroom of Club Dead, the search begins to find her killer...but it won't be easy...
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fanboy • l.s  by babaskookios
fanboy • l.s by Hails
@harrystyles liked your photo @harrystyles has a crush on a fanboy - ⚠️WARNING: boy x boy material!! If you are not comfortable with that I suggest you don't read⚠️
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Life As A Teenage Popstar by amberiscool333
Life As A Teenage Popstarby ♡Raven♡
[Based on Hannah Montana] [A My Little Pony: Equestria Girls fanfiction] AppleJack is a small town country girl who has five awesome friends, a loving family, and a crus...
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𝔗𝔥𝔢 𝔰𝔲𝔫 𝔞𝔫𝔡 𝔱𝔥𝔢 𝔪𝔬𝔬𝔫 𝔪𝔢𝔱 𝔬𝔫𝔠𝔢 𝔞𝔤𝔞𝔦𝔫.
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