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pink + white, burrow  by chromebubbles
pink + white, burrow by 🐚
won't let you down when it's all ruin !
Asher's Heart  by rhxpsodicxlly
Asher's Heart by ***x***
Unlike everyone else, Ellie Anderson thought she had it easy in high school. Except for the first year. It sucks for everyone. But her reason was totally different. Ashe...
The Single Mom and The Arrogant  Popstar. by BlackFlamboyant
The Single Mom and The Arrogant P...by xCityLightsx
Madeleine is a single mom with twins (a boy and a girl) called Micah and Maia. Madeleide owns one of the most famous music company in the U.S. called 'Sonic Boom'. Matt...
The Weeknd imagines  by jasonsboner
The Weeknd imagines by jasonsboner
A B E L T E S F A Y E I M A G I N E S 🏅 #1/ 42 - #xo 🏅 #77/ 257 - #theweeknd 🏅 #48/ 166 - #abeltesfaye 🏅 #16/ 66 - #tesfaye 🏅 #6/ 63 - #tesfaye 🏅 #22/ 190...
SUMMER FREEDOM by Rain_Shine17
Katherine Wales is the daughter of pop star Andrew Wales and rock star Chelsea Wales. She is also known as PRODUCER K, a famous song writer who has produced music for w...
How Vivid Our Hearts Are by Madi011304
How Vivid Our Hearts Areby Madison Osborn
Taraji and Fantasia princess and popstar AU.
I just answer the Phone by WitchandAngel
I just answer the Phoneby WitchandAngel
Doveva solo tenere i client sul telefono il più a lungo possibile, cosa poteva succedere di strano? -Il tuo lavoro è solo rispondere al telefono, tienili a parlare ok? ...
It's a Love Story | TNT Short Stories by katrinkalou
It's a Love Story | TNT Short Stor...by katrinkalou
My Taylor x Travis one shots and short stories, cross-posted from AO3. 1. Take Me Out and Take Me Home (Forever and Ever) Little and big ways that they made a house a ho...
Walker Scobell X Reader | Series | You Belong With Me🔱 by Daydreamingmia
Walker Scobell X Reader | Series |...by Daydreamingmia
A teenage pop star gets the role of Annabeth in Percy Jackson. Y/n and Walker are best friends. But is there something more?
Endgame - Taylor and Travis by Slauqueen100hello
Endgame - Taylor and Travisby Slauqueen100hello
A story between pop star Taylor Swift and tight end Tavis Kelce.
Andy Samberg oneshots :/ by FranxTheWhovian
Andy Samberg oneshots :/by Franx :3
I wanted to write something about him and thought 'well, why not...' Anyway, these xreader oneshots will be about him and the many characters he played, like Jake Peral...
Then You Came in Wearing a Football Helmet by Bullseye08
Then You Came in Wearing a Footbal...by Bullseye08
The story of A profesional athlete, two time Super Bowl champ, maybe the best tight end to play the sport, who sat down and made her a bracelet of 10 numbers. And Taylor...
lust for life, callum turner by noonlights
lust for life, callum turnerby hailey <3
"they say only the good die young that just ain't right cause we're having too much fun too much fun tonight and a lust for life" lust for life - lana del ray ...
The Upside of Falling Back To You by prantikawrites
The Upside of Falling Back To Youby -`prantikaˊ-
It's been seven years since Asteria Martin and Ronan Easton ended their four year, on-and-off relationship, seven years since Ronan wrote and performed the song that sho...
Popstars Getaway (K/DA Ahri x Male Reader) by DarkTheSimp
Popstars Getaway (K/DA Ahri x Male...by DarkTheSimp
Y/N is emotionally scarred and sick of the world around him but when Y/N's grandmother called him to visit her old lake mansion, he took the opportunity to reconnect wit...
𝗙𝗲𝗹𝗹 𝗜𝗻 𝗟𝘂𝘃 | K/DA Akali x M! Reader by GohanBlanko
𝗙𝗲𝗹𝗹 𝗜𝗻 𝗟𝘂𝘃 | K/DA Akali...by GohanBlanko
↳ akali is persuaded into joining a dating app, where she befriends a rather interesting guy. [#1 in leagueoflegends on Jan. 25th 23'] [#1 in kda on Jan. 26th 23']
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[∆÷ COPY ÷∆] × [4NEMO X M! READER] by abcdz1628
[∆÷ COPY ÷∆] × [4NEMO X M! READER]by anime lover18886
[Completed Story :D] Started: August 7, 2021 Finished: February 6, 2022 REMINDER: THIS FANFICTION WAS RELEASED BEFORE HEIZOU'S RELEASE IN GAME THAT'S WHY YOU WON'T BE SE...
THIS LOVE || matt sturniolo  by chrisstrniolo
THIS LOVE || matt sturniolo by evie 𝜗𝜚
IN WHICH Matt chooses to prioritize his YouTube career over expressing his feelings to Kassidy, leaving her behind. However, what will happen when they are forced to re...