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Food Can Wait by dominiquesloan16
Food Can Waitby dom
in which two people meet at a hospital where they both seek treatment- one seeks the help to cure his eating disorder and the other seeks the help to lose her unwanted w...
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Daddy's Piggies by feederboy
Daddy's Piggiesby 𝔇𝔞𝔡𝔡𝔶?
Oink Oink!
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Male x chubby female reader by marydiva17
Male x chubby female readerby marydiva17
Males from this book will be based on Supernatural creatures Anime Cartoons Disney movies I will also be taking requests as well so if you have any comment on any p...
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Just A Normal Girl by BookAndMusicGirl
Just A Normal Girlby BookAndMusicGirl
Skylar is just a normal girl. Well, actually that is not true. She weighs more than normal girls. She doesn't have a flawless skin. She is not perfect in the least. When...
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Promises by LaWritter2019
Promisesby Lauren
A young girl struggling to overcome the struggles of being overweight and in high school meets a boy, who she instantly falls for... not expecting any affection from him...
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weight loss journey.  by goddesssology
weight loss journey. by RACHEL
i want to lose wait but i'm kinda lazy.
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Fat Fingers  by Topixal
Fat Fingers by Topixal
My weight loss journey. And I guess my tale as a girl with fat fingers.
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Fat Girls Romance by Onlinegirl0404
Fat Girls Romanceby LeyLey
Grace is an overweight teenager. She has acquaintances, not friends. She has crushes but shut them down when she sees what they are really like. All Grace wants is roman...
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ThunderSnow by lilymae74
ThunderSnowby Lily Mae
When the popular - and devastatingly handsome - Hollywood actor, Eli Colton, is sent to a filming location in Minnesota in the middle of the frigid deep freeze of winter...
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kisses for klutz  by dyingdaydreamer
kisses for klutz by 💚💚💚
With the school holidays just starting, Joan is dreading the boredom the next six weeks will bring her. That is, until a certain blond-haired beauty enters her life and...
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Bts mafia oneshot  by marydiva17
Bts mafia oneshot by marydiva17
Well after making two full series mafia books I have decided to make a one shot book as well, I will be taking requests as well but it might take some time for them to b...
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Cindy the cat's obesity habit (Male reader x Cindy) by JesseSaldana8
Cindy the cat's obesity habit (Mal...by JesseSaldana8
While working as a guard at candy's burgers and fries you see a purple cat that's really huge for some reason. But you decided to go to the office thinking it's just a g...
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Bigger Than Them by Rhirhi99
Bigger Than Themby Rhirhi99
How being overweight has affected my life
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Fall Apart  by LiveLoveLaughx3
Fall Apart by Laison Lana
He fell out of love with her. --- Please don't read if you cannot handle self harm, eating disorders, anything dealing with mental illnesses, and traumatic experiences...
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Undesired Mate (EXO ft. GOT7) #wattys2019 by _galaxystarz
Undesired Mate (EXO ft. GOT7) #wat...by Jeong-Ui 🌙
Overweight series #2 Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Supernatural, Vampire, Werewolves Have you ever felt so worthless? "How much have you felt that you are undesired? Yo...
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Secretary's Secrets by SecretWriterMan
Secretary's Secretsby SecretWriterMan
Ella gets a new job as a secretary - but will her salary be the only number increasing? - This book is a shorter read than most of my books. I average around 600-1500 wo...
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Sweet afternoons by BirdOfTheDark
Sweet afternoonsby Silent_asthenight
26-year-old Lena Young is a curvy lady. She's heavier than the average woman and has been ridiculed all her life because of it. Moving to Texas gave her a new start and...
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Weight Gain RP by fatfictionfeedee
Weight Gain RPby Feed Me Immobile
Read the title but I only rp as a feedee, sorry
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Overweight by 17sadgirlclub17
Overweightby Andrea Luna
a 12 year old girl who suffers from depression, anxiety, self esteem, self harm and many more things. Based on a true story WARNING: story contains self harm, depression...
Coach's Son by elizabeth-archer
Coach's Sonby elizabeth:)
Melanie Harper loves her body. Her model-like mother? Not so much. Melanie didn't gain her mother's slim figure and she was reminded of that every day during the summer...
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