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And Then He Fell by bluriver
And Then He Fellby bluriver
Drew Rangle, quarterback of his high school football team, is dating gorgeous cheerleader, Elle Martin. When Drew's parents ask Elle's full-figured twin sister, Em, to...
||My Invisible Wound|| by Alicia25M
||My Invisible Wound||by A. M. Meyers
"You never know what you have until you lose it..." "Giving up destroys you." :c: ||Alysha was on the brink of destruction; she was about to exp...
Sugar Daddy by deliciousman1
Sugar Daddyby Tom D.
Because of Grant's weight, he thinks he'll never get a boyfriend. One day, though, he gets an airdrop of an image with the caption 'I'll be your sugar daddy' and looks u...
Love on the Scale by Regal_Maiden
Love on the Scaleby Tatyana
When Christelle, a plus-sized girl with zero confidence, gets the opportunity to move out with her older brother (who's a model) and escape a home she's never felt comfo...
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✓ The Bet (Interracial) by TheAnonymousEnigma
✓ The Bet (Interracial)by TheAnonymousEnigma
Completed! "Wait, only $300, you have to be kidding; if I have to fuck that and hope she doesn't smother me while doing so, I better get more than that." "...
Anguish (Jikook/vmin)  by xpensive_girl00
Anguish (Jikook/vmin) by Grace
Contains dark stuffs, violence, bullying, bulimia, extreme obsession and much more‼️ Please donot read incase you get triggered with the mentioned topics and do give a l...
Fat Boys Are Hot  by the_virgin_knows
Fat Boys Are Hot by the_virgin_knows
All I know is that I'm horny and this is what I like. If you don't like it, don't read it and if you like it, the more power to you. CONTAINS: Feederism, mlm and trans c...
Kates weight gain by Kimi70768
Kates weight gainby Kimi70768
Kate is a 15 years old girl. She gained weight during quarantine and start to like that. Fakestory
A Little Dough by deliciousman1
A Little Doughby Tom D.
That's how it all starts, right? You struggle to lose weight, get a little doughy... then you get a job in food service!
Male x chubby reader book 2 (Completed)   by marydiva_17
Male x chubby reader book 2 (Compl...by Mary
This is the second of male x chubby reader. I hope you all like the second book as much, as you like the first one. This I will have in the book Disney Marvel Dc C...
The Overweight Target {COMPLETED} by HiddenStars99
The Overweight Target {COMPLETED}by HiddenStars99
Jennifer is 18 and overweight, she became this way when her parents fought, She goes to Durwood high where Joel is captain of the football team, one night, there is a dr...
Operation Skinny ✔️ by veronicasoli
Operation Skinny ✔️by Veronica
Phoebe's always hated her body. She never thought she was good enough to blend in with her classmates. And now, at almost 200 pounds, she decides to start what she calls...
The Fat Boy Named Jacob Anthony Perez (Royce) by ayline143
The Fat Boy Named Jacob Anthony Pe...by Ayline
Jacob Perez is a fat boy weighing 275 pounds. He gets bullied constantly by everybody in his school. Especially Craig Crippen j.r. Will he ever be saved or even loved. (...
ThunderSnow by lilymae74
ThunderSnowby Lily Mae
When the popular - and devastatingly handsome - Hollywood actor, Eli Colton, is sent to a filming location in Minnesota in the middle of the frigid deep freeze of winter...
my FAnTastic mate // H.S by CurlyMyStyle
my FAnTastic mate // H.Sby CurlyMyStyle
Angel Horan, is 18 years old and loves life, but not necessarily her life. She's an overweight girl that gets bullying in school, her family hates that she's fat, never...
The Alpha's Scarlet Heart by ann2403
The Alpha's Scarlet Heartby ann2403
A/N I know the first chapters are cringy, I will be editing this book soon. I've grown a lot as a writer. Please stick in there! It gets better! Scarlet Paine's life is...
Curves: An Alpha Story by knackahz
Curves: An Alpha Storyby Sharna
Dylan Rhymes is a slightly overweight, but an Ordinary teenage girl, facing Ordinary teenage dilemmas Until one fateful day when she finally meets her best friends brot...
Beauty Comes in More Sizes than Zero by Writer_
Beauty Comes in More Sizes than Ze...by Writer_
"Sometimes he pretends he doesn't know me in front of his friends, but sometimes he makes me feel like Cinderella!" A novella filled with self-acceptance, self...
you are perfect the way you are ~ l.s. by wemadeitHSLT
you are perfect the way you are ~...by stumblinginthedark
hey loves! These are going to be a collection of short stories. They will be based around body positivity and recovery from eating disorders. Read with caution! Send me...
Super Girl ✩ {being edited} by xPollymuse
Super Girl ✩ {being edited}by Sarah Smiles ♛
"The favourite food of us all, the pizza, if it's properly baked and has all the right topping on it, it contains over one thousand calories. The American chocolate...