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Omega King [Jikook ff 21+] by 95JMPROD
Omega King [Jikook ff 21+]by L
Reupload of @DomJKForLifeu's "Omega King" Story contains: • Dom JK (Alpha) • Sub JM (Omega) • Mentions of abuse • Criminal JK • King JM • Possesive JK • Smut ...
Gaping hole by Alphahyperjungek_
Gaping holeby Alphajungek_
🌹Welcome to hobi sunshine!🌹 ⚠️!Matured content ahead!⚠️ !Junghope and vhope moments! Cam boy(student sub) : Jung hoseok Daddy(student dom ) : jeon jungkook everyone...
REUNION OF HELL AND HEVEAN by Taetaebaby_kookie
The son of the god and satan was the most powerful being in the hell, heaven and the earth also. He could protect these three world as well as he can destroy everything...
𝒐𝒏𝒆𝒔𝒉𝒐𝒕𝒔 - 𝒑𝒋𝒎.𝒋𝒋𝒌 by Teaddict14
𝒐𝒏𝒆𝒔𝒉𝒐𝒕𝒔 - 𝒑𝒋𝒎.𝒋𝒋𝒌by 𝒅𝒓𝒆𝒚𝒚ᵕ̈
A compilation of JiKook couple one shots. All story plots are made by me. [But I also accept suggestions] This stories will be mostly fluff, so I hope you guys like it...
Herbalist (Vkook/Taekook) by weirdmomo16
Herbalist (Vkook/Taekook)by weirdmomo16
"What the hell is this weirdly scented flower? It smells gross-" A deep voice cuts me off. "It's called a hydrangea, you idiot. The hydrangea is consider...
"How would you know what I enjoy?" "Hm? Does sweet, little Taehyungie have a dark side?" "Is what you and your friends do dark?" "Wou...
small | yoonkook  by VMINCHERRIES
small | yoonkook by inactive ❤️
little yoongi thinking he's taller than his daddy, jeongguk
little tae adventures by TA3GGU
little tae adventuresby kitty kat
adventures of little tae n his caregiver jeongguk. this doesnt have a set plot !! just a bunch of random ideas that came to mind so u can read if u want without missing...
Surf Boy • + j.jk by gyumint
Surf Boy • + j.jkby Chelle
« I bet he can ride me just as good as how he rides his surf board » ©gyumint
singularity  by morelikebabydie
singularity by 👼🏼
but the bruises dont lie. -taegi! -yoonkook!
The Truth Untold  by sweetly_minjimin
The Truth Untold by jibooty x jungcock
[on going] [slow update] start: 22/11/19 end: dom- jk sub- jm "But I still want you" Ranked: #3 - domjk #4 - kookminfanfic #5 - busanboys
Tears | yoonkook by txt1uvs
Tears | yoonkookby ☆
Sometimes, crying is the only thing that will comfort you- nothing else but you, with your tears. Started: 8/3/22 Ended:8/5/22
Boyfriend| Jikook by Myheartsays_jikook
Boyfriend| Jikookby anisha
when jimin's ex comeback, and jimin has finally found someone who treats him right. #86 in jikook -6 oct 2021 #201 in kookmin- 18 jan 2022 #669 in jikook -18 jan 2022 #9...
bad boy | yoonkook by VMINCHERRIES
bad boy | yoonkookby inactive ❤️
twink yoongi and bad boy jeongguk half ig au
Feel it by jeonxaus
Feel itby jeonxaus
You and your boyfriend have been dating for five months now, and when his eyes can't help but notice how beautiful your body is, he becomes drawn to request of what sits...
money shot by gukvante
money shotby zoë
you decide to tune into your favourite camboy's stream.